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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Thomas M. McGee Democrat - Third Essex

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SD.336 An Act relative to authorizing a local option for group retirement classification
SD.463 An Act relative to public higher education collective labor contracts
SD.470 An Act relative to projects funded by the school building authority
SD.471 An Act promoting consumer choice in health care
SD.486 An Act establishing a foreclosure review division
SD.487 An Act to ensure equal access to college course materials for visually impaired students
SD.488 An Act to clarify the charitable purposes of certain organizations
SD.490 An Act relative to the penalty for failure to provide workers' compensation insurance
SD.491 An Act relative to creditable service for teachers
SD.492 An Act to provide retirement benefits for veterans
SD.493 An Act further regulating group insurance benefits for state employees and retired state employees
SD.494 An Act relative to ordinary disability retirements
SD.495 An Act relative to workers compensation for veterans
SD.658 An Act to promote safety in the transportation of students
SD.661 An Act establishing a motorcycle safety fund
SD.662 An Act relative to increasing transparency in public construction
SD.664 An Act relative to vehicle idling
SD.667 An Act to provide for an air bag on-off switch to ensure safety to women, children and individuals with medical conditions
SD.670 An Act directing the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to assess the current status of the Commonwealth’s transportation system
SD.674 An Act relative to 2-person train crew size
SD.728 An Act relative to low-speed vehicles
SD.759 An Act establishing the Massachusetts GI bill to provide tuition and fee waivers for National Guard members and veterans
SD.761 An Act relative to parking violation notices
SD.762 An Act relative to certain benefits for surviving spouses while a surviving child serves in the armed forces
SD.764 An Act providing for HIV testing for at risk police officers
SD.770 An Act relative to retirement allowances of certain married persons
SD.800 An Act relative to carriers of property by motor vehicle
SD.865 An Act to promote quality physical education
SD.1129 An Act relative to Northeast Regional Infrastructure Bank
SD.1136 An Act establishing a Massachusetts Infrastructure Bank
SD.1165 An Act establishing the Metropolitan Transportation Network
SD.1184 An Act to safeguard access to patient medical records
HD.3254 An Act relative to low-speed vehicles
SD.1458 An Act relative to the exemption of private pension income from taxation This bill is by request. *
* — indicates bill is by request.