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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Alice Hanlon Peisch Democrat - 14th Norfolk

Photo of  Alice Hanlon Peisch
Assistant Majority Leader
Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.165  HD.3305 An Act clarifying the investigative powers of the Disabled Persons Protection Commission. .
H.288  HD.3821 An Act making municipalities eligible for certain licenses for the sale of motor vehicles. .
H.467  HD.3316 An Act guaranteeing a high school diploma to some children accepted into post secondary educational programs.
H.468  HD.3319 An Act relating to high school graduation requirements for students with learning disabilities.
H.469  HD.3326 An Act to promote greater fairness, accountability and public confidence in the MCAS.
H.470  HD.3355 An Act Establishing a School Counseling Leadership Pilot Project to Accelerate College and Career Readiness in Massachusetts Public Schools.
H.471  HD.3364 An Act to Assure College and Career Readiness through Six-Year Career Plans for all Massachusetts Public School Students.
H.662  HD.3331 An Act relative to unaffiliated voters.
H.663  HD.3339 An Act establishing identification requirements for voters who registered by mail.
H.664  HD.3367 An Act Establishing an Independent Redistricting Commission and Criteria for Redistricting for House, Senate, and Councillor Districts.
H.665  HD.3404 An Act relative to absentee ballots.
H.1013  HD.3782 An Act to add a compulsory death benefit to automobile liability insurance.
H.1094  HD.3328 An Act Regarding the Countable Assets Of Medical Assistance Recipients
H.1124  HD.4377 An Act Relative to the Establishment of an Enterprise Fund for the Brook School Apartments in the Town of Weston.
H.1171  HD.3811 An Act restricting the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium from charging a fee for providing qualified bidders with electronic bid information. .
H.1235  HD.3300 An Act relative to the determination of condominium common area interest.
H.1236  HD.3360 An Act Relative to Affordable Housing Units and Condominium Fees.
H.1650  HD.3269 An Act providing against compelled disclosure of certain information by the news media.
H.1651  HD.3312 An Act improving the administration of the judicial branch.
H.1652  HD.3314 An Act ensuring confidentiality for victims of rape and domestic violence.
H.1653  HD.3335 An Act Relating to Controlled Substances and Medical Treatment.
H.1654  HD.3356 An Act Relating to Lead Poisoning Regulations.
H.1655  HD.3788 An Act restricting the use of certain contracts.
H.1656  HD.3796 An Act relative to the Homestead Act.
H.1998  HD.3358 An Act Relative to Handicap Automobile Licenses or Placards.
H.2128  HD.3370 An Act Creating a Special Task Force to Make an Investigation and Study on Issues Related to the Practice of Defensive Medicine.
H.2561  HD.3322 An Act relative to pension reform
H.2562  HD.3805 An Act relating to public school employment during the summer months.
H.2854  HD.3354 An Act Relevant to Resident Property Tax Exemption.
H.2855  HD.3887 An Act making senior citizen property tax relief more equitable .
H.2856  HD.3893 An Act exempting certain low income senior citizens from proposition two and a half .
H.2857  HD.3901 An Act raising the maximum property value for senior citizen tax relief.
H.3105  HD.3801 An Act regulating the leasing of telephone equipment. .
H.3289  HD.3366 An Act To Authorize Transportation Revenues to be Collected in High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes from Single Passenger Vehicles.
H.3290  HD.3383 An Act Relative to Tolls.
H.3291  HD.3785 An Act banning the sale of tobacco products at Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority facilities.
H.3472  HD.3362 An Act Relative to the Town Clerk of the Town of Weston.
H.4843  HD.4963 An Act Creating A Special Commission On College Scholarships.
H.5120  HD.95120 An Act to assure college and career readiness through six-year career plans for all Massachusetts public school students.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.