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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative William Lantigua Served 2009 - 2010

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.151  HD.1286 An Act prohibiting adults from playgrounds.
H.269  HD.789 An Act relative to the sale of alcoholic beverages.
H.270  HD.1343 An Act relative to the packaging of goods.
H.271  HD.1417 An Act relative to alcoholic beverages licensing boards.
H.272  HD.1482 An Act relative to cellular telephone service.
H.659  HD.1060 An Act relative to the date for holding state primaries.
H.1086  HD.1497 An Act relative to the Medicaid program.
H.1142  HD.4354 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Sara Dubik-Unruh, an employee of the department of transitional assistance.
H.1231  HD.1532 An Act relative to rental and tenant selection.
H.1505  HD.1546 An Act relative to punishment for the defacement of property.
H.1506  HD.1559 An Act relative to the regulation of livery drivers.
H.1507  HD.1585 An Act relative to identity fraud.
H.1508  HD.1604 An Act prohibiting the display of materials harmful to minors.
H.1509  HD.1805 An Act prohibiting certain conduct for sexual gratification.
H.1510  HD.3480 An Act to establish a temporary moratorium on foreclosures in the Commonwealth.
H.1820  HD.2370 An Act relative to displaced workers.
H.2119  HD.2819 An Act relative to the notification of mammographic examinations.
H.2245  HD.1626 An Act relative to application for the use of mace.
H.2246  HD.2177 An Act relative to the expiration of a firearm identification card or gun license.
H.2511  HD.1683 An Act limiting rehiring of retirees.
H.2512  HD.1738 An Act improving recruitment and retention of educators and superintendents in underperforming school districts.
H.2813  HD.794 An Act relative to a sales tax discount for the purchase of hybrid vehicles.
H.2814  HD.1770 An Act relative to sales tax exemption.
H.2815  HD.1779 An Act relative to sales tax exemption for disabled veterans, police officers, and firefighters.
H.3379  HD.1800 An Act providing for a bonus for veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom.
H.3619  HD.1786 An Act relative to certain contractors performing work for the Commonwealth.
H.3631  HD.2146 An Act relative to the failure to report lost or stolen firearms.
H.3879  HD.4080 An Act relative to elderly housing.
H.4083  HD.2037 An Act establishing judicial review of foreclosures in the city of Lawrence.
H.4084  HD.2468 An Act to require just cause for evictions from certain foreclosed residential property in the city of Lawrence.
H.4085  HD.2615 An Act establishing a temporary moratorium on foreclosures in the city of Lawrence.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.