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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Kay Khan Democrat - 11th Middlesex

Photo of  Kay Khan

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 167
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-2230
Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.23  SD.2003 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution of the Commonwealth relative to the subject matter of initiative petitions
S.24  SD.1491 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution providing for the abolition of the Governor's Council
S.31  SD.1452 An Act relative to equitable reimbursement rates for services provided to publicly assisted patients.
S.32  SD.614 An Act relative to safety in day care facilities.
S.36  SD.1688 An Act to bring child support home.
S.37  SD.607 An Act Relative to Workers’ Pathways to Self Sufficiency
S.38  SD.1635 An Act Removing Barriers to Financial Stability and Asset Development for Low to Moderate Income Families
S.39  SD.1376 An Act to Assure Continuity of Health Coverage for Children.
S.43  SD.892 An Act to prevent homelessness among recipients of transitional assistance.
S.54  SD.1413 An Act ensuring access to basic health care for children and young adults.
S.58  SD.515 An Act relating to anti-human trafficking and protection.
S.59  SD.1480 An Act to assist families care for elders.
S.68  SD.903 An Act regarding families and children engaged in services.
S.81  SD.1882 An Act relative to the rights of children in juvenile justice systems.
S.82  SD.124 An Act protecting and improving the Emergency Aid to the Elderly, Disabled and Children (EAEDC) program.
S.90  SD.991 An Act to sustain community preservation.
H.152  HD.997 An Act regarding spouses as caregivers.
H.153  HD.1040 An Act to support and increase the number of qualified providers of intensive intervention providers for children with autism spectrum disorders.
S.157  SD.542 An Act prohibiting the sale of lottery tickets on credit.
H.164  HD.2934 An Act relative to job opportunities for people with disabilities.
H.169  HD.3938 An Act to Prevent Homelessness among recipients of transitional assistance. .
H.171  HD.2508 An Act To Protect And Improve Emergency Aid to Elderly Disabled and Children (EAEDC) Program.
H.175  HD.1245 An Act ensuring equal access to services for all residents of the Commonwealth.
S.176  SD.983 An Act Authorizing the Direct Shipment of Wine.
H.177  HD.3949 An Act creating a means for tracking the unmet need of individuals with developmental disabilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
H.182  HD.2281 An Act creating a special commission on behavior modification.
H.183  HD.2294 An Act relative to level IV treatment interventions.
H.188  HD.3905 An Act to Assure Continuity of Health Coverage for Children.
S.196  SD.1747 An Act to Establish a Sales Tax Holiday.
H.199  HD.731
S.200  SD.452 By Mr. Pacheco, a petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 200) of Marc R. Pacheco, Byron Rushing, Harriette L. Chandler, Kay Khan and other members of the General Court for legislation to clarify and enhance privacy protections for electronic health records. Economic Development and Emerging Technologies.
S.222  SD.897 An Act to maintain short term objectives for students with disabilities.
S.223  SD.904 An Act to improve augmentative and alternative communication opportunities for children with disabilities.
S.227  SD.921 An Act to Provide Fair Process for Students with Disabilities.
H.231  HD.3406 An Act to reduce unwanted communication from creditors to protect the peace and privacy of residents.
S.237  SD.489 An Act Relative to Data Collection for Charter Schools.
H.257  HD.3260 An Act Relative to Exempting Home Appliance Service and Repair Technicians from Certain Provisions of the Massachusetts Plumbing Code.
S.259  SD.1258 An Act Providing Chapter 70 Accountability for Adequate Access to School Nursing.
H.267  HD.728 An Act relative to rebate reform and consumer protection.
S.278  SD.1968 An Act to fulfill the promise of education reform: adequate funding for student success.
S.306  SD.348 An Act creating a special commission on institutional long term care services
S.307  SD.353 An Act relative to cueing and supervision in the personal care attendant program.
S.318  SD.1187 An Act to Prevent Falls Among Older Adults
S.323  SD.852 An Act relative to dementia special care units in long-term care facilities.
S.341  SD.1995 An Act to Establish Election Day Registration.
H.341  HD.1166 An Act Providing for the Creation of a Special Commission Relative to the Impact on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts of the International Trade and Investment Agreements.
S.348  SD.2009 An Act Ensuring the Freedom to Vote in the Commonwealth.
S.366  SD.1952 An Act to Regulate the Use of Off Highway and Recreation Vehicles.
S.391  SD.1001 An Act establishing a 0% interest program for the state revolving loan fund for water and sewer projects and establishing 3:1 leveraging for such projects.
S.395  SD.293 An Act Relative to the responsible reduction in the use of plastic bags
S.396  SD.296 An Act protecting the natural resources of the Commonwealth
S.404  SD.1846 An Act Relative to the Reduction of Particulate Emissions From Diesel Engines.
H.407  HD.2362 An Act establishing a financial literacy curriculum.
H.410  HD.1823 An Act requiring instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of automatic external defibrillators for high school graduation.
S.429  SD.720 An Act establishing a lead service replacement program.
S.430  SD.729 An Act establishing a lead service replacement program - municipal reimbursement.
S.442  SD.1912 An Act for a competitive economy through safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.
H.461  HD.2343 An Act to expand access to the MCAS appeals process.
S.461  SD.1782 An Act relative to an appeal process of insurance premium surcharges under managed competition.
S.463  SD.1451 An Act to include fluoride varnish in all health insurance coverage in the Commonwealth.
S.466  SD.1014 An Act relative to holocaust victims insurance relief.
H.470  HD.3355 An Act Establishing a School Counseling Leadership Pilot Project to Accelerate College and Career Readiness in Massachusetts Public Schools.
H.471  HD.3364 An Act to Assure College and Career Readiness through Six-Year Career Plans for all Massachusetts Public School Students.
H.482  HD.3079 An Act requiring school districts to adopt a certain health program.
H.486  HD.2580 An Act Relative to Enhancing English Opportunities For All Students in the Commonwealth .
H.487  HD.2295 An Act to provide equal opportunities for special education.
H.494  HD.2573 An Act relating to improving quality in early education and care by family child care providers.
H.500  HD.333 An Act relative to student privacy.
H.514  HD.2306 An Act to Create 21st Century Classrooms.
S.537  SD.1677 An Act To Assure Equitable Heath Coverage For All Children.
S.543  SD.392 An Act regarding MassHealth applications.
S.544  SD.393 An Act eliminating age discrimination in the MassHealth program.
S.549  SD.1463 An Act Relative to Health Care Affordability .
S.563  SD.1226 An Act to Provide Coverage for Tobacco Use Cessation Under Commonwealth Care
H.564  HD.3223 An Act establishing a task force on election day registration.
S.567  SD.1257 An Act Relative to the Hemophilia Advisory Committee
S.569  SD.1663 An Act to Support Primary Care Recruitment by Community Hospitals.
H.576  HD.421 An Act to establish election day registration.
H.603  HD.4313 An Act to create a silver alert program to protect seniors.
H.605  HD.4249 An Act protecting school children from environmental toxins.
H.619  HD.4292 An Act relative to municipal relief.
S.624  SD.429 An Act relative to public housing reform.
H.624  HD.238 An Act relative to the Home of the Brave.
S.627  SD.1497 An Act relative to housing rights for victims of domestic violence.
S.631  SD.292 An Act to increase recycling by landlords and tenants.
S.634  SD.924 An Act Relative to Community Preservation Act Expenditures to Provide Housing for Low and Moderate Income Community Residents.
S.635  SD.927 An Act Relative to Creating a Statutory Housing Restriction and Providing Remedies Related To Statutory Housing. .
H.649  HD.410 An Act to ensure secure voting equipment.
H.651  HD.3781 An Act ensuring the freedom to vote in the Commonwealth.
H.652  HD.3787 An Act to provide for audits of election results .
H.660  HD.2035 An Act relative to the agreement among states to elect the President by national popular vote.
H.662  HD.3331 An Act relative to unaffiliated voters.
H.664  HD.3367 An Act Establishing an Independent Redistricting Commission and Criteria for Redistricting for House, Senate, and Councillor Districts.
S.666  SD.1309 An Act Preserving Publicly Assisted Affordable Housing.
H.672  HD.1329 An Act enabling cities and towns to extend voting rights in municipal elections to certain noncitizens of the Commonwealth.
S.673  SD.1619 An Act to establish employment leave and safety remedies to victims of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault.
S.680  SD.1561 An Act Establishing a Temporary Workers Right To Know.
H.683  HD.3895 An Act Relative to Pre-Registration of Voters.
S.684  SD.1721 An Act relative to contract compliance with homeland security.
S.688  SD.624 An Act establishing paid sick days.
S.689  SD.687 An Act further defining comparable work.
S.698  SD.1894 An Act relative to modernizing and protecting the unemployment insurance system.
H.731  HD.1879 An Act to limit outdoor night lighting, conserve energy, and reduce light pollution.
S.737  SD.503 An Act relative to preventing the use of the narcotic known as ecstasy or methylenedioxymethamphetamine.
S.738  SD.1633 An Act to establish a public guardianship commission.
S.748  SD.56 An Act relative to the civil commitment for alcoholism or substance abuse at certain facilities.
H.755  HD.364 An Act to prevent the use of the most dangerous pesticides.
H.757  HD.3093 An Act for a competitive economy through safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.
S.757  SD.905 An Act relative to children's mental health clinicians.
S.759  SD.474 An Act relative to substance addiction treatment.
S.765  SD.1552 An Act relative to land use.
H.774  HD.1129 An Act authorizing the establishment of old growth forest reserves.
H.775  HD.1135 An Act amending the conservation restrictions and agricultural preservation statutes.
H.779  HD.434 An Act to support the infiltration/inflow financial assistance program.
S.783  SD.970 An Act Relative to Community Planning.
H.798  HD.2223 An Act relative to decreasing environmental hazards, toxins, and litter
S.802  SD.1285 An Act to direct tobacco tax revenues to reduce tobacco use and its harms.
S.810  SD.1563 An Act to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in the Commonwealth.
S.811  SD.1586 An Act to establish community based grant programs to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in the Commonwealth.
S.812  SD.1592 An Act to ensure the availability of medications in time of an emergency.
S.819  SD.834 An Act Relative to Accessible Medical Equipment.
H.824  HD.3956 An Act To Require Recycling in Public Buildings.
S.837  SD.1577 An Act relative to voluntary school based influenza prevention pilot program.
S.842  SD.1356 An Act requiring automated external defibrillators in schools
S.845  SD.1178 An Act Relative to Safe Work Hours for Physicians in Training and Protection of Patients
S.847  SD.1180 An Act Relative to a Board of Midwifery
S.858  SD.1211 An Act Relative to the Health Disparities Council
S.860  SD.1219 An Act relative to home health aides
S.872  SD.1261 An Act to Prohibit Mandatory Overtime for the Health Care Workforce.
S.873  SD.1267 An Act Strengthening Health Reform.
S.876  SD.1673 An Act to Promote the Nursing Profession and Promote Safe Patient Care.
H.877  HD.478 An Act to establish consumer choice in automobile insurance .
H.888  HD.739 An Act relative to an appeal process of motor vehicle insurance surcharges under managed competition.
H.890  HD.1070 An Act to Provide Coverage for Tobacco Use Cessation Under Commonwealth Care.
S.897  SD.680 An Act encouraging organ donation
H.898  HD.2951 An Act relative to diagnostic screening for prostate cancer. .
S.903  SD.1161 An Act further regulating tanning facilities.
S.909  SD.1340 An Act reducing medication errors in the Commonwealth .
H.915  HD.3709 An Act relative to coverage and standards of treatment of persons with bleeding disorders.
S.918  SD.212 An Act relative to missing persons.
H.932  HD.3447 An Act Relative to the treatment of cleft palate and cleft lip.
S.933  SD.1670 An Act Regarding the Prevention of Illegal Trafficking and Gun Violence Among Youth in the Commonwealth.
S.936  SD.1748 An Act relative to training for law enforcement in dealing with individuals suffering from mental illness.
S.937  SD.1779 An Act relative to medical examinations in correctional facilities.
S.938  SD.1803 An Act relative to preventing illegal trafficking of firearms.
S.961  SD.1565 An Act to improve safety in high-rise buildings.
H.1031  HD.3944 An Act Relative to providing insurance coverage for magnetic resonance imaging for certain persons.
H.1032  HD.2070 An Act to include fluoride varnish service in all health insurance coverage in the commonwealth.
S.1038  SD.1458 An Act to include dental benefits in all Commonwealth Care Plans.
S.1048  SD.1398 An Act accommodating personal care attendants without a workplace site.
H.1084  HD.1227 An Act relative to shared responsibility in health reform.
H.1087  HD.1077 An Act to ensure equitable health coverage for all children.
S.1095  SD.144 An Act relative to credible service for school nurses.
H.1095  HD.2209 An Act creating a special commission on institutional long term care services.
H.1100  HD.2060 An Act relative to equitable dental reimbursement rates for services provided to publicly aided patients.
H.1101  HD.2073 An Act to include dental benefits in all commonwealth care plans.
H.1102  HD.2095 An Act relative to health care affordability.
H.1103  HD.2155 An Act requiring public notice prior to restricting Masshealth coverage.
H.1157  HD.4254 An Act relative to the purchase of flags in the Commonwealth.
H.1175  HD.3189 An Act to promote educational parity within institutions of higher learning .
H.1220  HD.1687 An Act relative to energy efficiency in affordable housing.
H.1221  HD.1690 An Act establishing an apprentice training program for the rehabilitation of foreclosed properties.
H.1222  HD.3596 An Act relative to community housing and services.
H.1232  HD.1191 An Act to protect tenants in foreclosed properties from evictions.
H.1235  HD.3300 An Act relative to the determination of condominium common area interest.
H.1242  HD.1198 An Act to prevent homelessness by removing barriers to subsidized housing.
S.1270  SD.1595 An Act establishing the Commonwealth Lung Cancer Early Detection and Treatment Research Fund.
H.1275  HD.1395 An Act to establish the uniform enforcement of foreign judgments.
H.1276  HD.1458 An Act relative to confinement conditions and treatment of prisoners with mental illness.
S.1278  SD.1169 An Act to increase the property tax deferral for seniors.
H.1319  HD.1238 An Act to Protect Animals in Domestic Violence Cases.
S.1379  SD.1762 An Act to Stabilize Neighborhoods.
S.1410  SD.1924 An Act relative to transparency in state revenues and expenditures.
S.1421  SD.668 An Act to provide for the public inspection of records made or received by special state police officers at educational institutions and hospitals.
S.1480  SD.1495 An Act to improve recycling rates in the commonwealth.
S.1481  SD.1518 An Act to promote energy efficient lighting, conserve energy, regulate outdoor night lighting, and reduce light pollution.
S.1487  SD.294 An Act to Reinstate the Clean Environment Fund.
S.1489  SD.943 An Act to Improve Recycling Rates in the Commonwealth Through the Convenient Location of Receptacles.
H.1510  HD.3480 An Act to establish a temporary moratorium on foreclosures in the Commonwealth.
H.1518  HD.3110 An Act relative to sentencing guidelines.
H.1520  HD.399 An Act relating to medical malpractice liability of health professionals in emergency response.
H.1522  HD.454 An Act to limit the liability of the MWRA.
S.1527  SD.1511 An Act relative to the establishment of municipal lighting authorities.
S.1546  SD.1299 An Act Relative to Energy Efficiency in Affordable Housing.
S.1559  SD.502 An Act to protect and enhance the rights of child and adult victims and witnesses of crime.
S.1611  SD.1913 An Act to relative to sexual assault and stalking restraining orders.
S.1615  SD.449 An Act relating to liability of health professionals in emergency response.
H.1651  HD.3312 An Act improving the administration of the judicial branch.
S.1651  SD.1456 An Act relative to drug mandatory minimum sentences.
H.1653  HD.3335 An Act Relating to Controlled Substances and Medical Treatment.
S.1654  SD.1538 An Act relative to punishment for the crime of domestic violence.
S.1658  SD.1636 An Act Relative to Police Search and Seizure.
S.1673  SD.1964 An Act providing protection against compelled disclosure of certain information by the news media .
S.1676  SD.1993 An Act to expand intensive parole supervision.
S.1677  SD.1997 An Act relative to sentencing laws.
S.1678  SD.1998 An Act relative to post release supervision and community reintegration.
S.1682  SD.2022 An Act Relating to School Zones.
S.1687  SD.389 An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes.
S.1688  SD.930 An Act to restore enforcement of civil rights.
S.1692  SD.1780 An Act to Clarify Penalties for Violations Occurring While Driving with a Hardship License.
H.1708  HD.1213 An Act to protect Massachusetts families through equal access to civil marriage.
H.1709  HD.1384 An Act Relative to Appeals.
H.1711  HD.1533 An Act Relative to the Reform of Archaic Laws Implicating Certain Private Consensual Intimate Conduct Between Adults.
H.1716  HD.3943
H.1717  HD.3950
H.1728  HD.431 An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes.
H.1729  HD.3209 An Act to Amend the Foreclosure Statute to Require Judicial Foreclosure.
H.1745  HD.3877 An Act updating the public health laws.
H.1746  HD.3885 An Act relative to consent and counseling for certain minors.
H.1747  HD.3900 An Act Relative to Housing Discrimination Against Victims of Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual Assault and Stalking.
H.1754  HD.3731 An Act to Reform the "School Zone" Law for Drug Offenses.
H.1755  HD.3732 An Act to Repeal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws for Drug Offenses.
S.1756  SD.1240 An Act relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
S.1789  SD.1878 An Act relative to dangerous weapons.
H.1850  HD.1526 An Act making discrimination on the basis of weight and height unlawful.
H.1861  HD.3874 An Act relative to bullying in the workplace.
H.1867  HD.2616 An Act Modernizing and Protecting the Unemployment Insurance System
H.1880  HD.1299 An Act further defining comparable work.
S.1903  SD.486 An Act relative to parking for handicapped individuals and disabled veterans.
H.1922  HD.151 An Act Establishing A Public Guardianship Commission
H.1945  HD.3935 An Act regarding rights of persons receiving services from program or facilities of the department of mental health.
H.1947  HD.1392 An Act relative to the treatment of prisoners.
H.1948  HD.1478 An Act increasing public safety by increasing access to addiction treatment.
H.1949  HD.1081 An Act providing for linguistically appropriate mental health services.
S.1957  SD.1833 An Act relative to regional transit authorities.
H.1958  HD.3346 Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to the intake procedures of the executive office of health and human services
H.2030  HD.908 An Act relative to needlestick injury prevention in public health facilities and settings.
H.2062  HD.1818 An Act Relative To Defibrillators.
H.2074  HD.3463 An Act Relative to Public Access of Private Restrooms.
H.2077  HD.304 An Act relative to access to epinephrine in schools.
H.2120  HD.1415 An Act relative to the health care of minors.
H.2127  HD.852 An Act to establish the Massachusetts Health Care Trust .
H.2137  HD.2237 An Act relative to accessible medical equipment. .
H.2139  HD.3936 An Act to reduce Healthcare - associated infections. .
H.2150  HD.2025 An Act Eliminating Age Discrimination In The MassHealth Program.
H.2152  HD.2114 An Act relative to the safe dispensing of pain management medication.
H.2153  HD.2132 An Act to require health care entities to participate in the 340B prescription drug discount program.
H.2154  HD.2138 An Act providing for health care facilities and hospice programs to return certain unused pharmaceutical drugs.
H.2155  HD.2139 An Act providing for the establishment and operation of a drug repository program.
H.2156  HD.2141 An Act providing for the establishment and operation of a cancer drug repository program.
H.2177  HD.2578 An Act amending the children’s medical security plan.
H.2185  HD.3608 An Act Ensuring Access to Life-Saving Colorectal Cancer Screenings .
H.2258  HD.658 An Act relative to the possession of firearms by people with dementia.
H.2484  HD.241 An Act relative to eligibility for state group health insurance.
H.2487  HD.244 An Act relative to cost of living adjustments for retired public employees of the Commonwealth. .
H.2515  HD.2051 An Act to define further teacher for retirement purposes.
H.2561  HD.3322 An Act relative to pension reform
H.2591  HD.1352 An Act to further regulate the right to strike of public employees.
H.2592  HD.1410 An Act relative to investment in companies doing business in Burma.
H.2601  HD.3219 An Act relative to the university of Massachusetts Boston lecturers' retirement.
H.2610  HD.2893 An Act to Accommodate Personal Care Attendants without a Workplace Site.
H.2665  HD.1288 An Act to authorize the human resources division to undertake a study of the state's job classification system.
H.2681  HD.1359 An Act relative to the taxation of telecommunication companies.
H.2682  HD.1377 An Act relative to the taxation of public land leased for commercial purposes.
H.2690  HD.2588 An Act Relative to Increasing Economic Development and Business Opportunity in the design and manufacture of Video Games Through the Use of Tax Credits.
H.2717  HD.3007 An Act Establishing an Organ Donation Registration Fund.
H.2737  HD.969 An Act relative to the calculation of income for spouses of nursing home residents.
H.2766  HD.2369 An Act to direct tobacco tax revenues to reduce tobacco use and its harms.
H.2773  HD.3951 An Act To Reduce Youth Consumption of Tobacco Products By Equalizing the Cigarette Excise.
H.2824  HD.1303 An Act relative to the taxation of public land used for commercial purposes on MBTA property.
H.2972  HD.3716 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Revenues and Expenditures Transparency Act.
H.3007  HD.2151 An Act designating the building of the State Laboratory Institute as the William A. Hinton Laboratory.
H.3023  HD.3851 An Act Recognizing Massachusetts State Parks Day.
H.3024  HD.3715
H.3057  HD.3946 An Act relative to the reinstatement of the clean environment fund.
H.3064  HD.1820 An Act to limit outdoor night lighting, conserve energy, and reduce light pollution.
H.3087  HD.2179 An Act relative to the establishment of municipal lighting authorities.
H.3092  HD.443 An Act to reestablish the former DEQE/DEP Water Meter Modernization Grant Program.
H.3125  HD.2974 An Act to expand the bottle bill.
H.3146  HD.472 An Act to create the position of poet laureate for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
H.3148  HD.3187 An Act Relative to the History of Slavery in the Commonwealth.
H.3170  HD.1181 An Act Relative to Vehicles of Visiting Nurses.
H.3233  HD.2815 An Act to Protect Children in Vehicles from Secondhand Smoke.
H.3267  HD.1283 An Act relative to the speed limit in cities and towns.
H.3326  HD.985 An Act improving the finances of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.
H.3362  HD.1203 An Act relative to historic preservation.
H.3399  HD.336 An Act relative to veterans' benefits equity.
H.3416  HD.1391 An Act to protect nursing home residents
H.3417  HD.902 An Act relative to increasing the personal needs allowance.
H.3418  HD.1242 An Act establishing a special commission on gender-responsive programming for system-involved girls.
H.3421  HD.1282 An Act to improve the personal care attendant program.
H.3423  HD.1372 An Act to bring child support home.
H.3434  HD.1266 An Act relative to providing health education in schools.
H.3435  HD.1323 An Act to help students stay in school.
H.3436  HD.1333 An Act enhancing student opportunity for achievement and results.
H.3438  HD.1398 An Act to protect the natural resources of the Commonwealth.
H.3440  HD.810 An Act relative to the reduction of particulate emissions from diesel engines.
H.3441  HD.1254 An Act protecting the Commonwealth's lakes and ponds.
H.3447  HD.1383 An Act providing for equitable coverage in disability policies.
H.3453  HD.1361 An Act establishing the Massachusetts childhood vaccine program and the Massachusetts immunization registry.
H.3460  HD.1312 An Act to enhance public safety and security in certain public housing developments.
H.3465  HD.1295 An Act improving emergency access to mental health services.
H.3493  HD.1370 An Act relative to municipal structures.
H.3494  HD.1367 An Act relative to the Open Meeting Law.
H.3515  HD.1314 An Act to improve recycling rates in the Commonwealth.
H.3523  HD.1260 An Act to reform CORI, restore economic opportunity, and improve public safety.
H.3533  HD.1253 An Act to Restore Enforcement of Civil Rights.
H.3534  HD.1273 An Act Relative to Outdated CORI.
H.3535  HD.1317 An Act to Clarify Privacy Protections for Electronic Medical Records.
H.3536  HD.1365 An Act relative to the reform of archaic laws.
H.3537  HD.1248 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to the subject matter of initiative petitions
H.3542  HD.1407 An Act regarding the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Board of Directors.
H.3547  HD.1634
H.3557  HD.1453 An Act relative to mental health benefits
H.3559  HD.1462 An Act relative to the continuity of care of mental health treatment
H.3565  HD.2189 An Act Establishing An Education Loan Repayment Program for Legislative and Committee Staff of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
H.3571  HD.1447 An Act to stabilize neighborhoods through the protection of tenants in foreclosed properties.
H.3572  HD.1502 An Act relative to land use.
H.3573  HD.1557 An Act preserving publicly assisted affordable housing.
H.3576  HD.1618 An Act excluding payments for foster care in computing rent and determining eligibility for subsidized housing. .
H.3584  HD.1420 An Act directing the Department of Mental Health to study peer run respite services.
H.3585  HD.1433 An Act pertaining to people with mental illness in hospital emergency rooms.
H.3586  HD.1439 An Act for coordination of children's mental health care services
H.3592  HD.1608 An Act relative to tick borne illnesses.
H.3600  HD.1416 An Act relative to the Architectural Access Board.
H.3645  HD.2757 An Act Relative to Cueing and Supervision in the PCA Program.
H.3660  HD.2708 An Act to improve assessment and accountability to ensure students acquire 21st century skills.
H.3665  HD.1498 An Act regarding the preparation of certain ballots in the City of Boston.
H.3689  HD.3217 An Act authorizing municipalities to protect low and moderate income tenants and units of governmentally involved housing.
H.3717  HD.2750 An Act amending the membership of the health care quality and cost council.
H.3799  HD.3583 An Act Relative to Community Preservation Act Expenditures to Provide Housing for Low and Moderate Income Community Residents .
H.3804  HD.1180 An Act addressing bullying of children with autism spectrum disorder.
H.3805  HD.1174 An Act addressing LGBT elder inclusion.
H.3809  HD.984 An Act relative to insurance coverage for autism.
H.3842  HD.3847 An Act to Improve the Collection and Analysis of Data Relative to Traffic Stops.
H.3867  HD.4126 An Act relative to automatic billing at health clubs.
H.3886  HD.4177 An Act regulating recreation and all terrain vehicles.
H.3897  HD.4141 An Act providing coverage for treatment of post-partum depression.
H.3918  HD.4125 An Act relative to food service establishments.
H.3923  HD.4205 An Act establishing the Alzheimer's State Plan Commission.
H.3999  HD.4124 An Act relative to the donations of leftover food by restaurants and cafeterias.
H.4000  HD.4129 An Act relative to farmers markets.
H.4013  HD.4149 An Act relative to the establishment of cultural districts.
H.4239  HD.4307 An Act reclassifying a position by the Newton retirement board.
H.4258  HD.3985 An Act strengthening health reform .
H.4528  HD.4873 An Act to Prohibit the Electronic Transmission of Harmful Material to Minors.
H.4699  HD.4948 An Act Relative to Natural Gas Leaks.
H.4730  HD.4869 An Act restricting use and connection of automatic dialing-announcing devices.
H.4857  HD.5101 An Act Relative to Corporate Political Accountability.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.