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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Covid-19 and Emergency Preparedness and Management

Item Name Start Time Duration Webcast
Joint Committee on COVID-19 & Emergency Preparedness & Management Hearing 6/30/2021 10:00 AM 03:53:39
Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.477  An Act addressing the inequitable impact of the pandemic on Black and Latinx individuals with autism Christine P. Barber
H.478  An Act relative to the governor’s power to declare an emergency Daniel R. Carey
H.479  An Act relative to HOV lane access during a state of emergency Josh S. Cutler
H.480  An Act relative to Massachusetts-manufactured face coverings (“masks”) Mindy Domb
H.481  An Act providing for a temporary emissions cap on particulate matter contaminants in adversely affected COVID-19 populations Michelle M. DuBois
H.482  An Act providing for freedom of commerce and personal travel within Massachusetts Peter J. Durant
H.483  An Act relative to establishing a COVID-19 funeral and burial assistance fund Nika C. Elugardo
H.484  An Act relative to exempting restaurants from state sales taxes Paul K. Frost
H.485  An Act relative to exempting unemployment claims from state income tax Paul K. Frost
H.486  An Act relative to PPP loan tax exemption Paul K. Frost
H.487  An Act relative to an emergency preparedness instructional awareness program Paul K. Frost
H.488  An Act relative to non-medical healthcare expenses related to prevention of COVID-19 William C. Galvin
H.489  An Act relative to COVID-19 relief for college students Jessica Ann Giannino
H.490  An Act establishing the COVID-19 essential worker burial assistance fund Carlos González
H.491  An Act requiring comprehensive testing at Mass vaccination sites Tami L. Gouveia
H.492  An Act amending Chapter 220 of the Acts of 2018 due to COVID-19 Danielle W. Gregoire
H.493  An Act to continue providing for virtual notarization to address challenges related to COVID-19 Richard M. Haggerty
H.494  An Act relative to a COVID-19 presumption for public employees James K. Hawkins
H.495  Resolve relative to the establishment of a joint oversight committee on personal protective equipment Kevin G. Honan
H.496  An Act relative to PPE data transparency John J. Lawn, Jr.
H.497  An Act providing for checks and balances to the Civil Defense Act of 1950 Marc T. Lombardo
H.498  An Act to reduce vaccine hesitancy Norman J. Orrall
H.499  An Act establishing a commission to study the Commonwealth’s response to the global COVID-19 pandemic David M. Rogers
H.500  An Act establishing the Commission of Inquiry on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Response to and Recovery from the COVID-19 Crisis Jon Santiago
H.501  An Act establishing the Massachusetts coronavirus recovery corps Jon Santiago
H.3716  An Act to ensure the health and safety of the Commonwealth’s students and educators James K. Hawkins
H.3717  An Act relative to the powers of city and town officials during a public health emergency Tommy Vitolo
H.3738  An Act to ensure the rapid, accessible and equitable administration of the COVID-19 vaccine Jon Santiago
H.3780  An Act establishing a statewide COVID-19 rapid testing program to safely re-open our economy Tami L. Gouveia
S.249  An Act relative to the duration of a proclaimed state of emergency Diana DiZoglio
S.250  An Act to ensure the health and safety of the commonwealth’s students and educators Paul R. Feeney
S.251  An Act establishing the Massachusetts Coronavirus Recovery Corps Eric P. Lesser
S.252  An Act establishing the Commission of Inquiry on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ response to and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis Eric P. Lesser
S.253  An Act relative to PPE data transparency Walter F. Timilty