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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Sean Garballey Democrat - 23rd Middlesex

Photo of  Sean Garballey

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 540
Boston, MA, 02133
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  HD.744 An Act relative to half-staff notifications
  HD.745 An Act relative to medical physics
  HD.747 An Act providing benefits for permanent functional loss and disfigurement under the Worker's Compensation Act
  HD.750 An Act relative to standards for highly qualified teachers in institutional settings
  HD.756 An Act to establish a finish line grant program to encourage college completion
  HD.763 An Act relative to the composition of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
  HD.765 An Act regarding certifications of librarians
  HD.767 An Act relating to liability protection for disaster volunteers
  HD.768 An Act designating certain employees of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to be in Group 2 of the contributory retirement system
  HD.770 An Act relative to teaching the history of working people
  HD.772 An Act creating autism teams in hospitals
  HD.774 An Act relative to tax exempt property
  HD.775 An Act relative to MWRA employees
  HD.776 An Act improving graduation rates at public colleges and universities
  HD.777 An Act to regulate hydraulic fracturing
  HD.778 An Act relative to contract assistance for central artery debt of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
  HD.779 An Act requiring automatic external defibrillator devices in health clubs
  HD.781 An Act relative to pupil dental health
  HD.865 An Act to improve child and adolescent mental health services
  HD.930 An Act relative to dental anesthesia
  HD.931 An Act creating a child savings program
  HD.932 An Act to establish permanent voter registration for registered voters who move within the Commonwealth
  HD.948 An Act to provide early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment to privately insured children under the age of 21
  HD.950 An Act to create a special commission to improve transparency and affordability at the Group Insurance Commission
  HD.951 An Act establishing a commission on automated decision-making, artificial intelligence, transparency, fairness, and individual rights
  HD.1026 An Act creating higher education opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities, autism, and other developmental disabilities who have exited special education
  HD.1027 An Act creating higher education opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities, autism, and other developmental disabilities
  HD.1178 An Act committing to higher education the resources to insure a strong and healthy public higher education system
  HD.1361 An Act relative to the safe care of residents with active substance use disorder accessing skilled nursing facility care
  HD.1380 An Act relative to age requirements in local elections
  HD.1423 An Act relative to Parkinson's disease disability and death in firefighters
  HD.1473 An Act updating terminology and investigative practices related to the protection of persons with disabilities
  HD.1682 An Act to protect youth from the harms of tobacco and e-cigarette products
  HD.1801 An Act granting equal access to original birth certificates to all persons born in Massachusetts
  HD.1809 An Act improving outdoor lighting and increasing dark-sky visibility
  HD.1863 An Act relative to defining employees in Group 2
  HD.1911 An Act An act relative to youth voting and civic participation
  HD.1985 An Act to ensure higher education student and campus safety
  HD.2062 An Act to clarify group 2
  HD.2073 An Act relative to prompt retiree payments
  HD.2086 Resolve to examine cost trends and financial performance among nursing facilities
  HD.2088 An Act increasing the personal needs allowance for residents of long term care facilities
  HD.2257 An Act relative to closing the water infrastructure funding gap with water and sewer connection fees
  HD.2492 An Act creating a multi-family housing incentive pilot program
  HD.2497 An Act relative to the transportation impacts of new developments
  HD.2503 An Act to promote transportation demand management
  HD.3092 An Act re-powering Massachusetts with 100 percent renewable energy
  HD.3191 An Act relating to outside special needs placement
  HD.3218 An Act to enhance, update and protect the 2013 Motor Vehicle Right to Repair Law and Consumer Rights
  HD.3227 An Act promoting continuity of care for multiple sclerosis treatment
  HD.3311 An Act relative to newborn enrollment in MassHealth
  HD.3322 An Act providing for provisional licensure for speech-language pathologists
  HD.3384 An Act relative to the scheduling of employees
  HD.3429 An Act providing for certain health insurance coverage
  HD.3605 An Act relative to the extension of the red line
  HD.3639 An Act providing for analysis of Route 60 in Medford
  HD.3656 An Act regulating the traffic utilization of Route 60 in the town of Arlington and the city of Medford
  HD.3670 An Act relative to flood storage
  HD.3767 An Act relative to children in the care, protection, and custody of the Commonwealth
  HD.1370 An Act establishing "Here's to America" as the official patriotic song of the Commonwealth This bill is by request. *
  HD.3388 An Act to create a special commission to study the effects of rat poison on wildlife This bill is by request. *
  HD.3475 An Act to establish the speed limit on US Route 3 This bill is by request. *
  HD.3478 An Act to establish the speed limit on certain highways This bill is by request. *
  HD.3488 An Act to provide for variable speed limits on limited-access ways This bill is by request. *
  HD.3649 An Act to establish Uncle Sam day This bill is by request. *
  HD.3696 An Act requiring the master plans of cities and towns to address climate change and renewable energy This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.