General Laws

Section 1. A person who is competent to contract by bond may subject his person and property to be taken on execution by entering into a recognizance before the superior court in any county, substantially as follows:

Be it remembered that on this     day of     ,     of     personally appeared before     and acknowledged himself to be indebted to     of     in the sum of     to be paid to said     on the     day of     , (or in     years, or in     months, from this day) with interest from this day; and, if not then paid, to be levied upon his goods, chattels, lands and tenements, and, for want thereof, upon his body. In witness whereof said     hath hereto set his hand.

The clause as to the payment of interest may be altered or omitted according to the agreement of the parties; but, unless the recognizance otherwise expressly provides, interest shall be allowed for any delay after the time for payment.