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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Rebecca L. Rausch Democrat - Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex

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  SD.39 An Act modernizing access and improving laws in voting
  SD.241 An Act providing a local option for ranked choice voting in municipal elections
  SD.347 An Act authorizing the investment of trust funds benefiting the town of Sherborn library
  SD.566 An Act to promote efficiency in co-parent adoption
  SD.699 An Act effectuating equity in COVID-19 vaccination
  SD.967 An Act establishing election day as a legal holiday
  SD.968 An Act requiring disclosure of four years of tax returns to appear on a presidential primary ballot
  SD.969 An Act moving the state primary to June.
  SD.970 An Act to modernize the central registry of voters
  HD.1324 An Act authorizing the town of Natick to grant an additional license for the sale of alcoholic beverages to be drunk on the premises at 45 East Central Street
  SD.1375 An Act prohibiting the sale of dextromethorphan to minors
  SD.1378 An Act relative to early voting cost reimbursements
  SD.1379 An Act relative to consensual adolescent sexual activity
  SD.1421 An Act prohibiting body size discrimination
  SD.1422 An Act relative to consistent treatment of life estates
  SD.1423 An Act to ensure compliance with the anti-shackling law for pregnant incarcerated women
  SD.1424 An Act relative to health education in women's correctional institutions
  SD.1467 An Act providing a bill of rights for people experiencing homelessness
  SD.1499 An Act promoting community immunity
  SD.1529 An Act relative to celebrating and teaching Native American culture and history
  SD.1539 An Act promoting equality and respect in the legislature
  SD.1540 An Act expanding confidentiality protections to certain sexual assault counselors
  SD.1555 An Act providing for diaper changing stations in public buildings and accommodations
  SD.1556 An Act promoting governmental efficiency
  SD.1842 An Act updating the Open Meeting Law to support remote participation
  SD.1857 An Act advancing public employee labor rights
  SD.1861 An Act relative to civil asset forfeiture data reporting
  SD.1879 An Act relative to recycling car seats
  SD.1880 An Act relative to the use of chemical weapons against civilians
  SD.1881 An Act modernizing birth certificates
  SD.2066 An Act establishing a pilot program to provide a support structure for parents during the COVID-19 global pandemic
  SD.2079 An Act relative to mental health promotion through realistic advertising images
  SD.2081 An Act further addressing challenges to municipal governance caused by the COVID-19 emergency
  SD.2086 An Act advancing the health of pregnant persons
  SD.2090 An Act expanding the public records law
  SD.2100 An Act regarding information governance
  SD.2114 An Act relative to better buildings
  SD.2118 An Act to ensure a complete, accurate, and equitable census count
  SD.2201 An Act relative to media access and transparency in correctional facilities
  SD.2234 An Act to promote cost savings through the use of public water
  SD.2266 An Act relative to out-of-hospital birth access and safety
  SD.2267 An Act relative to pediatric care appointments
  SD.2312 An Act closing a loophole in the lobbying law
  HD.3328 An Act regarding information governance
  HD.3470 An Act to ensure a complete, accurate, and equitable census count
  HD.4094 An Act authorizing special police officers in the town of Natick to serve until the age of 70
  HD.4099 An Act to provide a local option exemption to appoint a police officer in the town of Natick
  SD.1833 An Act relative to moving violations This bill is by request. *
  SD.2295 An Act relative to non-compete agreements for veterinarians This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.