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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Mindy Domb Democrat - 3rd Hampshire

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(413) 461-2060
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  HD.236 An Act authorizing independent retirement systems to divest from fossil fuel companies
  SD.246 An Act promoting continuity of care for multiple sclerosis treatment
  HD.260 An Act relative to the digital right to repair
  HD.266 An Act providing for timely reimbursement of cities and towns for veterans’ benefits
  HD.298 An Act to improve public safety by facilitating access to addiction services
  SD.300 An Act streamlining COVID-19 vaccination sign-up in Massachusetts
  HD.334 An Act protecting ratepayers from gas pipeline expansion costs
  HD.391 An Act increasing fair housing protections for domestic violence survivors
  HD.401 An Act relative to tourism and visitation marketing and promotion grants
  SD.411 An Act relative to gender identity on Massachusetts identification
  SD.417 An Act prohibiting the use of Native American mascots by public schools in the Commonwealth
  HD.447 An Act prohibiting discrimination based on natural hairstyles
  HD.448 An Act relative to work and family mobility during and subsequent to the COVID-19 emergency
  HD.465 An Act to address gender based price discrimination
  HD.475 An Act to ensure MassHealth rate parity for behavioral health inpatient providers
  SD.565 An Act empowering cities and towns to impose a fee on certain real estate transactions to support affordable housing
  HD.610 An Act concerning disposable menstrual products in schools
  HD.651 An Act to increase access to disposable menstrual products in prisons, homeless shelters, and public schools
  HD.663 An Act protecting internet access during the COVID-19 pandemic
  HD.672 An Act ensuring access to addiction services
  SD.699 An Act effectuating equity in COVID-19 vaccination
  HD.735 An Act establishing the Executive Office of Food Resources and Security
  HD.824 An Act relative to the Energy Facilities Siting Board
  HD.835 An Act prohibiting the participation of healthcare professionals in the torture and abuse of prisoners
  HD.878 An Act preserving access to essential health services
  HD.967 An Act to prevent wage theft, promote employer accountability, and enhance public enforcement
  HD.968 An Act ensuring equitable representation in the Commonwealth
  HD.984 An Act to provide identification to youth and adults experiencing homelessness
  SD.1040 An Act allowing spouses to serve as caregivers
  SD.1067 An Act relative to accelerating improvements to the local and regional public health system to address disparities in the delivery of public health services
  HD.1152 An Act establishing a hate crimes grant program
  HD.1158 An Act to lift kids out of deep poverty
  HD.1161 An Act relative to universal school meals
  HD.1165 An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents
  HD.1214 An Act promoting continuity of care for Multiple Sclerosis treatment
  HD.1219 An Act to ensure safety and transparency in pipeline repair
  HD.1224 An Act committing to higher education the resources to insure a strong and healthy public higher education system
  HD.1232 An Act providing for the expungement of racially restrictive covenants in recorded real property documents
  HD.1233 An Act to authorize state universities to offer clinical and professional doctorate programs
  HD.1267 An Act to protect Massachusetts pollinators
  HD.1356 An Act to promote student nutrition
  HD.1408 An Act protecting the homes of seniors and disabled people on MassHealth
  HD.1418 An Act supporting parents running for public office
  HD.1456 An Act relative to end of life options
  HD.1500 An Act to streamline access to critical public health and safety-net programs through common applications
  HD.1511 An Act relative to access to justice
  HD.1536 An Act fostering voting opportunities, trust, equity, and security
  HD.1553 An Act to save recycling costs in the commonwealth
  HD.1615 An Act improving access to dental care in the Commonwealth
  HD.1659 An Act establishing the Massachusetts rural jobs act
  HD.1685 An Act promoting local energy investment and infrastructure modernization
  HD.1701 An Act concerning public assistance for working families and the creation of a pilot program to address the impacts of the cliff effect
  HD.1706 An Act relative to recess for elementary school children
  HD.1711 An Act relative to providing health education in schools
  HD.1712 An Act relative to accelerating improvements to the local and regional public health system to address disparities in the delivery of public health services
  SD.1855 An Act responding to the COVID-19 emergency by instituting a moratorium on the administration of the MCAS test for the 2020-2021 school year
  HD.1889 An Act promoting housing opportunity and mobility through eviction sealing (HOMES)
  HD.1960 An Act providing affordable and accessible high quality early education and care to promote child development and well-being and support the economy in the Commonwealth
  HD.1972 An Act achieving a green future with infrastructure and workforce investments
  HD.2039 An Act expanding wheelchair warranty protections for consumers with disabilities
  HD.2101 An Act relative to motor vehicle leasing parity
  HD.2124 An Act to promote equitable access to parole
  HD.2269 An Act relative to the reform of unconstitutional archaic laws
  HD.2275 An Act protecting LGBTQ victims
  HD.2414 An Act relative to paid family leave coverage for quarantine
  HD.2441 An Act promoting housing stability and homelessness prevention in Massachusetts
  HD.2446 An Act relative to a just transition to clean energy
  HD.2470 An Act relative to expanding equitable access to maternal postpartum care
  HD.2656 An Act establishing Medicare for all in Massachusetts
  HD.2828 An Act to modernize participation in public meetings
  HD.2885 An Act to Eliminate Debt-based Incarceration and Suspensions
  HD.2948 An Act to ensure prescription drug cost transparency and affordability
  HD.2984 An Act to guarantee a tenant’s first right of refusal
  HD.2993 An Act relative to HIV prevention access for young adults
  HD.3030 An Act to prevent COVID-19 evictions and foreclosures and promote an equitable housing recovery
  HD.3095 An Act improving emergency housing assistance for children and families experiencing homelessness
  HD.3165 An Act to place a moratorium on high stakes testing for the duration of the COVID-19 state of emergency
  HD.3167 An Act relative to preventing overdose deaths and increasing access to treatment
  HD.3228 An Act to regulate face surveillance
  HD.3257 An Act providing for an audit of gun violence prevention and intervention funding
  HD.3260 An Act to place a moratorium on high stakes testing
  HD.3312 An Act to increase regional transit accessibility in the Commonwealth
  HD.3454 An Act relative to healthy youth
  HD.3551 An Act transitioning Massachusetts to clean electricity, heating and transportation
  HD.3552 An Act relative to eliminating gas leaks
  HD.3558 An Act to establish a digital advertising revenue commission
  HD.3645 An Act protecting survivors of domestic abuse from abusive litigation
  HD.3761 An Act to stop profiling transgender people and low-income women
  HD.3776 An Act relative to virtual meetings of appointed statewide public bodies
  HD.3980 An Act teaching anti-racism in Massachusetts schools
S.18  SD.2050 By Mr. Hinds, a petition (accompanied by proposal, Senate, No. 18) of Adam G. Hinds for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to voting rights. Election Laws.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.