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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senate Committee on Rules 192nd (2021 - 2022)

Bill No. Bill Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
S.148  An Act authorizing municipalities to expend certain funds for the acquisition of land to be used for rail trails Eldridge, James B. (SEN) 2/14/2022
S.153  An Act encouraging the growth of small businesses Lovely, Joan B. (SEN) 1/31/2022
S.160  An Act limiting time period parking lots can remain open Timilty, Walter F. (SEN) 3/3/2022
H.440  An Act relative to termination of sales to wholesalers by suppliers of alcoholic beverages Moran, Michael J. (HOU) 8/8/2022
S.472  An Act providing for the annual election of members of the Spencer East Brookfield Regional School Committee Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 3/3/2022
S.499  An Act regarding agricultural composting programs Chandler, Harriette L. (SEN) 3/7/2022
S.510  An Act relative to the pesticide board Cyr, Julian (SEN) 3/7/2022
S.516  An Act to improve notice requirements of hazardous waste release DiDomenico, Sal N. (SEN) 3/7/2022
S.542  An Act relative to the Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Cleanup Fund Administrative Review Board Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 3/7/2022
S.545  An Act relative to the definition of farming Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 3/7/2022
S.551  An Act relative to creating an animal advisory board to the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 3/7/2022
S.552  An Act relative to hunting near a dwelling Gobi, Anne M. (SEN) 3/7/2022
S.661  An Act relative to commonwealth automobile reinsurers Eldridge, James B. (SEN) 2/17/2022
S.850  An Act protecting public higher education student information Moore, Michael O. (SEN) 3/7/2022
H.887  An Act establishing memorial markers in the towns of Milton and Canton in memory of certain law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty Driscoll, Jr., William J. (HOU) 12/2/2021
H.1065  An Act relative to motor vehicle service contracts Donahue, Daniel M. (HOU) 12/27/2022
S.1223  An Act ensuring fair worker representation on corporate boards of directors Lewis, Jason M. (SEN) 2/24/2022
SD.1229  Filed by Mr. Pacheco -- Order relative to amending the Rules of the Senate governing the 2021-2022 legislative session Pacheco, Marc R. (SEN) 2/16/2021
S.1233  An Act allowing 12 and 13 year old youth to be employed as soccer referees O'Connor, Patrick M. (SEN) 2/24/2022
S.1319  An Act relative to solar drying of laundry Barrett, Michael J. (SEN) 12/13/2021
S.1329  An Act relative to variances DiZoglio, Diana (SEN) 12/16/2021
S.1331  An Act relative to the effective enforcement of municipal ordinances and by-laws Eldridge, James B. (SEN) 12/13/2021
S.1334  An Act relative to remote town meetings Feeney, Paul R. (SEN) 6/24/2021
S.1335  An Act relative to proceeds from the sale of bonds Friedman, Cindy F. (SEN) 12/20/2021
S.1338  An Act relative to forest wardens Hinds, Adam G. (SEN) 12/13/2021