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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Office of the Clerk of the House

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House of Representatives




Monday, July 31, 2023.


 [At eleven o’clock A.M.]





12. [H. 3646] Bill directing the Worcester Regional Retirement System to grant creditable service to Nelson Burlingame (House, No. 3646). 3d. [06/20/23.] [Gordon-Honan.]



14. [H. 3952] Bill authorizing the city of Northampton to grant seven additional licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages to be drunk on the premises (House, No. 3952). 3d. [07/03/23.] [Chan-Honan.] [Reported on House, No. 3715.] [Local Approval Received.]



15. [H. 2555] Bill authorizing the city of Leominster to establish an age limit for original appointment to the position of police officer (House, No. 2555). 3d. [07/06/23.] [Gordon-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



18. [H. 2058] Bill relative to the school committee of the city of Revere (House, No. 2058). 3d. [07/10/23.] [Fiola-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



19. [H. 2910] Bill relative to property tax classifications in the city of Watertown (House, No. 2910). 3d. [07/10/23.] [Cusack-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



21. [H. 2083] Bill authorizing the town of Hull to lease certain property and to extend leases on certain property to promote economic development and the more effective use of town property (House, No. 2083). 3d. [07/13/23.] [Fiola-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



22. [S. 2369] Bill (S.) providing for the retirement of Greg Heath, a former firefighter of the city of Westfield (Senate, No. 2369). 3d. [07/17/23.] [Gordon-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



23. [H. 3732] Bill directing the city of Boston police department to waive the maximum age requirement for police officers for Wendy Pierre-Louis (House, No. 3732). 3d. [07/17/23.] [Gordon-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



24. [H. 3930] Bill authorizing the appointment of special police officers in the town of Maynard (House, No. 3930). 3d. [07/17/23.] [Gordon-Honan.] [Reported on House, No. 2557.] [Local Approval Received.]



25. [H. 3931] Bill authorizing the appointment of retired police officers as special police officers in the town of Freetown (House, No. 3931). 3d. [07/17/23.] [Gordon-Honan.] [Reported on House, No. 3730.] [Local Approval Received.]



26. [H. 2081] Bill relative to the charter of the town of Dedham (House, No. 2081). 3d. [07/20/23.] [Fiola-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



27. [H. 3717] Bill amending the act establishing a charter for the town of Wrentham (House, No. 3717). 3d. [07/20/23.] [Fiola-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



28. [H. 2045] Bill authorizing the city of Pittsfield to award a 1 year or multiple year contract to audit (House, No. 2045). 3d. [07/24/23.] [Fiola-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



29. [H. 3716] Bill relative to the town of Monson treasurer-collector position (House, No. 3716). 3d. [07/24/23.] [Fiola-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



30. [H. 3746] Bill amending the town of Avon’s by-laws (House, No. 3746, changed). 3d. [07/24/23.] [Fiola-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]

      [Changed in line 1 by striking out the following: "sections 21 and 40" and inserting in place thereof the following: "section 21 of chapter 40".]



31. [H. 3995] Bill permitting the town of Wakefield to convey an easement to the Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department (House, No. 3995). 3d. [07/24/23.] [Fiola-Honan.] [Reported on House, No. 3729.] [Local Approval Received.]



32. [H. 344] Bill creating a maximum allowable check-cashing rate (House, No. 344). 3d. [07/26/23.] [Chan-Honan.]



33. [H. 661] Bill validating the annual town meeting for the town of Blandford (House, No. 661). 3d. [07/26/23.] [Ryan-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



34. [H. 3578] Bill validating the results of the annual town election held in the town of Lancaster (House, No. 3578). 3d. [07/26/23.] [Ryan-Honan.] [Local Approval Received.]



35. [H. 4006] Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Kimberly Riggins, an employee of the Department of Correction (House, No. 4006). 3d. [07/27/23.] [Gordon-Honan.]