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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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General Court

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Follow Photo Name Branch Party Room Phone Number Email Address
Photo of Jason M. Lewis
Jason M. Lewis Senate Democrat 511-B (617) 722-1206
Photo of Joan B. Lovely
Joan B. Lovely Senate Democrat 413-D (617) 722-1410
Photo of Joanne M. Comerford
Joanne M. Comerford Senate Democrat 413-C (617) 722-1532
Photo of Karen E. Spilka
Karen E. Spilka Senate Democrat 332 (617) 722-1500
Photo of Marc R. Pacheco
Marc R. Pacheco Senate Democrat 312-B (617) 722-1551
Photo of Sonia Chang-Diaz
Sonia Chang-Diaz Senate Democrat 111 (617) 722-1673
Photo of Susan L. Moran
Susan L. Moran Senate Democrat 506 (617) 722-1330
Photo of Claire D. Cronin
Claire D. Cronin House Democrat 136 (617) 722-2300
Photo of Carole A. Fiola
Carole A. Fiola House Democrat 236 (617) 722-2430
Photo of Ronald Mariano
Ronald Mariano House Democrat 356 (617) 722-2500
Photo of Smitty Pignatelli
Smitty Pignatelli House Democrat 473F (617) 722-2210
Photo of Steven Ultrino
Steven Ultrino House Democrat 446 (617) 722-2460
Photo of Susannah M. Whipps
Susannah M. Whipps House Unenrolled 540 (617) 722-2090
Photo of Thomas A. Golden, Jr.
Thomas A. Golden, Jr. House Democrat 473B (617) 722-2263
Photo of Tram T. Nguyen
Tram T. Nguyen House Democrat 33 (617) 722-2060 x5
Photo of Timothy R. Whelan
Timothy R. Whelan House Republican 542 (617) 722-2488
Photo of Jeffrey N. Roy
Jeffrey N. Roy House Democrat 43 (617) 722-2030
Photo of Kimberly N. Ferguson
Kimberly N. Ferguson House Republican 124 (617) 722-2100
Photo of Kenneth I. Gordon
Kenneth I. Gordon House Democrat 156 (617) 722-2240
Photo of Kate Hogan
Kate Hogan House Democrat 370 (617) 722-2600
Photo of Linda Dean Campbell
Linda Dean Campbell House Democrat 238 (617) 722-2380
Photo of Marjorie C. Decker
Marjorie C. Decker House Democrat 33 (617) 722-2060
Photo of Mary S. Keefe
Mary S. Keefe House Democrat 466 (617) 722-2017
Photo of Paul W. Mark
Paul W. Mark House Democrat 160 (617) 722-2304
Photo of Jamie Zahlaway Belsito
Jamie Zahlaway Belsito House Democrat B-1 (617) 722-2800 x7320