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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator John F. Keenan Democrat - Norfolk and Plymouth

Photo of  John F. Keenan

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 413B
Boston, MA, 02133
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SD.50 An Act strengthening prescription drug safety and drug stewardship
SD.111 An Act relative to the in-office sales of medical devices and products
SD.121 An Act relative to cimex lectularius
SD.147 An Act to increase parental awareness of opiate abuse risks
SD.148 An Act relative to the advanced nursing practice
SD.156 An Act expanding protection under the Good Samaritan law for drug-related overdoses
SD.158 An Act relative to commuter transit benefits
SD.162 An Act relative to the utilization of public health benefits by large employers
SD.164 An Act to define surplus for retirement systems
SD.192 An Act to increase membership in the PRIM Board
SD.210 An Act further defining gas fitting under the regulation of plumbing
SD.220 An Act relative to GIC dental and vision benefits for municipal employees
SD.270 An Act relative to patient choice to promote prescription safety
HD.325 An Act to establish licensing standards for drain cleaners
HD.326 An Act relative to fee waivers for registered nurses after retirement
SD.332 An Act relative to transparency in employee benefits reporting in private construction
SD.339 An Act relative to examinations for applicants to the trial court
SD.472 An Act relative to eligibility for disability services
SD.475 An Act relative to opioid prescribing practices and access to pain management
SD.621 An Act to increase transparency in the Massachusetts land record systems to protect the property rights of homeowners and businesses
SD.777 An Act to review the quality and patient safety of dispensing certain cancer and chronic disease related drugs
SD.793 An Act aligning hospital licensure with community needs in addiction and behavioral health
SD.795 An Act relative to municipal light plants
SD.796 An Act improving access to naloxone
SD.814 An Act updating the definition of fentanyl trafficking
SD.851 An Act allowing for payment in lieu of a disability allowance
SD.853 An Act promoting continuity of care for multiple sclerosis treatment
SD.906 An Act directing the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to install sound barriers in Quincy and Braintree
SD.907 An Act directing the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to conduct a highway noise study in Quincy
SD.911 An Act relative to access to health insurance for human service providers and their employees
SD.914 An Act to conduct a study of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority retirement fund
SD.1192 An Act relative to MBTA billboards in the city of Quincy
SD.1226 An Act relative to the wrongful death or injury of animal companions
SD.1227 An Act relative to hospital closures and health planning
SD.1248 An Act updating terminology and investigative practices related to the protection of persons with disabilities
SD.1474 An Act relative to the prescription monitoring program
SD.1477 An Act relative to state tourism accountability and transparency
SD.1491 An Act supporting community access television
SD.1541 An Act promoting local control and effective training of school resource officers
SD.1581 An Act promoting workforce development and provider retention at community health centers
HD.1604 An Act relative to early-onset Alzheimer's disease
SD.1813 An Act to expand addiction treatment within houses of correction
SD.1921 An Act providing access to full spectrum addiction treatment services
HD.2907 An Act to improve access to behavioral health services
SD.104 An Act relative to the effect of comprehensive insurance claims This bill is by request. *
SD.106 An Act to regulate the sale and use of microwave ovens This bill is by request. *
SD.108 An Act relative to electrical panels and workplace safety This bill is by request. *
SD.599 An Act relative to the senior circuit breaker tax credit This bill is by request. *
* — indicates bill is by request.