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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Garrett J. Bradley Served 2001 - 2016 Democrat - 3rd Plymouth

Photo of  Garrett J. Bradley

State House

District Office

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.123  HD.294 An Act bettering the lives of youth who age out of the care of the Commonwealth.
H.228  HD.189 An Act creating a civil legal action to be enforced by the Attorney General of the Commonwealth to protect an individuals right to repair an automobile.
H.229  HD.291 An Act further regulating door to door sales.
H.354  HD.270 An Act Relative to Chapter 70.
H.355  HD.293 An Act raising the compulsory attendance age to 18.
H.356  HD.368 An Act relative to dismissal of teachers.
H.532  HD.295 An Act relative to Prescription Advantage, so-called.
H.558  HD.216 An Act Relative to Election Day Registration.
H.559  HD.220 An Act to protect the integrity of initiative and referendum petitions.
H.560  HD.223 An Act relative to campaign finance.
H.561  HD.733 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution to provide for absentee voting by any voter
H.624  HD.238 An Act relative to the Home of the Brave.
H.698  HD.230 An Act promoting the establishment and use of electric vehicle charging stations.
H.699  HD.297 An Act relative to water management.
H.700  HD.3698 An Act further regulating the Pesticide Control Act.
H.861  HD.182 An Act to repeal no fault motor vehicle insurance.
H.862  HD.183 An Act relative to requiring insurance for Taxicabs and commercial vehicles .
H.863  HD.184 An Act relative to certain Medical Examinations.
H.864  HD.185 An Act relative to liquor legal liability insurance.
H.865  HD.366 An Act relative to mental health insurance.
H.866  HD.367 An Act relative to the renewal of insurance policies.
H.867  HD.1204 An Act To Correct Uninsured Motorist Coverage Anomaly For Listed Operators.
H.868  HD.3124 An Act Calling for the Accountability of the Commissioner of Insurance by Converting the Position to an Elected Office.
H.869  HD.3169 An Act To Protect Consumers In the Issuance of Automobile Insurance Policies and Bonds.
H.870  HD.3254 An Act Relative to Uninsured Motorist Coverage.
H.871  HD.3256 An Act relative to Uninsured Motorist Coverage Benefits.
H.1108  HD.3572 An Act providing free tuition to firefighters at State Universities.
H.1132  HD.4322 An Act authorizing the town of Cohasset to use a certain parcel of water supply land for general municipal purposes.
H.1179  HD.190 An Act Promoting Sustainable Development in Affordable Housing
H.1180  HD.192 An Act Promoting Community Responsibility
H.1181  HD.298 An Act providing for nonsmoking units in elderly housing.
H.1182  HD.483 An Act Further Defining Low and Moderate income housing.
H.1183  HD.492 An Act relative to low and moderate income housing.
H.1184  HD.498 An Act relative to Chapter 40B housing, so called.
H.1185  HD.503 An Act requiring entrance deposits and monthly fees in senior housing be considered as rental housing units.
H.1186  HD.525 An Act making chapter 40B, so called, more responsive to the Commonwealth's cities and towns.
H.1187  HD.549 An Act increasing affordable housing in 40B developments, so called.
H.1188  HD.559 An Act standardizing zoning appeals processes.
H.1189  HD.615 An Act relative to accessory apartments.
H.1190  HD.634 An Act providing for a moratorium on 40B, so called.
H.1191  HD.1089 An Act amending the definition of 'uneconomic' in chapter 40B, so called.
H.1288  HD.181 An Act relative to the licensure of court reporters .
H.1289  HD.320 An Act relative to the admissibility of office of alcohol testing records.
H.1290  HD.321 An Act relative to breathalyzer test certificates.
H.1291  HD.370 An Act relative to Level 3 sex offenders residing near schools.
H.1292  HD.517 An Act providing for the issuance of certain restraining orders.
H.1293  HD.545 An Act prohibiting defendants from concealing faces in court.
H.1294  HD.612 An Act relative to small claims procedures.
H.1295  HD.3021 An Act relative to the reporting of abandoned property.
H.1793  HD.290 An Act relative to illegal imigration.
H.2021  HD.667 An Act relative to food allergens.
H.2022  HD.1140 An Act requiring the reporting of Autism by persons examining or treating such disease.
H.2023  HD.1292 An Act further regulating early childhood immunizations. .
H.2199  HD.3156 An Act relative to seat belts on school buses.
H.2200  HD.3567 An Act relative to emergency medical care .
H.2321  HD.642 An Act authorizing the teachers' retirement system to grant credible service to Maribeth Ahearn.
H.2322  HD.2206 An Act Relative to Joseph Boudreau's State Police pension.
H.2323  HD.2376 An Act relative to nursing home liability insurance.
H.2324  HD.2399 An Act relative to creditable service for veterans retired for accidental disability.
H.2325  HD.3565 An Act relative to the retirement of firefighters.
H.2695  HD.453 An Act relative to the promotion of ethanol based gas pumps.
H.2696  HD.458 An Act relative to real property tax exemptions.
H.2697  HD.459 An Act relative to the property tax deferral program.
H.2698  HD.1345 An Act relative to certain abatements.
H.2699  HD.1540 An Act relative to certain r eal estate tax abatements.
H.2963  HD.373 An Act establishing the Massachusetts Medal of Liberty.
H.2964  HD.2891 An Act relative to interest on retainage.
H.3062  HD.3126 An Act to enhance the clean environment and protect water resources.
H.3140  HD.2921 An Act relative to the appointment of members to the Asian Commission.
H.3172  HD.471 An Act relative to changes of rates and scheduling changes by commuter boats.
H.3173  HD.2317 An Act relative to the rules of the road.
H.3174  HD.2319 An Act relative to workers on certain commuter rail operations.
H.3175  HD.2353 An Act relative to drivers education.
H.3176  HD.3088 An Act relative to Special License Plates for Certain Military Personnel.
H.3374  HD.1504 An Act relative to hunting licenses. .
H.3375  HD.3054 An Act relative to the Vietnam War Bonus.
H.3448  HD.375 An Act relative to home owners insurance.
H.3454  HD.566 An Act providing tax credits for the construction of affordable housing.
H.3455  HD.832
H.3650  HD.2816 An Act relative to appropriations for the Massachusetts State Lottery.
H.3666  HD.2547 An Act relative to the use of buildings and park land in the town of Hull for development purposes.
H.3667  HD.2634 An Act providing for the preservation and improvement of land, parks, safety, and clean energy in the Commonwealth.
H.3668  HD.2727 An Act allowing the Water Pollution Abatement Trust Authority to provide incentives relative to economic stimulus funding.
H.3677  HD.3145 An Act to Clarify the Terms of Motor Vehicle Liability Bonds and Policies.
H.3767  HD.2665 An Act relative to abandoned property.
H.3887  HD.4044 An Act relative to nursing home liability insurance.
H.3989  HD.4042 An Act relative to court proceedings.
H.4016  HD.4043 An Act relative to driver education.
H.4017  HD.4045 An Act relative to the rules of the road.
H.4235  HD.4547 An Act relative to the Welcome Home Bill.
H.4268  HD.4616 An Act authorizing the town of Hingham to grant an additional license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages to be drunk on premises.
H.4322  HD.2273 An Act authorizing the town of Cohasset to grant certain interests in land.
H.4610  HD.4901 An Act establishing a consolidated regional public safety communications/dispatch center in the towns of Cohasset, Hingham, Hull and Norwell.
H.4714  HD.5029 An Act authorizing the town of Hingham to designate a check off box on its tax bills.
H.4757  HD.4877 An act authorizing a ground lease of land owned by the Department of Conservation and Recreation for conservation and recreation purposes in the town of Hingham.
H.4758  HD.4705 An Act Relative to Enhancing Municipal Revenue.
H.4779  HD.5030 An Act Relative to the Certification of Hull Public Library.
H.4945  HD.5129 An Act relative to sewer and water service in the Town of Hingham.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.