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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Office of the Clerk of the House

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House of Representatives
Wednesday, June 5, 2019.
 [At  eleven o'clock A.M.]

3. [H. 2369] Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Charles E. McCabe, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (House, No. 2369). 3d. [03/13/19.] [Parisella-Petrolati.] 


7. [H. 1771] Bill authorizing the town of Barnstable to grant an easement to Vineyard Wind LLC (House, No. 1771). 3d. [04/11/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


8. [H. 1819] Bill modifying the Sherwood Forest Road maintenance district in the town of Becket (House, No. 1819). 3d. [04/29/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.] 




12. [H. 1795] Bill authorizing the city of Leominster to pay a certain unpaid bill (House, No. 1795). 3d. [05/09/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


13. [H. 3631] Bill relative to certain municipal employees of the towns of Richmond and West Stockbridge (House, No. 3631). 3d. [05/09/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] 


15. [H. 1808] Bill relative to land in Bernardston (House, No. 1808). 3d. [05/13/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


16. [H. 1818] Bill relative to the charter of the town of Provincetown (House, No. 1818). 3d. [05/13/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


17. [H. 1837] Bill authorizing the town of Athol to establish a special fund for the town of Athol Public Library (House, No. 1837). 3d. [05/13/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


18. [H. 1775] Bill relative to amending chapter 413 of the Acts of 1991 authorizing the city council of the city of Cambridge to amend chapter 14.04 of the Cambridge municipal code entitled "Fair Housing" (House, No. 1775). 3d. [05/15/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


19. [H. 1789] Bill requiring automatic external defibrillators in Norfolk County public buildings (House, No. 1789). 3d. [05/15/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.]


20. [H. 3642] Bill relative to the membership of the conservation commission of the town of Holliston (House, No. 3642). 3d. [05/15/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


21. [H. 3644] Bill authorizing the town of Bedford to release a portion of a certain conservation restriction (House, No. 3644). 3d. [05/16/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


22. [H. 3703] Bill exempting Ryan M. Charette from the maximum age requirement for appointment as a firefighter in the town of Dracut (House, No. 3703). 3d. [05/16/19.] [Parisella-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.] [Reported on Senate, No. 1530 and House, No. 2262.]


23. [H. 1811] Bill relative to the charter of the town of Plymouth (House, No. 1811). 3d. [05/20/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


24. [H. 2355] Bill authorizing the certification and appointment of Adam J. Silva as a firefighter in the town of Wilmington (House, No. 2355). 3d. [05/20/19.] [Parisella-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


25. [H. 2356] Bill authorizing the town of Norwood to continue the employment of police chief William G. Brooks, III (House, No. 2356). 3d. [05/20/19.] [Parisella-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


26. [H. 3739] Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Sophia R. Velez, an employee of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (House, No. 3739). 3d. [05/20/19.] [Parisella-Petrolati.]


27. [H. 3741] Bill authorizing the Norfolk County Retirement Board to acquire real property to use as administrative offices (House, No. 3741). 3d. [05/20/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Reported on House, No. 1787.]


31. [H. 3797] Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Renee Bennett, an employee of the Sex Offender Registry Board (House, No. 3797). 3d. [06/03/19.] [Parisella-Petrolati.]