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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Financial Services


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.182  An Act relative to credit and debit cards Michael J. Rodrigues
S.503  An Act relative to a stay of surcharge pending appeal hearing Anne M. Gobi
S.511  An Act relative to the effect of comprehensive insurance claims John F. Keenan
S.524  An Act pertaining to cancellation of motor vehicle liability policies Mark C. Montigny
S.526  An Act relative to executive compensation for mutual companies Mark C. Montigny
S.560  An Act reducing the number of uninsured drivers James T. Welch
H.33  An Act making amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code covering provisions dealing with negotiable instruments and bank deposits and collections COMMISSION ON UNIFORM STATE LAWS
H.796  An Act relative to requiring insurance for taxicabs and commercial vehicles Garrett J. Bradley
H.797  An Act to correct uninsured motorist coverage anomaly for listed operators Garrett J. Bradley
H.798  An Act to protect consumers in the issuance of automobile insurance policies and bonds Garrett J. Bradley
H.799  An Act to repeal no fault motor vehicle insurance Garrett J. Bradley
H.816  An Act relative to providing consumer protection in the licensing of appraisers Tackey Chan
H.854  An Act relative to compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance Sean Garballey
H.855  An Act increasing the mandatory minimum bodily injury insurance requirements for commercial vehicles Sean Garballey
H.908  An Act relative to auto insurance reinspection requirements Christopher M. Markey
H.916  An Act to eliminate penalty charges when cancelling auto insurance policies James M. Murphy
H.928  An Act to add a compulsory death benefit to automobile liability insurance Alice Hanlon Peisch