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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 19E: Conversion from mutual to stock company

Section 19E. Upon compliance with the requirements and completion of the proceedings prescribed by this section, a domestic mutual life insurance company may (i) convert into a domestic stock life insurance company or (ii) so convert as part of a plan of reorganization in which a majority or all of the common shares of the domestic stock life insurance company is acquired by a parent corporation or another corporation which may be, but need not be, a corporation organized for such purposes and may be a subsidiary or other affiliate of such domestic mutual life insurance company prior to such acquisition, and, in either case, may merge as part of the plan of demutualization with a domestic stock life insurance company or a corporation organized under chapter 156D and the consideration to be provided in such merger may be shares of the resulting or surviving corporation or any other corporation, cash, or other consideration. Any such merger shall be authorized under this section and approved as provided under paragraph (2) and not pursuant to section 19A.

Such conversion shall be accomplished pursuant to a plan which complies with the following:

(1) Such plan shall be filed with the commissioner and shall be approved by him as conforming to the requirements of this section and as not prejudicial to the policyholders of such company or to the insuring public, after a hearing thereon for which notice was given to the insurer, its directors, officers, employees and policyholders, all of whom shall have the right to appear and be heard at the hearing.

(2) Such plan shall be approved by vote of not less than two-thirds of the votes of the insurer's policyholders voting thereon in person, by proxy or by mail at a meeting of policyholders called for that purpose pursuant to such reasonable notice and procedure as may be approved by the commissioner. Upon such approval, the conversion shall be effective as of the date specified in the plan. On and after such date, all the rights, franchises and interests of the insurer in and to every species of property shall be vested in the converted insurer without any deed or transfer and the converted insurer shall succeed to all the obligations and liabilities of the insurer.

(3) In exchange for all membership interests in the company, such plan shall give each eligible policyholder appropriate consideration. Said consideration shall be determinable under a fair and reasonable formula approved by the commissioner, and shall be based upon the insurer's entire surplus as shown by the insurer's financial statement most recently filed with the commissioner pursuant to section twenty-five, including all voluntary reserves but excluding contingently repayable funds and outstanding guaranty capital shares at the redemption value thereof, and without taking into account the value of nonadmitted assets or insurance business in force.

(4) Such plan shall give each eligible policyholder a preemptive right to acquire his proportionate part of all of the proposed capital stock of the insurer or of the proposed parent corporation or other corporation within a designated reasonable period, and to apply upon the purchase thereof the amount of his consideration, as determined under paragraph (3), except that the plan may provide that a policyholder may not purchase or receive stock pursuant to this section if it has an aggregate subscription price of two thousand dollars or less and that such preemptive right will not apply to policyholders who reside in jurisdictions in which the issuance of stock is impossible, would involve unreasonable delay or would require the insurer to incur unreasonable costs; provided, however, that any such policyholder shall receive his consideration in cash; and, provided further, in the instance of a plan of reorganization in which the appropriate consideration received by eligible policyholders under paragraph (3) is stock of a corporation in a transaction authorized under this section, or other consideration as approved by the commissioner or, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, as permitted under this paragraph (4) the plan shall provide either (i) that no policyholder shall have any preemptive right to acquire any of the proposed capital stock of the insurer or of the proposed parent or other corporation or (ii) for preemptive rights on such other terms as approved by the commissioner. Notwithstanding the above, the commissioner retains the full authority to disapprove such plan in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (1).

(5) The policyholder eligible to participate in the distribution of consideration and to purchase stock shall be the person whose name appears on the conversion date on the insurer's records as owner of a policy under which there is a right to vote and which, on both the December thirty-first immediately preceding the conversion date and the date the insurer's board of directors first votes to convert to stock form, is in full force for its full basic benefits with no unpaid premium or consideration at the expiration of any applicable grace period, or which is being continued under a nonforfeiture benefit and continues to be eligible for participation in the insurer's annual distribution of divisible surplus.

(6) Shares are to be offered to policyholders at a price not greater than to be thereafter offered under the plan to others.

(7) Such plan shall provide for payment to each policyholder of consideration which may consist of cash, securities, a certificate of contribution, additional life insurance or annuity benefits, increased dividends or other consideration or any combination of such forms of consideration.

(8) Such plan, when completed, shall provide for the converted insurer's paid-in capital stock to be in an amount not less than the minimum paid-in capital stock and the net cash surplus required of a new domestic stock insurer upon initial authorization to transact like kinds of insurance.

(9) The commissioner shall find that the insurer's management has not, through reduction in volume of new business written, or cancellation or through any other means sought to reduce, limit or affect the number or identity of the insurer's policyholders to be entitled to participate in such plan or to otherwise secure for the individuals comprising management any unfair advantage through such plan.

Nothing in this section shall be deemed to prohibit the inclusion in the conversion plan of provisions under which the individuals comprising the insurer's management and employee group shall be entitled to purchase for cash at the same price as offered to the insurer's policyholders, shares of stock not taken by policyholders on the preemptive offering to policyholders, in accordance with such reasonable classification of such individuals as may be included in the plan and approved by the commissioner.

The conversion plan may also include provisions restricting the ability of any person or persons acting in concert from directly or indirectly offering to acquire or acquiring the beneficial ownership of ten percent or more of any class of common stock of the converted insurer or the parent corporation or other corporation.

No director, officer, agent or employee of the insurer, or any other person, shall receive any fee, commission or other valuable consideration whatsoever, other than their usual regular salaries and compensation, for in any manner aiding, promoting or assisting in such conversion, except as set forth in the plan approved by the commissioner. This provision shall not be deemed to prohibit the payment of reasonable fees and compensation to attorneys at law, accountants and actuaries for services performed in the independent practice of their professions, even though also directors of the insurer.

For the purposes of determining whether a conversion plan meets the requirements of this section and any other relevant provisions of this chapter, the commissioner may employ staff personnel and outside consultants. All reasonable costs related to the review of a plan of conversion, including those costs attributable to the use of staff personnel, shall be borne by the insurer making the filing.