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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Marjorie C. Decker Democrat - 25th Middlesex

Photo of  Marjorie C. Decker

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 130
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-2130
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  HD.484 An Act to ensure safety and transparency in pipeline repair
  HD.490 An Act to promote public safety and certainty related to child deaths
  HD.491 An Act relative to firearms in certain public buildings
  HD.496 An Act requiring licensed gun owners to submit a yearly affidavit
  HD.499 An Act relative to crime gun data reporting and analysis
  HD.502 An Act to identify and eliminate racial and sexual orientation and gender identity disparities in mental health
  HD.503 An Act making firearm owners civilly liable for damage caused by lost or stolen firearms
  HD.507 An Act to lift kids out of deep poverty
  HD.508 An Act protecting youth from nicotine addiction
  HD.510 An Act relative to recess for elementary school children
  HD.514 An Act relative to firearm safety and harassment prevention orders
  HD.515 An Act requiring major policy makers to disclose donations to entities engaging in political activity
  HD.517 An Act relative to the tracking of certain electronic devices
  HD.518 An Act relative to health insurance for surviving spouses
  HD.521 An Act relative to the reckless discharge of firearms
  HD.524 An Act combating misinformation about ex-offender voting rights
  HD.525 An Act relative to determining the best interest of children in probate & family court
  HD.529 An Act relative to autopsy reports by the medical examiner
  HD.530 An Act enhancing the safety of high-rise buildings
  HD.532 An Act enhancing learning in the early school years through a ban on school exclusion in pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade
  HD.533 An Act relative to videotaping, audiotaping and photographing persons receiving medical treatment
  HD.534 An Act authorizing the voluntary disavowal of eligibility to purchase a firearm
  HD.539 An Act to improve access to breastfeeding care
  HD.543 An Act to stop mass shootings
  HD.553 An Act to restrict the use of polystyrene
  HD.694 An Act relative to a petition for a special law re: fire cadet program for the city of Cambridge fire department
  HD.698 An Act relative to the retirement benefits of certain employees of the department of mental health
  HD.702 An Act to conform private with public subrogation policy
  HD.873 An Act to enhance the rights of crime victims in the Commonwealth
  HD.1051 An Act relative to protecting public health and reducing health care costs
  HD.1962 An Act improving emergency housing assistance for children and families experiencing homelessness
  HD.1964 An Act providing upstream homelessness prevention assistance to families, youth, and adults
  HD.1990 An Act regarding Medicare savings programs eligibility
  HD.2140 An Act relative to clinical laboratories
  HD.2143 An Act relative to ghost guns
  HD.2157 An Act relative to patient financial protection
  HD.2209 An Act to properly value real estate transactions
  HD.2251 An Act to ensure equitable access to education, including special education services, for all students in Massachusetts
  HD.2265 An Act relative to fire safety education in schools and colleges
  HD.2334 An Act for supportive care for serious mental illness
  HD.2336 An Act relative to access to care for serious mental illness
  HD.2420 An Act to restore collective bargaining for teachers and other school employees
  HD.2598 An Act to create affordable homes for persons with disabilities
  HD.2682 An Act relative to preventing overdose deaths and increasing access to treatment
  HD.2746 An Act relative to expungement of juvenile and young adult records
  HD.2799 An Act relative to the prescription monitoring program
  HD.2812 An Act relative to removing barriers to non-opioid pain management
  HD.2834 An Act relative to providing health education in schools
  HD.2888 An Act requiring the relocation of the Cambridge District Court
  HD.3001 An Act to improve mental health services in places of incarceration
  HD.3056 An Act to strengthen family and community connection with incarcerated people
  HD.3057 An Act establishing a child and adolescent behavioral health implementation coordinating council
  HD.3058 An Act relative to health equity and community health workers
  HD.3059 An Act ensuring access to behavioral health services for children involved with state agencies
  HD.3060 An Act relative to reimbursement for recovery peer specialists
  HD.3061 An Act providing immediate childcare assistance to homeless families
  HD.3080 An Act to expand access to family, friend, and neighbor-provided childcare
  HD.3087 An Act to improve transparency and accountability in correctional facilities
  HD.3255 An Act relative to ending unnecessary hospitalizations and reducing emergency department boarding
  HD.3282 An Act concerning furnishing transcripts of notes and fees
  HD.3288 An Act establishing a child and family tax credit
  HD.3291 An Act relative to reforming the competency to stand trial process
  HD.3348 An Act transitioning Massachusetts to clean electricity, heating and transportation
  HD.3356 An Act advancing health care research and decision-making centered on patients and people with disabilities
  HD.3420 An Act to expand the bottle bill
  HD.3457 An Act to increase family stabilization through the earned income tax credit
  HD.3507 An Act relative to gender identity on Massachusetts identification
  HD.3511 An Act relative to telehealth and digital equity for patients
  HD.3541 An Act to expand the doula workforce
  HD.3580 An Act An act relative to fuel standards
  HD.3591 An Act to modernize birth center regulations
  HD.3668 An Act relative to the board of allied health professions
  HD.3669 An Act relative to the public health trust fund
  HD.3674 An Act authorizing project labor agreements
  HD.3748 An Act relative to surprise billing for ground ambulance services
  HD.3758 An Act relative to clean energy workforce standards and accountability
  HD.3769 An Act relative to a just transition to clean energy
  HD.3802 An Act relative to healthy and sustainable schools
  HD.3913 An Act relative to access to justice
  HD.3918 An Act relative to access to justice
  HD.3926 An Act relative to juvenile fees, fines, and restitution
  HD.4001 An Act relative to the Massachusetts maternal mortality and morbidity review committee
  HD.4006 An Act increasing access to postpartum home visiting services
  HD.4101 An Act expanding access to mental health services
  HD.4118 An Act expanding the definition of dependent for the purposes of municipal employee benefits as to the city of Cambridge
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.