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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Timothy J. Toomey, Jr. Served 1993 - 2016 Democrat - 26th Middlesex

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.316  HD.760 An Act relative to identity theft in the commonwealth.
H.523  HD.769 An Act relative to the Massachusetts YouthBuild program.
H.1054  HD.2004 An Act relative to red light cameras.
H.1136  HD.4018 an act authorizing the city of Cambridge to place municipal charge liens on real property in the city of Cambridge for nonpayment of any local charges, fees, or fines.
H.1916  HD.4485 An Act relative to the provision of services to the City of Cambridge by the Cambridge Energy Alliance.
H.2174  HD.787 An Act to promote healthy behaviors.
H.2286  HD.836 An Act relative to information sharing.
H.2287  HD.2011 An Act relative to firearms in the commonwealth.
H.2288  HD.2017 An Act relative to increasing accessibility to nonlethal self defense sprays.
H.2289  HD.2018 An Act allowing the release of police reports to schools.
H.2290  HD.2022 An Act relative to private security and armored car guards.
H.2291  HD.2024 An Act relative to bullet proof vests.
H.2292  HD.2027 An Act relative to investigations of fires and explosions by the state fire marshal.
H.2293  HD.2029 An Act to build and renovate fire and police stations in the commonwealth.
H.2294  HD.2136 An Act relative to the possession of weapons.
H.2295  HD.2269 An Act relative to standards and qualifications for the position of fire chief or chief engineer in cities, towns, fire districts, or authorities.
H.2623  HD.745 An Act relative to the retirement of nurses.
H.2624  HD.2108 An Act relative to nonpublic school service.
H.2625  HD.2387 An Act to amend retirement benefits for certain employees of the department of corrections.
H.2626  HD.2391 An Act relative to employees of the department of fire services.
H.2627  HD.2821 An Act to amend the retirement benefits for certain employees of the department of youth services.
H.3131  HD.2077 An Act relative to consumer choice of green electricity.
H.3345  HD.2033 An Act relative to mobile infrared transmitters.
H.3346  HD.2054 An Act relative to motor vehicle inspections.
H.3347  HD.2063 An Act relative to the use of headlights on motor vehicles.
H.3740  HD.2761 An Act to amend retirement benefits for certain employees of the department of parole .
H.3741  HD.2771 An Act to provide an appropriate bargaining unit for correction program offices, youth services program officers, and transitional parole officers. .
H.4280  HD.4629 An Act relative to certain members of the Cambridge Retirement System.
H.4482  HD.4831 An Act authorizing the Department of Conservation and Recreation to enter into a certain lease.
H.4874  HD.5127 An Act authorizing the City of Cambridge to grant a permanent easement on and over certain strips of land owned by the city of Cambridge in Watertown, Massachusetts.
H.4875  HD.5128 An Act authorizing the grant of easements upon land of the Commonwealth located in the City of Cambridge.
H.5085  HD.5263 An Act relative to the environmental review process for a certain parcel of developable land in the city of Cambridge.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.