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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Office of the Clerk of the House

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House of Representatives
Wednesday, May 15, 2019.
 [At  eleven o'clock A.M.]


3. [H. 2369] Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Charles E. McCabe, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (House, No. 2369). 3d. [03/13/19.] [Parisella-Petrolati.] 


7. [H. 1771] Bill authorizing the town of Barnstable to grant an easement to Vineyard Wind LLC (House, No. 1771). 3d. [04/11/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


8. [H. 1819] Bill modifying the Sherwood Forest Road maintenance district in the town of Becket (House, No. 1819). 3d. [04/29/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.] 




9. [H. 3689] Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Maryanne Healey, an employee of the Middlesex Sheriff's Office (House, No. 3689). 3d. [04/29/19.] [Parisella-Petrolati.]


10. [H. 3693] Bill establishing a sick leave bank for Scott A. Smith, an employee of the Trial Court (House, No. 3693). 3d. [04/29/19.] [Cronin-Petrolati.]


12. [H. 1795] Bill authorizing the city of Leominster to pay a certain unpaid bill (House, No. 1795). 3d. [05/09/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


13. [H. 3631] Bill relative to certain municipal employees of the towns of Richmond and West Stockbridge (House, No. 3631). 3d. [05/09/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] 


14. [S. 2208] Bill (S.) establishing a sick leave bank for Daniel Ajoue, an employee of the Department of Correction (Senate, No. 2208, amended). 3d. [05/13/19.] [Parisella-Petrolati.]

      [Amended by the Senate in line 4 by inserting after the word "Ajoue", the first time it appears, the words:- "to care for his immediate family member".]


15. [H. 1808] Bill relative to land in Bernardston (House, No. 1808). 3d. [05/13/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


16. [H. 1818] Bill relative to the charter of the town of Provincetown (House, No. 1818). 3d. [05/13/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]


17. [H. 1837] Bill authorizing the town of Athol to establish a special fund for the town of Athol Public Library (House, No. 1837). 3d. [05/13/19.] [O'Day-Petrolati.] [Local Approval Received.]