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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Michael S. Day Democrat - 31st Middlesex

Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  HD.1618 An Act establishing a right to counsel in certain eviction cases
  HD.1691 An Act relative to low-income housing eligibility for disabled veterans
  HD.1692 An Act honoring as veterans certain persons who served in the National Guard and Reserves
  HD.1693 An Act to protect the privacy of 911 callers
  HD.1694 An Act relative to the Energy Facilities Siting Board
  HD.1695 An Act relative to the treatment of epilepsy and seizure disorders
  HD.1696 An Act prohibiting the participation of healthcare professionals in the torture and abuse of prisoners
  HD.1697 An Act increasing certain civil penalties for unlawful possession of marijuana
  HD.1698 Resolve establishing a Special Commission to Study and Make Recommendations Relative to Chapter 40B
  HD.1699 An Act relative to automobile insurance premiums
  HD.1700 An Act relative to reasonable municipal expenses
  HD.1710 An Act relative to access to justice
  HD.1720 An Act relative to political contributions
  HD.1721 An Act to increase access to recycling
  HD.1722 An Act limiting autonomous driving capabilities to zero emission and electric vehicles
  HD.1723 An Act to promote affordable housing
  HD.1724 An Act relative to early literacy education
  HD.1725 An Act relative to non-medical switching
  HD.1726 An Act to update expungement
  HD.1732 An Act authorizing the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority to release easements upon certain real property in the town of Stoneham
  HD.1733 An Act to promote high value and evidence-based behavioral health care
  HD.1768 An Act to secure civil rights through the courts of the Commonwealth
  HD.1770 An Act relative to the security of personal financial information
  HD.1771 An Act to save recycling costs in the Commonwealth
  HD.1772 An Act relative to notices by insurance companies
  HD.1774 An Act concerning the Massachusetts probation service
  HD.1775 An Act to improve probation violation proceedings
  HD.1777 An Act to increase safety on public ways
  HD.1778 An Act regarding shared responsibility for funding of health care oversight agencies
  HD.1779 An Act to expand access to mental health services
  HD.1780 An Act relative to clarity and consistency for the Justice Reinvestment Oversight Board
  HD.1781 An Act relative to the punishment of organized retail crimes
  HD.1782 An Act to enhance driver impairment prevention
  HD.1783 An Act requiring disclosure to consumers regarding home heating oil insurance
  HD.2031 An Act exempting veterans from the standard registration fee for veterans license plates
  HD.2614 An Act to enhance, update and protect the 2013 motor vehicle right to repair law and consumer rights
  HD.2756 An Act concerning the arrest without a warrant of persons on probation and temporary custody
  HD.3263 An Act relative to protecting local retirees
  HD.1731 An Act to promote employment for people with disabilities This bill is by request. *
  HD.1748 Resolve to review, consider, and evaluate, and to establish a suitable body and/or special commission to consider climate change economic consequences This bill is by request. *
  HD.1756 for a constitutional right to health care This bill is by request. *
  HD.1758 An Act for a minimum hourly health improvement wage This bill is by request. *
  HD.1763 An Act to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety This bill is by request. *
  HD.1765 An Act for providing for the training, continuing training, and education of judges, and other legal hearing officers This bill is by request. *
  HD.1766 An Act to improve the quality of mental health services, and rights of patients, by providing for sufficient privacy This bill is by request. *
  HD.1767 An Act for environmental, and water testing requirements, and funding thereof This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.