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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative William C. Galvin Democrat - 6th Norfolk

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HD.1206 An Act to increase transparency in the Massachusetts land record systems to protect the property rights of homeowners and businesses
HD.1516 An Act relative to bicycle safety
HD.1517 An Act relative to low digit number plates on leased vehicles
HD.1518 An Act relative to retired capitol police officers disabled in the performance of duty
HD.1519 An Act relative to retired capitol police officers disabled in the performance of duty
HD.1520 An Act relative to motorcycle inspections
HD.1521 An Act relative to emergency back up power at gasoline stations
HD.1522 An Act relative to special education funding
HD.1570 An Act relative to education or training activities for purposes of meeting the department of transitional assistance work requirement
HD.1718 An Act authorizing and directing the Teacher’s Retirement Board to permit Henry McDeed to elect into the alternative superannuation retirement benefit program
HD.1720 An Act exempting disabled veterans from sales tax when leasing a motor vehicle
HD.1721 An Act relative to certain state police retirement benefits
HD.1722 An Act to encourage quality reviews and reduce costs in health care
HD.1725 An Act relative to patient care access
HD.1726 An Act exempting the County of Norfolk from the Massachusetts earned sick time law
HD.1729 An Act relative to the mailing of property tax bills
HD.1743 An Act relative to the Town of Avon
HD.1896 An Act relative to the creation of the Commonwealth Technical Rescue Regions and Coordinating Council
HD.1899 An Act requiring license plates for bicycles
HD.1900 An Act relative to the management of condominium associations
HD.1905 An Act relative to patient access to information regarding breast reconstructive surgery
HD.1910 An Act relative to the siting of facilities dealing with refuse
HD.1911 An Act establishing a pilot program allowing for in-person payment of daily parking fees at certain commuter rail stations operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
HD.1913 An Act providing for a study relative to the necessity of certain snow safety procedures
HD.1916 An Act relative to preventing death by drug overdose
HD.1923 An Act regarding cervical cancer and women's preventative health
HD.2077 An Act relative to the enhancement of regional services
HD.2089 An Act relative to timely public payments for work not included in original construction contracts
HD.1980 An Act relative to online access to municipal ordinances and by-laws This bill is by request. *
* — indicates bill is by request.