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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

House Committee on Steering, Policy and Scheduling

Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
S.76  An Act to safeguard municipal permitting. Rodrigues, Michael J. (SEN) 6/8/2012
H.87  An Act relative to scrap metal dealers DiNatale, Stephen L. (HOU) 7/13/2011
S.88  An Act relative to anti-freeze and engine coolant Brewer, Stephen M. (SEN) 6/15/2012
S.157  An Act to establish a sales tax holiday August 2012. Hart, John A., Jr. (SEN) 7/20/2012
H.240  An Act relative to the milk producer's security fund reimbursement Kulik, Stephen (HOU) 7/24/2012
H.247  An Act relative to spear fishing Peake, Sarah K. (HOU) 11/7/2011
H.290  An Act relative to the list of legal investments prepared by the Commisioner of Banks Koutoujian, Peter J. (HOU) 7/24/2012
S.361  An Act designating a certain node of the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park in the town of Uxbridge as the Effingham Capron Memorial Park Moore, Richard T. (SEN) 7/24/2012
S.376  An Act establishing a Horseneck Beach Reservation Trust Fund Rodrigues, Michael J. (SEN) 7/24/2012
H.469  An Act relating to comprehensive protection from childhood sexual abuse Mariano, Ronald (HOU) 7/25/2012
H.560  An Act authorizing the town of Arlington to establish senior citizen safety zones Garballey, Sean (HOU) 3/31/2011
H.562  An Act relative to at risk dogs Hill, Bradford (HOU) 7/20/2012
H.567  An Act establishing a separate cemetery commission for the town of Nantucket Madden, Timothy R. (HOU) 3/31/2011
H.574  An Act authorizing the town of Sturbridge to convey a certain parcel of land Smola, Todd M. (HOU) 4/1/2011
H.577  An Act relative to municipal service fees Turner, Cleon H. (HOU) 7/20/2012
H.710  An Act to define further teacher for retirement purposes. Malia, Elizabeth A. (HOU) 7/13/2011
H.736  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Jeffrey Botelho, an employee of the Department of Correction Sullivan, David B. (HOU) 3/31/2011
H.832  An Act authorizing the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance to convey certain land in the town of Wilmington Miceli, James R. (HOU) 7/24/2012
H.847  authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey a certain parcel of land in the town of Danvers Speliotis, Theodore C. (HOU) 7/24/2012
S.1054  An Act amending the contract procedures in the city of Boston Rush, Michael F. (SEN) 11/7/2011
S.1059  An Act amending the City of Gloucester charter. Tarr, Bruce E. (SEN) 7/8/2011
S.1167  An Act relative to the release of a body by the medical examiner to a person charged with an offense which resulted in the death of the deceased. Spilka, Karen E. (SEN) 11/7/2011
S.1573  An Act authorizing flying the flag of the Commonwealth at half-staff upon the death of certain police officers and firefighters Donnelly, Kenneth J. (SEN) 7/24/2012
S.1741  An Act designating a certain bridge in the city of Leominster as the Jonathan Roberge Memorial Bridge Flanagan, Jennifer L. (SEN) 11/7/2011
H.1840  An Act governing the issuance of temporary loans by the town of Winchester Lewis, Jason M. (HOU) 3/16/2011