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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2A: Horse riding instructors; licenses; fees; validity of license; duplicate licenses; rules and regulations

Section 2A. No person shall hold himself out to be a horse riding instructor for hire without being licensed for such purpose by the commissioner. Application for a license under this section may be filed with the commissioner and shall contain such information as he shall prescribe. Every such application shall be accompanied by a registration fee of 20 dollars, which shall in no event be refunded. If an application is approved by the commissioner, the applicant upon the payment of an additional fee of 30 dollars shall be granted a license, which shall expire on March thirty-first following the date of issue, unless sooner revoked. The annual fee for renewal thereafter shall be 30 dollars.

Every person licensed as aforesaid shall endorse his usual signature on the margin of the license in the space provided for such purpose immediately upon the receipt of said license, and such license shall not be valid until so endorsed. In case of loss, mutilation, or destruction of a license, the commissioner shall issue a duplicate upon proper proof thereof and payment of a fee of 4 dollars.

The commissioner shall make rules and regulations governing the issuance and revocation of said license, and shall establish the minimum qualifications for the issuance thereof. If the qualifications of an applicant meet or exceed the minimum qualifications established by the commissioner he shall be issued such license.