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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Thomas P. Kennedy Served 2009 - 2015 Democrat - Second Plymouth and Bristol

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.48  SD.812 An Act relative to deceased poor and indigent persons.
S.49  SD.889 An Act relative to deceased poor and indigent persons.
S.142  SD.787 An Act further regulating radio frequency identification devices in the Commonwealth .
S.143  SD.886 An Act relative to the inspection of power operated doors.
S.144  SD.936 An Act regulating advertisements and solicitations for time shares.
S.145  SD.937 An Act relative to state and county fairs.
S.146  SD.1393 An Act requiring certain officials to be trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
S.242  SD.920 An Act relative to bullying in schools.
S.243  SD.929 An Act relative to bullying in schools.
S.480  SD.139 An Act relative to patient care access.
S.481  SD.1321 An Act relative to the disclosure of ATM fees.
S.482  SD.1795 An Act to further define adverse determinations by insurers.
S.483  SD.1816 An Act requiring insurers to report malpractice claims or actions for optometrists.
S.545  SD.143 An Act to provide for the privacy of information submitted by hospital medical staff.
S.546  SD.1851 An Act establishing a hardship waiver for Medicaid beneficiaries.
S.822  SD.853 An Act relative to birth, marriage and death records.
S.823  SD.1332 An Act relative to podiatrists performing surgery.
S.824  SD.1335 An Act relative to the signing of death certificates.
S.825  SD.1343 An Act relative to funerals.
S.826  SD.1629 An Act relative to the definition of surgery.
S.827  SD.1769 An Act relative to truth in advertising.
S.828  SD.1926 An Act to promote urinary incontinence health management.
S.829  SD.1954 An Act to clarify the site assignment process.
S.951  SD.1404 Resolve providing for investigating construction practices and their impact on firefighter deaths.
S.1094  SD.112 An Act relative to creditable service for school business administrators.
S.1095  SD.144 An Act relative to credible service for school nurses.
S.1096  SD.1358 An Act authorizing certain public employees creditable retirement service for service in the armed forces.
S.1097  SD.1431 An Act relative to defining employees in Group 2.
S.1098  SD.1460 An Act authorizing the State Board of Retirement to grant creditable service to John A. Giannini.
S.1099  SD.1557 An Act pertaining to the rights of fire fighters and police officers.
S.1100  SD.1865 An Act relative to accrued sick time of certain state employees.
S.1101  SD.1895 An Act relative to Brockton School Police.
S.1289  SD.1487 An Act providing incentives for the purchase and use of alternative fuel vehicles.
S.1429  SD.1526 An Act expanding the authority of the bureau of special investigations.
S.1724  SD.1328 An Act relative to jury service.
S.1871  SD.510 An Act to improve Indian representation within the Commission of Indian Affairs.
S.1872  SD.888 An Act relative to vital records.
S.2029  SD.2089 An Act relative to the City of Brockton's calculations of its local contribution to net school spending.
S.2030  SD.2090 An Act relative to the City of Brockton's contribution to the health insurance premium of its retirees and employees’ and to the schedules of benefits for health insurance plans offered by the city.
S.2209  SD.2300 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Diane Hubbard, an employeed of the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents.
S.2226  SD.2327 An Act relative to extending the deadline for mailing quarterly tax bills.
S.2254  SD.2374 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Gloria Oluboje, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance.
S.2519  SD.2580 An Act relative to record keeping for condominiums.
S.2539  SD.2681 An Act ammending the subsidized housing inventoy for the Town of Hanover.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.