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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Walter F. Timilty Served 1999 - 2016 Democrat - 7th Norfolk

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.521  HD.2980 An Act strengthening oversight of the delivery of special education services.
H.522  HD.3814 An Act Relative to a Commission on Advertisements.
H.845  HD.2863 An Act authorizing the lease of certain recreational facilities to the town of Milton.
H.846  HD.2958 An Act authorizing the lease of certain parcels of land to the town of Milton.
H.1051  HD.2509 An Act Relative to the Uniform Securities Act.
H.1052  HD.2983 An Act relative to group health insurance for dependent children of deceased members.
H.1053  HD.3940 An Act Relative to Allow Appeals From Application of Merit Rating Plans.
H.1176  HD.2293 An Act Establishing a Special Commission Relative to Reducing the Costs Associated with the Purchase of College Textbooks.
H.1756  HD.2471 An Act Relative to Registry of Deeds.
H.1757  HD.2869 An Act regulating certain over the counter substances.
H.1862  HD.2992 An Act relative to consumers and workers.
H.2172  HD.2673
H.2173  HD.2719 An Act relative to patient's rights.
H.2285  HD.2623 An Act establishing the Massachusetts law enforcement memorial fund.
H.2616  HD.2359 An Act relative to civil service preference for a certain firefighter in the town of Milton.
H.2617  HD.2886 An Act to include certain employees in the state department of Public Works in group 2 of the retirement system.
H.2618  HD.2897 An Act relative to amending disability or death caused by certain conditions of cancer.
H.2619  HD.2907 An Act relative to the retirement of Patricia A. Fredericksen.
H.2620  HD.2941 An Act relative to the eligibles list for certain police departments.
H.2933  HD.2490 An Act Establishing a Deeds Excise Surcharge.
H.3046  HD.2856 An Act relative to the flying of the flag of the Commonwealth at half staff on state buildings and installations.
H.3047  HD.2881 Resolve establishing a special commission to conduct an investigation and study relative to permitting advertising on state websites
H.3130  HD.2735 An Act prohibiting deceptive billing practices by cellular telephone service providers.
H.3343  HD.2843 An Act relative to charitable donation of automobiles.
H.3344  HD.2875 An Act relative to the use of the Neponset Valley Parkway in the town of Milton.
H.3414  HD.93414 Text of the House amendment to the Senate Bill to provide the voters of the town of Randolph a choice of charters for the new form of government
H.3661  HD.3052 An Act Relative to Private School Bonding.
H.3755  HD.2479 An Act Relative to County Government Finance.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.