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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Patricia D. Jehlen Democrat - Second Middlesex

Photo of  Patricia D. Jehlen

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 424
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-1578
Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  SD.414 An Act relative to wage transparency
  SD.703 An Act to provide fair working conditions for public higher education adjunct faculty 
  SD.704 An Act relative to Massachusetts home care eligibility
  SD.705 An Act relative to small house nursing homes
  SD.706 An Act relative to rest homes
  SD.707 An Act for greater fairness in insurance policies
  SD.744 An Act to ensure fair public higher education workplaces
  SD.745 Resolve to establish a special commission to evaluate the original infrastructure debt at the University of Massachusetts Boston
  SD.748 An Act to increase access to disposable menstrual products in prisons, homeless shelters, and public schools
  SD.749 An Act preserving special needs trusts for disabled seniors
  SD.750 An Act relative to the rights of faculty members at the University of Massachusetts
  SD.751 An Act relative to student assessment data
  SD.752 An Act relative to the financial impact of charter schools
  SD.754 An Act further regulating the Assisted Living Advisory Council
  SD.755 An Act further regulating the Commission on Falls Prevention
  SD.756 An Act authorizing common sense health services in assisted living
  SD.757 An Act directing the administration to amend the Frail Elder Home and Community-Based Waiver to permit eligible older adults to choose to reside in Certified Assisted Living Residences
  SD.758 An Act relative to assisting elders and people with disabilities in the Commonwealth
  SD.771 An Act increasing the personal needs allowance for residents of long term care facilities
  SD.994 An Act supporting parents running for public office
  SD.1060 Resolve to improve employer standards for Massachusetts nursing homes
  SD.1097 An Act authorizing the city of Somerville to repeal the provisions of Chapter 327 of the Acts of 2004 - An Act relative to public safety in the city of Somerville
  SD.1098 An Act authorizing the appointment of special firefighters in the city of Somerville
  SD.1109 An Act relative to the terms for members of the city of Somerville's Zoning Board of Appeals
  SD.1114 An Act to reduce the cost of pharmacy benefits
  SD.1260 An Act clarifying rate setting processes for home health and home care services 
  SD.1487 An Act relative to compensation for victims of wrongful conviction
  SD.1490 An Act relative to banning noncompetition agreements in the Commonwealth
  SD.1491 An Act relative to sleep deprivation avoidance and promotion of good sleeping practices
  SD.1492 An Act enhancing justice for families harmed by lead
  SD.1495 An Act to promote the education success of court involved children
  SD.1496 An Act relative to pension divestment from companies selling weapons to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  SD.1497 An Act relative to consolidating multiple definitions of employee
  SD.1498 An Act relative to physician assistant non-competes
  SD.1541 An Act relative to fare free buses
  SD.1658 An Act concerning the Massachusetts Probation Service
  SD.1659 An Act relative to probation violations
  SD.1660 An Act relative to caregiver authorization affidavits
  SD.1661 An Act responding to the threat of invasive species
  SD.1663 An Act establishing a commission to review substance use in correctional facilities
  SD.1664 An Act relative to electronic signatures for electronic applications for criminal complaints
  SD.1667 An Act relative to the stabilization of rents and evictions in towns and cities facing distress in the housing market
  SD.1669 An Act relative to the estate tax
  SD.1670 An Act relative to senior property tax deferral
  SD.1672 An Act to guarantee a tenant’s first right of refusal
  SD.1678 An Act to promote equity for employees who take leave for the birth, adoption or placement for a foster child
  SD.1742 An Act to improve outdoor and indoor air quality for communities burdened by transportation pollution
  SD.1802 An Act to prevent COVID-19 evictions and foreclosures and promote an equitable housing recovery.
  SD.1811 An Act requiring one fair wage
  SD.1844 An Act to ensure quality of care in nursing homes
  SD.1976 An Act relative to emergency tax relief to unemployed workers
  SD.1981 An Act to increase unemployment insurance benefits for low wage workers.
  SD.1989 An Act relative to employee definition harmonization
  SD.2021 An Act to ensure equitable host community agreements and increase small business opportunity
  SD.2163 An Act to remove barriers to medical parole
  SD.2212 An Act to reform parole supervision in the interest of justice
  SD.2229 An Act relative to providing better notices and protections in the process for collecting delinquent property taxes
  SD.2309 An Act to establish a Commission on Unemployment Trust Fund Solvency
  SD.2354 An Act relative to establishing a food justice frontline
  SD.2466 An Act relative to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.