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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Office of the Clerk of the House

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House of Representatives
Wednesday, May 24, 2017.
 [At eleven o’clock A. M.]

3. [H. 785] Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Chris Grammaticas (House, No. 785). 3d. [03/09/17.] [Cronin-Murphy.]



10. [H. 1099] Bill further regulating the Baker Hill Road District in the town of Lanesborough (House, No. 1099). 3d. [04/05/17.] [O'Day-Murphy.]



11. [H. 3452] Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Kevin Blake, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (House, No. 3452). 3d. [04/05/17.] [Parisella-Murphy.]











13. [H. 1102] Bill authorizing the town of Rehoboth to transfer a conservation easement on a certain parcel of land (House, No. 1102). 3d. [04/20/17.] [O'Day-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]



14. [H. 1114] Bill authorizing the town of Westport to convey a non-exclusive access easement in a portion of town property at 493 Old County Road to benefit 497 Old County Road (House, No. 1114). 3d. [04/20/17.] [O'Day-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]



15. [H. 1119] Bill authorizing the appointment of a superintendent of streets in the town of Middlefield (House, No. 1119). 3d. [04/20/17.] [O'Day-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]



17. [H. 1121] Bill regarding town meeting articles in the town of Framingham (House, No. 1121). 3d. [04/20/17.] [O'Day-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]



18. [H. 2423] Bill relative to the charter of the town of Eastham (House, No. 2423). 3d. [04/20/17.] [O'Day-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]



19. [H. 2424] Bill authorizing the town of Truro to convey a perpetual trail easement on conservation land to Truro conservation trust (House, No. 2424). 3d. [04/20/17.] [O'Day-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]




21. [H. 2789] Bill relative to the town of Burlington representative town meeting form of government (House, No. 2789). 3d. [04/20/17.] [O'Day-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]



23. [H. 1433] Bill relative to the position of director of public works in the town of West Boylston (House, No. 1433). 3d. [05/04/17.] [Parisella-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]



24. [H. 1450] Bill authorizing the town of Ware to exempt David A. Powers from the maximum age requirement for applying for civil service appointment as a firefighter (House, No. 1450). 3d. [05/04/17.] [Parisella-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]























27. [H. 3450] Engrossed Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Marie Visco, an employee of the Department of Public Health (see House, No. 3450, amended). [Parisella-Murphy.] 

    [Returned by His Excellency the Governor with recommendation of amendment (for message, see House, No. 3675).]

       [Amended by the House in line 3 by striking out the words "employee of the commonwealth who is related to Marie Visco and any"; and by inserting before the enacting clause the following emergency preamble:

               "Whereas, The deferred operation of this act would tend to defeat its purpose, which is to establish forthwith a sick leave bank for a certain employee of the department of public health, therefore it is hereby declared to be an emergency law, necessary for the immediate preservation of the public convenience.".]

       [Referred to the committee on Bills in the Third Reading – 05/08/17.]



29. [S. 1125] Bill (S.) amending the charter of the city of Lowell (Senate, No. 1125). 3d. [05/10/17.] [O'Day-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]



32. [H. 1602] Bill enhancing the volunteer service tax reduction for veterans (House, No. 1602). 3d. [05/10/17.] [Kaufman-Murphy.]



33. [H. 3352] Bill supporting local business retention (House, No. 3352). 3d. [05/10/17.] [Kaufman-Murphy.]





34. [H. 3686] Bill designating a bench in memory of Ambrose Valentino (House, No. 3686). 3d. [05/10/17.] [Cariddi-Murphy.] [Reported on House, No. 2922.]



35. [H. 3687] Bill relative to Saint Pope John Paul Park (House, No. 3687). 3d. [05/10/17.] [Cariddi-Murphy.] [Reported on House, No. 2925.]



36. [H. 1809] Bill designating a certain bridge in the town of Lanesborough as the Sergeant Gregory Aloysius Noonan Bridge (House, No. 1809). 3d. [05/11/17.] [Straus-Murphy.]



37. [H. 2623] Bill establishing a recreation tax in the town of Charlemont (House, No. 2623). 3d. [05/11/17.] [Kaufman-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]



38. [H. 3303] Bill relative to exempted accommodations (House, No. 3303). 3d. [05/11/17.] [Kaufman-Murphy.] [Reported on Senate, No. 1601.]



39. [H. 3651] Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Pamela Dube, an employee of the Department of Developmental Disabilities (House, No. 3651). 3d. [05/11/17.] [Parisella-Murphy.]



40. [H. 1328] Bill relative to the Devens Fire Department (House, No. 1328). 3d. [05/18/17.] [Parisella-Murphy.]



41. [H. 1716] Bill designating the month of June as seatbelt awareness month (House, No. 1716). 3d. [05/18/17.] [Kocot-Murphy.]



42. [H. 3360] Bill designating May as Asian American Pacific Islander month (House, No. 3360). 3d. [05/18/17.] [Kocot-Murphy.]



43. [S. 1139] Bill (S.) authorizing the city of Somerville to borrow funds to pay certain costs of the Green Line Extension (Senate, No. 1139). 3d. [05/22/17.] [O'Day-Murphy.] [Local Approval Received.]