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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senate Committee on Ways and Means 192nd (2021 - 2022)

Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
S.27  An Act relative to extending COVID-19 accommodations for municipalities in elections and for representative town meetings Brownsberger, William N. (SEN) 3/4/2021 Scheduled for
3/8/2021 12:00 AM
S.59  An Act to establish the Massachusetts Open Data Standard Lesser, Eric P. (SEN) 2/14/2022
S.73  An Act relative to the expungement of convictions for marijuana possession Lewis, Jason M. (SEN) 2/7/2022
S.80  An Act relative to families impacted by substance misuse Boncore, Joseph A. (SEN) 11/3/2021
S.81  An Act creating a Center on Child Wellness and Trauma Chandler, Harriette L. (SEN) 11/3/2021
S.82  An Act establishing a special commission to study women and homelessness Chandler, Harriette L. (SEN) 7/11/2022
S.83  An Act to establish an acquired brain injury advisory board Chandler, Harriette L. (SEN) 7/11/2022
S.85  An Act to ensure positive transition plans to prevent youth homelessness Chang-Diaz, Sonia (SEN) 1/26/2022
S.90  An Act protecting youth during custodial interrogations Creem, Cynthia Stone (SEN) 1/31/2022
S.95  An Act relative to Children’s Advocacy Centers and the Massachusetts Children’s Alliance Cyr, Julian (SEN) 11/3/2021
S.96  An Act to lift kids out of deep poverty DiDomenico, Sal N. (SEN) 2/7/2022
S.105  An Act relative to fair pay for comparable work Friedman, Cindy F. (SEN) 2/7/2022
S.108  An Act relative to an agricultural healthy incentives program Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 4/4/2022
S.109  An Act to assure quality foster care Gomez, Adam (SEN) 11/3/2021
S.110  An Act providing for coordinated data and assistance to address family homelessness Gomez, Adam (SEN) 1/26/2022
S.111  An Act improving emergency housing assistance for children and families experiencing homelessness Gomez, Adam (SEN) 1/26/2022
S.112  An Act relative to state assistance for funeral expenses Hinds, Adam G. (SEN) 1/26/2022
S.115  An Act ensuring equal access to medical treatments essential for people with a developmental disability, intellectual disability, or autism Keenan, John F. (SEN) 6/9/2022
S.117  An Act updating terminology and investigative practices related to the protection of persons with disabilities Keenan, John F. (SEN) 4/25/2022
S.119  An Act concerning public assistance for working families and the creation of a pilot program to address the impacts of the cliff effect Lesser, Eric P. (SEN) 1/26/2022
S.120  An Act relative to creating a loan repayment program for human service workers Lesser, Eric P. (SEN) 1/31/2022
S.121  An Act relative to economic mobility for families with low-income Lewis, Jason M. (SEN) 2/7/2022
S.122  An Act relative to persons with developmental disabilities Lovely, Joan B. (SEN) 4/4/2022
S.125  An Act establishing a diaper benefits pilot program Lovely, Joan B. (SEN) 1/31/2022
S.126  An Act relative to supporting families dealing with sudden unexplained death in pediatrics Lovely, Joan B. (SEN) 1/26/2022