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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 22: Organization meeting; certificate of incorporation, filing, etc.

Section 22. A justice of the peace, upon written application by five or more of the members of such society, may issue his warrant directed to one of the applicants, stating the objects of the proposed meeting, and requiring him to warn the members of the society to meet at a time and place appointed in the warrant; and such warrant may be served by posting an attested copy thereof on the principal outer door or some other conspicuous part of the meeting house of such society or by leaving such copy with, or at the last and usual places of abode of, the members of the society seven days at least before such meeting; and, upon return thereof, the same or any other justice of the peace may preside at the meeting during the choice and qualification of a clerk and until a moderator is chosen; and the society may thereupon choose a moderator and do such other things as parishes may do at their annual meetings, if the subject matter thereof is inserted in the warrant. The clerk shall enter at large upon the records of the society the proceedings in the organization thereof.

The moderator and clerk shall forthwith make, sign, swear to and file in the office of the state secretary a certificate stating the name of the corporation, its purpose, the town and county where located, the date of the meeting for organization and any adjournments thereof and the names of the officers elected; otherwise the organization shall be void.