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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Paul R. Feeney Democrat - Bristol and Norfolk

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  SD.1298 An Act relative to group insurance commission procurement
  SD.1299 An Act limiting out of pocket health expenses
  SD.1300 An Act relative to the composition of the Group Insurance Commission
  SD.1307 An Act to establish a commission to report on the people's budget
  SD.1308 An Act reforming alimony in the Commonwealth
  SD.1309 An Act further regulating thoroughbred breeding
  SD.1312 An Act relative to historic route designations
  SD.1313 An Act enhancing the podiatric profession's registration and oversight
  SD.1318 An Act relative to emergency medical services oversight
  SD.1319 An Act relative to medical services
  SD.1322 An Act relative to workplace safety
  SD.1323 An Act relative to the safety and protection of utility work and construction sites
  SD.1330 An Act to ensure safety and transparency in pipeline repair
  SD.1334 An Act relative to a Massachusetts broadband competitive marketplace study
  SD.1335 An Act to establish a Master of Library Science assistance program
  SD.1336 An Act relative to protecting local retirees
  SD.1337 An Act to authorize a local option for group retirement classification
  SD.1339 An Act regulating pipelines
  SD.1343 An Act to provide diabetes prevention program benefits
  SD.1347 An Act relative to land acquisition
  SD.1348 An Act relative to athletic recreation facilities
  SD.1350 An Act relative to further defining employees classified in Group 4
  SD.1351 An Act relative to Executive Office of Public Safety and Security Dispatchers
  SD.1353 An Act to authorize the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to establish additional mandated reporters for the purpose of the protection and care of children
  SD.1354 An Act establishing a primary seat belt law
  SD.1355 An Act addressing workplace bullying, mobbing and harassment, without regard to protected class status
  SD.1357 An Act further regulating Sunday overtime wages
  SD.1371 An Act further regulating the continuing education requirements for real estate brokers and salespersons
  SD.1373 An Act to ensure dependent health coverage for adults with disabilities
  SD.1848 An Act relative to public safety in hoisting regulations
  SD.1849 An Act establishing a skin cancer and sun safety education program in public schools
  SD.1851 An Act relative to retirement boards
  SD.1852 An Act relative to retirement board membership
  SD.1859 An Act to protect the integrity of town meetings
  SD.1862 An Act relative to the collection of personal property taxes
  SD.1955 An Act to ensure pay parity for county sheriffs' correction officers and jail officers
  SD.1962 An Act relative to Massachusetts certified emergency telecommunications
  SD.2153 An Act to promote gas safety
  SD.2220 An Act establishing a municipal bulk purchasing program for extractors for fire departments
  SD.2221 An Act creating a commission to study Willet Pond
  SD.2222 An Act authorizing the Department of Highways to acquire a certain dam in the town of Norwood
  SD.2225 An Act relative to the protection of patient identity in waiting rooms
  SD.2226 An Act relative to rehabilitation periods for recovering substance abusers
  SD.2264 By Mr. Feeney, a petition (accompanied by bill) (subject to Joint Rule 12) of Paul R. Feeney for legislation to create a Massachusetts rare disease advisory council. Public Health.
  HD.3097 An Act relative to the charter school reimbursement rate for the town of Foxborough
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.