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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Hannah Kane Republican - 11th Worcester

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  HD.320 An Act relative to informed consent for concurrent surgical procedures
  HD.429 An Act establishing a commission to study the financial abuse of elders
  HD.455 An Act establishing an educational mandate task force
  HD.457 An Act relative to a special commission to study condominium law
  HD.461 An Act relative to condominium elections
  HD.462 An Act relative to the state tax return filings for annuities
  HD.467 An Act decreasing food waste by standardizing the date labeling of food
  HD.481 An Act to allow for school districts to collect a fee associated with nonresident pupil transportation
  HD.540 An Act protecting dogs at boarding kennels and daycare facilities
  HD.542 An Act encouraging the donation of food to persons in need
  HD.611 An Act relative to protecting municipalities from unfunded mandates
  HD.614 An Act to protect taxpayer confidentiality
  HD.617 An Act to improve patient access to cancer clinical trial programs
  HD.618 An Act relative to driver education
  HD.619 An Act to further continue the special commission on operating under the influence
  HD.704 An Act relative to the creation of a women's rights history trail
  HD.1104 An Act to create a Massachusetts rare disease advisory council
  HD.1918 An Act relative to insurance discounts
  HD.1922 An Act relative to community outreach procedure for retail marijuana establishment license applicants
  HD.2588 An Act providing survivor benefits to Ava Roy, the daughter of fallen firefighter Christopher Roy
  HD.2682 An Act relative to strengthening the local and regional public health system
  HD.3616 An Act relative to establishing a minimum age of entry for cannabis-related events, conferences, forums and exhibitions
  HD.3689 An Act relative to research data collection
  HD.3712 An Act further regulating the promotion of marijuana and marijuana products
  HD.3754 An Act relative to siting a marijuana establishment
  HD.3856 An Act to ensure the health and safety of children
  HD.3948 An Act relative to possession and consumption of marijuana or marijuana accessories
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.