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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Anne M. Gobi Served 2013 - 2014 Democrat - 5th Worcester

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.28  SD.177 An Act relative to certain land in Templeton under the control of the Department of Mental Retardation.
S.31  SD.1452 An Act relative to equitable reimbursement rates for services provided to publicly assisted patients.
S.37  SD.607 An Act Relative to Workers’ Pathways to Self Sufficiency
S.39  SD.1376 An Act to Assure Continuity of Health Coverage for Children.
S.58  SD.515 An Act relating to anti-human trafficking and protection.
S.69  SD.992 An Act relative to welfare reform.
S.89  SD.1415 An Act to strengthen community development in the commonwealth.
S.90  SD.991 An Act to sustain community preservation.
S.117  SD.1349 An Act relative to the forester licensing board.
H.142  HD.2420 An Act relative to the disclosure of information held by the disabled persons protection commission pursuant to general laws chapter 19C.
H.143  HD.2425 An Act relative to the authority of the disabled persons protection commission pursuant to Chapter 19C.
H.144  HD.2433 An Act relative to the authority of the disabled persons protection commission pursuant to chapter 19C.
H.152  HD.997 An Act regarding spouses as caregivers.
H.153  HD.1040 An Act to support and increase the number of qualified providers of intensive intervention providers for children with autism spectrum disorders.
H.155  HD.1109 An Act establishing an autism commission.
H.156  HD.1155 An Act establishing a pilot program for adults with Asperger Syndrome and Autism.
H.164  HD.2934 An Act relative to job opportunities for people with disabilities.
H.177  HD.3949 An Act creating a means for tracking the unmet need of individuals with developmental disabilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
H.187  HD.3353 An Act regarding the Personal Care Attendant Program.
H.188  HD.3905 An Act to Assure Continuity of Health Coverage for Children.
H.199  HD.731
S.213  SD.196 An Act relative to provisional educators.
S.214  SD.269 An Act providing for an investigation and study by the department of education relative to school choice programs in the commonwealth.
H.231  HD.3406 An Act to reduce unwanted communication from creditors to protect the peace and privacy of residents.
S.235  SD.2040 An Act establishing a consistent funding source for reinvestment in vocational education infrastructure and programs .
H.238  HD.1702 An Act relative to credit card fees.
H.282  HD.1821 An Act guaranteeing consumers ownership of, privacy of, and access to motor vehicle diagnostic, repair and service information.
S.367  SD.168 An Act preserving an equitable allocation of drinking water supplies for the citizens of the Commonwealth.
S.369  SD.194 An Act establishing the Quaboag and Ware River Valley Heritage District Commission.
S.370  SD.198 An Act to protect public water supply lands.
S.371  SD.200 An Act to enhance the management of problem wildlife.
S.372  SD.214 An Act providing improved management of state forests.
S.373  SD.219 An Act providing for the statewide conservation of inland fisheries and wildlife.
S.374  SD.225 An Act relative to the forest products trust fund.
S.375  SD.234 An Act protecting the viability of farms in the Commonwealth.
S.376  SD.235 An Act relative to farm protection.
S.377  SD.237 An Act clarifying certain farm commodities as agriculture in the Commonwealth.
S.382  SD.266 An Act Amending the Conservation Restrictions and Agricultural Preservations Statutes.
S.383  SD.1347 An Act relative to improving the Massachusetts rural economy for the farm, forest, and wood products industry.
H.448  HD.1783 An Act to promote healthy school meals.
S.463  SD.1451 An Act to include fluoride varnish in all health insurance coverage in the Commonwealth.
H.493  HD.3941 An Act Ensure Students with Disabilities Succeed as Adults: Transition Coordinators.
H.494  HD.2573 An Act relating to improving quality in early education and care by family child care providers.
S.567  SD.1257 An Act Relative to the Hemophilia Advisory Committee
H.618  HD.1126 An Act establishing a tax credit for hiring individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
H.619  HD.4292 An Act relative to municipal relief.
H.624  HD.238 An Act relative to the Home of the Brave.
H.660  HD.2035 An Act relative to the agreement among states to elect the President by national popular vote.
H.662  HD.3331 An Act relative to unaffiliated voters.
H.664  HD.3367 An Act Establishing an Independent Redistricting Commission and Criteria for Redistricting for House, Senate, and Councillor Districts.
S.669  SD.183 An Act relative to the state wildfire team.
H.683  HD.3895 An Act Relative to Pre-Registration of Voters.
H.717  HD.296 An Act relative to the naming of the Joseph O'Loughlin Pond .
S.738  SD.1633 An Act to establish a public guardianship commission.
H.772  HD.1113 An Act relative to the registration of antique snowmobiles.
H.775  HD.1135 An Act amending the conservation restrictions and agricultural preservation statutes.
S.792  SD.1132 An Act to allow municipalities to conduct fingerprint based background checks of federal records for employment and licensing purposes.
H.801  HD.1747 An Act relative to areas of critical enviromental concern. .
H.804  HD.350 An Act establishing a snowmobile educational safety program. _______________
H.822  HD.3766 An Act to Create a World Class Park System.
H.825  HD.1400 An Act to establish the water infrastructure finance commission.
H.847  HD.2945 An Act exempting towns from certain fees.
S.872  SD.1261 An Act to Prohibit Mandatory Overtime for the Health Care Workforce.
H.881  HD.928 An Act eliminating the need for medical reauthorization for coverage of nonprescription enteral formula.
H.888  HD.739 An Act relative to an appeal process of motor vehicle insurance surcharges under managed competition.
H.889  HD.2923 An Act relative to savings bank life insurance.
S.896  SD.1681 An Act relative to women’s health and cancer recovery.
H.910  HD.1012 An Act to provide coverage for hearing aids for children.
S.913  SD.173 An Act relative to an unloaded rifle or shotgun.
S.918  SD.212 An Act relative to missing persons.
S.919  SD.216 An Act reducing firearm license application fees.
S.920  SD.217 An Act further regulating the issuance of firearm identification cards and licenses to carry firearms.
S.922  SD.231 An Act to include call/volunteer firefighters on the Massachusetts fire training council.
S.923  SD.232 An Act to include call/volunteer firefighters on the fire service commission.
S.926  SD.259 An Act relative to certain ammunition.
S.927  SD.264 An Act relative to the lawful sale of ammunition.
H.941  HD.1797 An Act to improve access to child and adolescent mental health services.
S.996  SD.1158 An Act regarding uniform police identifications cards.
S.1008  SD.165 An Act relative to a retirement buy back from the Worcester County retirement system.
S.1009  SD.178 An Act relative to a retirement buy back from the Massachusetts teachers' retirement system.
S.1010  SD.184 An Act relative to providing a sick leave allowance to employees of the department of mental retardation upon retirement.
S.1013  SD.227 An Act relative to providing the next of kin of a state police officer killed in the line of duty with a flag during the memorial service.
S.1014  SD.229 An Act to authorize group insurance for volunteer firefighters.
S.1015  SD.230 An Act relative to death benefits to surviving spouses of firefighters and to other emergency personnel.
S.1016  SD.233 An Act to include fire districts in the massachusetts retirement system.
H.1032  HD.2070 An Act to include fluoride varnish service in all health insurance coverage in the commonwealth.
S.1038  SD.1458 An Act to include dental benefits in all Commonwealth Care Plans.
S.1048  SD.1398 An Act accommodating personal care attendants without a workplace site.
S.1055  SD.1485 An Act Relative to Retirement group classification of employees of water departments, water districts, sewer departments, sewer districts, water and sewer departments and districts, and wastewater facilities.
H.1096  HD.3684 An Act Relative to Primary Stroke Designation Hospitals.
H.1100  HD.2060 An Act relative to equitable dental reimbursement rates for services provided to publicly aided patients.
H.1101  HD.2073 An Act to include dental benefits in all commonwealth care plans.
H.1102  HD.2095 An Act relative to health care affordability.
H.1148  HD.4351 An Act relative to the treatment of chronic Lyme disease.
H.1161  HD.4346 An Act Establishing a Sick Leave Bank for Crystal Pollack.
H.1232  HD.1191 An Act to protect tenants in foreclosed properties from evictions.
S.1239  SD.1278 An Act to create the community development partnership program.
H.1243  HD.542 An Act creating smoke free elderly housing units in the commonwealth.
H.1247  HD.3816 An Act Relative to Assistant Clerks of the District Court.
S.1261  SD.472 An Act establishing a woody biomass tax credit.
S.1271  SD.1634 An Act establishing a municipal gas tax exemption.
S.1273  SD.1650 An Act relative to the senior circuit breaker tax credit.
H.1311  HD.911 An Act regarding breaking and entering of a firearm retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer.
H.1319  HD.1238 An Act to Protect Animals in Domestic Violence Cases.
S.1397  SD.169 An Act allowing the town of ware to sell the old council on aging building and its property at an auction.
H.1400  HD.600 An Act relative to shared parenting.
S.1402  SD.246 An Act authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to lease certain land in the town of Spencer to the Worcester County 4H Center.
H.1416  HD.2437 An Act relative to the authority of the Disabled Persons Protection Commission to seek restraining orders.
H.1424  HD.2913 An Act relative to justices of the peace.
H.1466  HD.3465 An Act relative to the sale of dogfighting paraphernalia.
S.1486  SD.289 An Act Relative to Tampering with Water Company Meters.
S.1487  SD.294 An Act to Reinstate the Clean Environment Fund.
S.1488  SD.303 An Act Relative to Water Meter Testing Fees.
H.1510  HD.3480 An Act to establish a temporary moratorium on foreclosures in the Commonwealth.
H.1523  HD.481 An Act relating to comprehensive protection from childhood sexual abuse.
S.1559  SD.502 An Act to protect and enhance the rights of child and adult victims and witnesses of crime.
S.1571  SD.190 An Act relative to increasing the civil fines and financial responsibilities and criminal penalties of motorists who violate the right of way of other motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and/or pedestrians, resulting in serious bodily injury and/or death.
S.1573  SD.204 An Act increasing the penalty for motor vehicle homicide.
S.1575  SD.224 An Act designating the East Brookfield District Courthouse as the Francis H. George Courthouse.
S.1576  SD.240 An Act punishing the failure to report certain fires.
S.1580  SD.252 An Act relative to the common defense.
H.1673  HD.3198 An Act relative to the punishment for the murder of a police officer.
S.1687  SD.389 An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes.
H.1691  HD.2888 An Act relating to homesteads.
H.1692  HD.2910 An Act relating to administration of small estates.
S.1693  SD.1627 An Act further regulating sex offender registration.
S.1694  SD.1978 An Act relative to victims rights.
S.1697  SD.1499 An Act Relative to Police Pursuits in the Commonwealth.
H.1728  HD.431 An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes.
H.1729  HD.3209 An Act to Amend the Foreclosure Statute to Require Judicial Foreclosure.
H.1730  HD.2749 An Act Increasing the Penalty for Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.
H.1745  HD.3877 An Act updating the public health laws.
H.1746  HD.3885 An Act relative to consent and counseling for certain minors.
H.1747  HD.3900 An Act Relative to Housing Discrimination Against Victims of Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual Assault and Stalking.
S.1756  SD.1240 An Act relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
H.1763  HD.867 An Act regulating marijuana possession in schools, businesses and public locations.
H.1785  HD.3352 An Act relative to the determination of alimony payments.
H.1794  HD.385 An Act to prohibit restrictive employment covenants
H.1797  HD.878 An Act Establishing A Temporary Worker's Right To Know.
H.1815  HD.1726 An Act establishing paid sick days.
S.1825  SD.1110 An Act clarifying ambiguities relative to Question 2.
S.1870  SD.1292 An Act relating to the treatment of elephants.
H.1880  HD.1299 An Act further defining comparable work.
S.1886  SD.171 An Act relative to placing the word "veteran" on any eligible driver's license.
S.1891  SD.202 An Act further regulating the sale of distinctive registration plates for veterans.
S.1893  SD.211 An Act relative to the clarification for the definition, testing regulations, and enforcement of motorcycle sound emissions.
S.1894  SD.218 An Act relative to assuring that motorcyclists between the ages of 16 and 18 are provided with adequate education relative to the proper safety and operation of a motorcycle.
S.1895  SD.228 An Act to authorize firefighter motorcycle license plates.
S.1896  SD.236 An Act to clarify farm plates.
S.1913  SD.2036 An Act relative to license renewal notifications.
H.1926  HD.906 An Act improving access to rehabilitation counseling.
S.1934  SD.1555 An Act to promote and and advance motorcycle safety.
H.1938  HD.2555 An Act relative to the civil commitment of women for alcoholism and substance abuse to MCI Framingham.
S.1957  SD.1833 An Act relative to regional transit authorities.
S.1967  SD.813 An Act to enhance the license plate system of the Commonwealth
H.1977  HD.2710 An Act relative to at risk dogs.
H.1988  HD.535 An Act to simplify the rules for use of municipal departmental revolving funds.
H.1989  HD.536 An Act to improve municipal borrowing procedures.
H.1990  HD.540 An Act relative to municipal stabilization funds.
H.1991  HD.541 An Act promoting regionalism and efficient government.
H.1992  HD.543 An Act facilitating the formation of statewide mutual aid agreements for public works agencies.
H.1999  HD.2056 An Act relative to wind energy.
S.2017  SD.221 An Act relative to standards for protective headgear for operators or passengers on motorcycles.
S.2034  SD.2094 An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Barre as the Howard W. Dahart Memorial Bridge.
H.2060  HD.2681 An Act relative to optometrists scope of practice.
S.2063  SD.2128 An Act authorizing the town of Templeton to grant an additional license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages to be drunk off the premises.
H.2080  HD.1708 An Act relative to a board of registration in midwifery.
H.2082  HD.1731 An Act relative to nurse anesthetists.
H.2090  HD.630 An Act to develop a pilot program for unused prescription medication disposal.
H.2093  HD.648 An Act relative to the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities.
S.2113  SD.2175 An Act protecting lakes and ponds.
H.2127  HD.852 An Act to establish the Massachusetts Health Care Trust .
S.2137  SD.2189 An Act relative to regional transit authorities.
H.2139  HD.3936 An Act to reduce Healthcare - associated infections. .
H.2150  HD.2025 An Act Eliminating Age Discrimination In The MassHealth Program.
H.2160  HD.3216 An Act to regulate the medical use of marijuana by patients approved by physicians and certified by the department of public health.
S.2186  SD.2286 An Act relative to news carriers.
H.2209  HD.292 An Act relative to the University of Massachusetts police department.
H.2211  HD.303 An Act relative to a fire equipment grant program.
S.2231  SD.2341 An Act relative to payment for services rendered for extraordinary storm damage in the town of Templeton.
H.2234  HD.3574 An Act for the Protection of Gaming Officials.
S.2243  SD.2298 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Lila Kate Smith, an Employee of the Department of Developmental Services.
H.2259  HD.2072 An Act relative to civil rights and public safety.
H.2296  HD.1589 An Act to increase the homeland security of the commonwealth by merging the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority police department into the department of state police.
S.2409  SD.2151 An Act relative to trenches on private property.
S.2410  SD.2470 An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Barre as the Purple Heart Bridge.
S.2412  SD.2489 An Act relative to the survivor benefits of Michael J. Simeone.
H.2434  HD.1908 An Act relative to cost of living adjustments .
H.2485  HD.242 An Act relative to pension reform.
H.2486  HD.243 An Act to clarify creditable service for sabbatical leaves .
H.2487  HD.244 An Act relative to cost of living adjustments for retired public employees of the Commonwealth. .
H.2489  HD.418 AN ACT expanding benefits available to municipalities with membership in the Group Insurance Commission.
H.2561  HD.3322 An Act relative to pension reform
H.2592  HD.1410 An Act relative to investment in companies doing business in Burma.
H.2602  HD.2916 An Act relative to clarifying the application of the heart bill.
H.2610  HD.2893 An Act to Accommodate Personal Care Attendants without a Workplace Site.
H.2665  HD.1288 An Act to authorize the human resources division to undertake a study of the state's job classification system.
H.2706  HD.1387 An Act relative to the distribution of farm produce to needy persons.
H.2717  HD.3007 An Act Establishing an Organ Donation Registration Fund.
H.2719  HD.914 An Act Providing For A Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Exemption For Purple Heart Receipients
H.2863  HD.1010 An Act regarding recreation lands .
H.2906  HD.2127 An Act to provide a hearing aid tax credit.
H.3001  HD.415 An Act to promote municipal efficiency and innovation through regional collaboration.
H.3067  HD.1695 An Act relative to the safety and protection of utility work and construction sites.
H.3087  HD.2179 An Act relative to the establishment of municipal lighting authorities.
H.3190  HD.924 An Act Relative To Distinctive Bronze Star Motor Vehicle Plates
H.3242  HD.369 An Act relative to the Airport Safety and Maintenance Program.
H.3243  HD.372 An Act relative to state purchasing power for private airports.
H.3244  HD.374 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission Capital Expenditure Program.
H.3245  HD.773 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission Operating Budget .
H.3261  HD.1102 An Act establishing a snowmobile educational safety program.
H.3293  HD.3795 An Act providing for registration of vintage snowmobiles .
H.3404  HD.1363 An Act protecting graves of veterans.
H.3417  HD.902 An Act relative to increasing the personal needs allowance.
H.3423  HD.1372 An Act to bring child support home.
H.3434  HD.1266 An Act relative to providing health education in schools.
H.3438  HD.1398 An Act to protect the natural resources of the Commonwealth.
H.3453  HD.1361 An Act establishing the Massachusetts childhood vaccine program and the Massachusetts immunization registry.
H.3477  HD.1152 An Act to protect farm viability.
H.3486  HD.1073 An Act relative to savings, reforms and revenues for cities and towns .
H.3488  HD.1371 An Act relative to reducing property taxes for seniors.
H.3507  HD.1197 An Act authorizing the commissioner of the division of capital asset management and maintenance to convey land in Agawam to United Veterans of America, Inc. for the purpose of veterans' housing.
H.3523  HD.1260 An Act to reform CORI, restore economic opportunity, and improve public safety.
H.3528  HD.1325 An Act relative to protecting children from exploitation.
H.3533  HD.1253 An Act to Restore Enforcement of Civil Rights.
H.3586  HD.1439 An Act for coordination of children's mental health care services
H.3598  HD.2143 An Act to provide coverage for hearing aids.
H.3600  HD.1416 An Act relative to the Architectural Access Board.
H.3645  HD.2757 An Act Relative to Cueing and Supervision in the PCA Program.
H.3703  HD.2782 An Act relative to the regulation of animal shelters.
H.3730  HD.2698 An Act Campus Police Officer Powers .
H.3776  HD.2775 An Act relating to emergency protective orders.
H.3804  HD.1180 An Act addressing bullying of children with autism spectrum disorder.
H.3809  HD.984 An Act relative to insurance coverage for autism.
H.3844  HD.1097 An Act establishing an autism license plate.
H.3846  HD.3804 An Act relative to municipal emergency disaster relief payments.
H.3902  HD.4217 An Act establishing the Massachusetts Student Loan Authority.
H.3912  HD.900 An Act relative to patient safety.
H.3923  HD.4205 An Act establishing the Alzheimer's State Plan Commission.
H.3955  HD.4073 An Act relative to certain endowment funds in private institutions of higher learning.
H.4036  HD.4167 An Act to preserve historic markers.
H.4326  HD.4641 An Act Relative to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
H.4327  HD.4643 An Act Relative to a Public Hearing in the Town of Southbridge.
H.4429  HD.4769 An Act Relative to Recreation Officers Within the Department of Correction.
H.4465  HD.4682 An Act to Protect Conservation Lands.
H.4513  HD.4323 An Act creating a rate methodology for Critical Access Hospitals.
H.4527  HD.4850 An Act Relative to Repeat Domestic Violence Offenders.
H.4529  HD.4871 An Act further defining the dissemination of obscene material.
H.4531  HD.4818 An Act Relative to Real Estate Tax Exemptions of Certain Veterans.
H.4573  HD.4879 An Act to Establish a Sick Leave Bank for Frances Bonnayer.
H.4730  HD.4869 An Act restricting use and connection of automatic dialing-announcing devices.
H.1251  HD.2853 An Act Relative to Justices of the Peace. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.