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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Thomas A. Golden, Jr. Served 1995 - 2022 Democrat - 16th Middlesex

Photo of  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 481
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-2180
Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.138  HD.3803 An Act relative to nursing facility reporting.
H.596  HD.4306 An act relative to the establishment of a retained revenue account in the civil process division of the Middlesex Sheriff's Office.
H.916  HD.1712 An Act relative to bank branches.
H.917  HD.1717 An Act revising certain provisions of the mutual holding company law.
H.918  HD.1733 An Act making the deposit of public monies uniform.
H.919  HD.3820 An Act relative to reimbursement for non-network ambulance service.
H.920  HD.3836 An Act relative to non-network ambulance service reimbursement .
H.1116  HD.4373 An Act relative to the monitoring of controlled substances.
H.1205  HD.2409 An Act Promoting Green Affordable Housing in the Commonwealth .
H.1206  HD.2455 An Act to Correctly Count 40B Units.
H.1207  HD.2506 An Act to Promote Affordable Housing in the Commonwealth .
H.1408  HD.1643 An Act requiring the disclosure of obscene materials.
H.1409  HD.1647 An Act relative to the definition of enticement.
H.1410  HD.1746 An Act relative to bank robberies and collection of fradulent checks.
H.1411  HD.2565 An Act relative to small claims court .
H.2057  HD.1441 An Act relative to reciprocity.
H.2058  HD.1580 An Act relative to mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation devices.
H.2059  HD.1590 An Act relative to the definition of medical peer review committee.
H.2060  HD.2681 An Act relative to optometrists scope of practice.
H.2234  HD.3574 An Act for the Protection of Gaming Officials.
H.2447  HD.1763 An Act relative to establishing binding arbitration.
H.2448  HD.2704 An Act Relative to Certain Option B and Option C Retirees.
H.2449  HD.2706 An Act Relative to the Retirement Rights of Tree Climbers, Tree Surgeons, Arborists, and Forestry Specialists.
H.2994  HD.2670 An Act relative to Chapter 30B.
H.3700  HD.2621 An Act to authorize the town of Chelmsford to regulate the removal of above ground utility poles and overhead wires and other associated structures and to regulate the installation of underground wires and associated structures.
H.3716  HD.2689 An Act Relative to Ensuring Sanitary Condition in Physician's Offices.
H.3729  HD.2658 An Act relative to Interest Arbitration.
H.3730  HD.2698 An Act Campus Police Officer Powers .
H.3769  HD.2691 An Act Relative to Civil Process Reform .
H.3859  HD.4052 An Act relative to first-time home buyer assistance to cities.
H.3864  HD.4054 An Act relative to performance bonds.
H.3909  HD.4051 An Act relative to zoning ordinances for residential sober housing.
H.3913  HD.4224 An Act relative to the release of bodies by the medical examiner.
H.3927  HD.4055 An Act relative to private swimming pools.
H.3928  HD.4096 An Act relative to the automated emergency alert system.
H.3994  HD.4050 An Act relative to motor vehicle police chases.
H.3995  HD.4053 An Act relative to amateur or school athletic officials.
H.3996  HD.4127 An Act relative to the selling of soft air guns to minors.
H.4022  HD.4083 An Act relative to jaywalking.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.