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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senate Committee on Ways and Means

Senate Contact

24 Beacon St. 
Room 212
Boston, MA 02133
(617) 722-1481

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S.26  An Act preventing funds deposited in children's savings accounts from counting against cash assistance benefits Chang-Diaz, Sonia (SEN) 12/2/2019
S.35  An Act ensuring continuous healthcare coverage for youth who have aged-out of the department of children and families DiDomenico, Sal N. (SEN) 7/12/2019
S.36  An Act to lift kids out of deep poverty DiDomenico, Sal N. (SEN) 12/2/2019
S.46  An Act creating an electronic backpack for foster children Fattman, Ryan C. (SEN) 12/2/2019
S.62  An Act relative to mandated reporter reform Lovely, Joan B. (SEN) 6/6/2019
S.253  Resolve authorizing a study of starting times and schedules Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 11/14/2019
S.267  An Act regarding breakfast after the bell DiDomenico, Sal N. (SEN) 11/14/2019
S.287  An Act to improve the excellence to teaching programs Friedman, Cindy F. (SEN) 11/14/2019
S.302  An Act calling for a comprehensive study of vocational education in the Commonwealth Lesser, Eric P. (SEN) 11/14/2019
S.356  An Act relative to assisting elders and people with disabilities in the Commonwealth Jehlen, Patricia D. (SEN) 10/31/2019
S.361  An Act directing the administration to amend the Frail Elder Home and Community-Based Waiver to permit eligible older adults to choose to reside in Certified Assisted Living Residences Jehlen, Patricia D. (SEN) 9/26/2019
S.433  An Act establishing the commission for a climate-ready commonwealth Brownsberger, William N. (SEN) 9/26/2019
S.448  An Act protecting our coasts from offshore drilling Cyr, Julian (SEN) 8/15/2019
S.449  An Act relative to protecting, preserving, and increasing access to family camping deMacedo, Viriato M. (SEN) 7/22/2019
S.459  An Act protecting the natural resources of the commonwealth Eldridge, James B. (SEN) 10/30/2019
S.465  An Act relative to the Douglas State Forest Maintenance Trust Fund Fattman, Ryan C. (SEN) 6/13/2019
S.466  An Act creating a commission to study Willet Pond Feeney, Paul R. (SEN) 8/15/2019
S.469  An Act relative to agricultural disaster relief Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 7/22/2019
S.470  An Act relative to public space recycling Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 7/22/2019
S.522  An Act relative to a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing Pacheco, Marc R. (SEN) 7/22/2019
S.524  An Act relative to 2030, 2040, and 2050 emissions limits Pacheco, Marc R. (SEN) 7/25/2019
S.526  An Act relative to horse riding instructor’s licenses Rodrigues, Michael J. (SEN) 7/31/2019
S.527  An Act to modernize certain provisions of the agricultural preservation restriction program Rodrigues, Michael J. (SEN) 10/21/2019
S.528  An Act encouraging the use of renewable energy on agricultural land Rodrigues, Michael J. (SEN) 10/21/2019
S.588  An Act relative to mental health parity implementation Friedman, Cindy F. (SEN) 12/2/2019