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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Sean Garballey Democrat - 23rd Middlesex

Photo of  Sean Garballey

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 540
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-2090
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  HD.225 An Act authorizing the town of Arlington to adopt and enforce local regulations restricting the use of fossil fuels in certain construction
  HD.226 An Act relative to ranked choice voting in the town of Arlington
  HD.228 An Act establishing a real estate transfer fee upon the transfer of property in the town of Arlington
  HD.229 An Act authorizing the town of Arlington to offer early voting in town elections
  HD.230 By Representative Garballey of Arlington and Senator Friedman, a joint petition (subject to Joint Rule 7B) of Sean Garballey, Cindy F. Friedman and David M. Rogers (by vote of the town) that the town of Arlington be authorized to prohibit use of second generation anti-coagulant rodenticides by commercial pesticide applicators in said town. Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture. [Local Approval Received.]
  HD.561 An Act relative to the family medical history of adopted children
  HD.1209 An Act to close the achievement gap by addressing disparities in children's vision
  HD.2002 An Act relative to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
  HD.2207 An Act relative to bereavement leave
  HD.2224 An Act relative to pupil dental health
  HD.2226 An Act relative to prompt retiree payments
  HD.2228 An Act relative to applied behavioral analysis therapy
  HD.2229 An Act to enhance hospital care for those with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities
  HD.2230 An Act relative to age requirements in local elections
  HD.2242 An Act relative to the extension of the red line
  HD.2245 An Act increasing the personal needs allowance for residents of long term care facilities
  HD.2247 An Act providing benefits for permanent functional loss and disfigurement under the Worker's Compensation Act
  HD.2261 An Act establishing a commission on automated decision-making by government in the commonwealth
  HD.2339 An Act relative to authorizing supported decision-making agreements for certain adults with disabilities
  HD.2566 An Act to improve child and adolescent mental health services
  HD.2573 An Act providing for certain health insurance coverage
  HD.2574 An Act requiring automatic external defibrillator devices in health clubs
  HD.2582 An Act relative to liability protection for disaster volunteers
  HD.2584 An Act relative to Parkinson's disease disability and death in firefighters
  HD.2588 An Act relative to MWRA employees
  HD.2591 An Act designating certain employees of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to be in Group 2 of the contributory retirement system
  HD.2595 An Act relative to funding water infrastructure and addressing economic target areas
  HD.2602 An Act to enact pharmacy benefit manager duties
  HD.2603 An Act to support families
  HD.2608 An Act increasing opportunities for clean peak energy storage
  HD.2613 An Act relative to pediatric care appointments
  HD.2630 An Act to further lead remediation in rental housing by increasing the deleading credit
  HD.2639 An Act protecting wastewater and sewerage systems through the labeling of non-flushable wipes
  HD.2668 An Act requiring state procurement of low-carbon building materials
  HD.2671 An Act concerning Asian Pacific Islander Desi American history education
  HD.2744 An Act updating terminology and investigative practices related to the protection of persons with disabilities
  HD.2747 An Act to improve outdoor lighting, conserve energy, and increase dark-sky visibility
  HD.2755 An Act committing to higher education the resources to insure a strong and healthy public higher education system
  HD.2757 An Act relative to uniformity of ballots in polling places
  HD.2858 An Act relative to the equality of wage and recruitment of the Massachusetts State Police
  HD.2883 An Act to encourage solar development on buildings and disturbed land
  HD.3174 An Act involving teachers retirement funds
  HD.3192 An Act further regulating the rental of motor vehicles
  HD.3222 An Act Improving Access to Affordable Higher Education
  HD.3224 An Act relative to community college affordability
  HD.3286 An Act relative to rates for workers providing supports and services for individuals with disabilities
  HD.3319 An Act preserving public trust rights in land affected by ocean erosion
  HD.3336 An Act relative to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities
  HD.3348 An Act transitioning Massachusetts to clean electricity, heating and transportation
  HD.3423 An Act relative to defining Court Service Coordinator in Group 2
  HD.3424 An Act relative to defining employees in Group 2
  HD.3455 An Act to empower municipal appropriating authorities the ability to exempt annual debt and interest charges from the Regional Vocational Technical School District from its levy limit
  HD.3499 An Act establishing boxer protection
  HD.3709 An Act protecting warehouse workers
  HD.3723 An Act to allow the city of Medford to transfer conservation land
  HD.3777 An Act providing coverage for hearing aids
  HD.3929 An Act relating to public access to historical records
  HD.3996 An Act relative to medical physics
  HD.2218 An Act to establish the speed limit on certain highways This bill is by request. *
  HD.2786 An Act establishing a commission on sustainable aviation fuel induced contrail mitigation This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.