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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senate Committee on Ethics and Rules 187th (2011 - 2012)

Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
S.38  An Act relative to the disclosure of information held by the disabled persons protection commission pursuant to General Laws chapter 19C. Eldridge, James B. (SEN) 8/11/2011
S.46  An Act eliminating archaic language pertaining to individuals with disabilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Jehlen, Patricia D. (SEN) 4/30/2012
S.72  Increasing consumer access to licensed marriage and family therapists Tolman, Steven A. (SEN) 4/30/2012
S.99  An Act protecting victims of unlicensed debt collections Eldridge, James B. (SEN) 3/1/2012
S.105  An Act to reduce unwanted communication from creditors to protect the peace and privacy of residents. Jehlen, Patricia D. (SEN) 5/29/2012
S.126  An Act relative to check cashing fees Rodrigues, Michael J. (SEN) 3/1/2012
S.193  An Act to maintain short term objectives for students with disabilities Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 3/29/2012
S.272  An Act promoting the development of small house nursing homes in Massachusetts Jehlen, Patricia D. (SEN) 6/19/2012
S.273  An Act establishing an advisory committee on residential care facilities Jehlen, Patricia D. (SEN) 7/11/2012
S.289  An Act to protect public health Tarr, Bruce E. (SEN) 7/5/2012
S.326  An Act designating the Stephen Drawbridge Wildlife Management Area Brewer, Stephen M. (SEN) 4/11/2011
S.357  An Act relative to the reduction of particulate emissions from diesel engines. Hart, John A., Jr. (SEN) 6/14/2012
S.358  An Act relative to the Charles L. Bowley Memorial Bridge Joyce, Brian A. (SEN) 3/29/2012
S.362  An Act further clarifying the preservation of the Blackstone River and Canal Moore, Richard T. (SEN) 4/3/2012
S.431  An Act relative to lending Keenan, John F. (SEN) 11/7/2011
S.447  An Act requiring standard credentialing of physicians by health insurers Moore, Richard T. (SEN) 4/30/2012
S.455  An Act reforming insurance prescription fee practices Petruccelli, Anthony W. (SEN) 6/14/2012
S.493  An Act to study disparities in health care resulting from changes in marital status. Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 6/14/2012
S.527  An Act defining the use of observational services Moore, Richard T. (SEN) 6/14/2012
S.528  An Act establishing health care criteria for performance excellence Moore, Richard T. (SEN) 5/1/2012
S.532  An Act relative to eligibility for coverage Moore, Richard T. (SEN) 5/1/2012
S.534  An Act relative to the provider’s council Moore, Richard T. (SEN) 5/1/2012
S.590  An Act ensuring proper notice of rent and fee increases in manufactured housing establishments Eldridge, James B. (SEN) 1/26/2012
S.595  An Act to prevent homelessness among elderly and disabled persons and families facing no-fault evictions Hart, John A., Jr. (SEN) 11/3/2011
S.617  An Act clarifying the collection of condominium fees Rosenberg, Stanley C. (SEN) 1/26/2012