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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Patrick M. O'Connor Republican - Plymouth and Norfolk

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Assistant Minority Leader
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  SD.843 An Act to increase the safety of individuals with disabilities relying on life-support equipment
  SD.844 An Act establishing the Community Non-Profit Investment and Grant Program
  SD.845 An Act relative to planning boards' approval of subdivision plans
  SD.846 An Act allowing businesses to sign up for the "Do Not Call" list
  SD.848 An Act to ban the retail sale of cats and dogs in pet shops
  SD.849 An Act prohibiting certain termination and cancellation fees
  SD.850 An Act protecting innocent sellers
  SD.851 An Act relative to the automatic renewal of professional licenses
  SD.852 An Act relative to the issuance of a class 1 dealer license
  SD.853 An Act to reduce lottery littering
  SD.854 An Act relative to LLC filing fees
  SD.855 An Act to invest in Massachusetts citizens
  SD.856 An Act creating a school resource officer grant program and fund
  SD.857 An Act promoting local control and effective training of school resource officers
  SD.858 An Act relative to accommodations for special needs students taking the MCAS examination
  SD.859 An Act relative to the screening of prospective school employees for prior investigations into child abuse or sexual misconduct
  SD.860 An Act to improve augmentative and alternative communication opportunities for children with disabilities
  SD.861 An Act to reduce paperwork within the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
  SD.862 An Act relative to the safety of seniors in assisted living facilities
  SD.864 An Act establishing a regional dredge grants program
  SD.865 An Act protecting dogs at boarding kennels and daycare facilities
  SD.866 An Act reestablishing the harbors and inland waters maintenance fund
  SD.867 An Act relative to community preservation funds for coastal infrastructure
  SD.868 An Act relative to the financing of dredging projects
  SD.869 An Act relative to waterways permitting
  SD.870 An Act to protect open space, historical resources, and community housing from coastal threats
  SD.871 An Act relative to dental insurance assignment of benefits
  SD.872 An Act relative to disability insurance benefits
  SD.873 An Act relative to health insurance penalties
  SD.874 An Act relative to human donor milk coverage
  SD.875 An Act to eliminate penalty charges when cancelling auto insurance policies
  SD.876 An Act creating a scholarship fund to increase the number of medical providers who are knowledgeable in autism
  SD.877 An Act establishing a special commission relative to the uniformity of sex offender residency restrictions in the Commonwealth
  SD.878 An Act relative to health care proxies
  SD.879 An Act relative to juvenile offenders
  SD.880 An Act relative to level-three sex offender residency restrictions
  SD.881 An Act relative to setting proportionate penalties for the distribution of heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanil
  SD.882 An Act relative to the protection of police officers
  SD.883 An Act relative to vandalism and tagging
  SD.884 An Act relative to visitation rights of grandparents
  SD.885 An Act allowing 12 and 13 year old youth to be employed as soccer referees
  SD.886 An Act relative to the documentation of contracted workers
  SD.887 An Act relative to the scheduling of employees
  SD.888 An Act dedicating one-percent of the recreational marijuana excise tax to youth substance use prevention
  SD.889 An Act establishing a special commission to study the prevention of heroin trafficking
  SD.890 An Act to increase substance use prevention and awareness and reduce overdose abandonment
  SD.891 An Act authorizing the town of Marshfield to withdraw from the Metropolitan Area Planning District
  SD.892 An Act enabling trained school personnel to administer life saving epinephrine treatment
  SD.893 An Act establishing a newborn health and safe sleep pilot program
  SD.894 An Act establishing a special commission to find the best practices to promote education, awareness, and prevention of Lyme disease
  SD.895 An Act relative to protecting air quality from carbon-emitting energy generators
  SD.896 An Act relative to the reform of the personal care attendant system
  SD.897 An Act relative to the safety of Autistic and Alzheimer's individuals
  SD.898 An Act supporting school-based substance use prevention through evidenced-based positive social norms marketing
  SD.899 An Act to conduct a public health study of synthetic drugs in the commonwealth
  SD.900 An Act to protect patients with Alzheimer's, dementia, and other psychiatric illnesses
  SD.901 An Act relative to emergency response in an active shooter or hostile event situation
  SD.903 An Act relative to police pursuits
  SD.904 An Act relative to the safety of children in school buses
  SD.905 An Act to prevent the illegal possession and illegal sale of firearms
  SD.906 An Act allowing Joseph Barbati, a retired member of the Massachusetts Trial Court, an accidental disability retirement option
  SD.907 An Act providing health insurance coverage to the surviving children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty
  SD.908 An Act relative to the size of the Group Insurance Commission Board
  SD.909 An Act abolishing the death tax
  SD.910 An Act authorizing a city or town to designate a check-off on its real estate tax bills and to establish an economic aid fund
  SD.911 An Act creating a special commission to study the implementation of a ride share tax credit
  SD.912 An Act establishing a local option to exempt fishermen from property taxes
  SD.913 An Act establishing a tax credit for child care
  SD.914 An Act establishing a tax credit for employment of veterans
  SD.915 An Act establishing a tax credit for families caring for elderly relatives and victims of Alzheimer's and Dementia
  SD.916 An Act establishing a tax credit for families caring for relatives with aphasia
  SD.917 An Act establishing a tax credit for individuals paying college tuition
  SD.918 An Act establishing a tax credit for individuals paying for home health care and hospice
  SD.919 An Act establishing a tax credit for small businesses
  SD.920 An Act establishing a tax credit for teachers purchasing supplies
  SD.921 An Act establishing a tax credit for the purchase of hearing aids
  SD.922 An Act establishing a tax exemption for municipalities paying for gas
  SD.923 An Act establishing the Commonwealth Municipal Dog Park Trust Fund
  SD.924 An Act increasing the property tax exemption for disabled veterans
  SD.925 An Act reducing senior citizen property taxes
  SD.926 An Act relative to adopting the new market tax credits program for Massachusetts
  SD.927 An Act relative to middle class economic relief
  SD.928 An Act relative to property taxes and senior citizens
  SD.929 An Act relative to student loan debt
  SD.930 An Act relative to taxes and fee transparency
  SD.931 An Act relative to the accessibility and affordability of trade school education
  SD.932 An Act relative to the taxation of above ground conduits, wires, and pipes used in the transportation of natural gas
  SD.933 An Act relative to the taxation of natural gas infrastructure
  SD.934 An Act repealing the sales tax on boats built or rebuilt in the Commonwealth
  SD.935 An Act establishing a special commission to investigate and study the feasibility of establishing a municipal building financing authority
  SD.936 An Act establishing a special commission to study the feasibility of incorporating conductive concrete in future public works projects
  SD.937 An Act relative to transparency in selecting a public construction alternative delivery method
  SD.938 An Act providing solar energy to state agencies
  SD.939 An Act relative to air monitoring stations
  SD.940 An Act relative to anaerobic digestion
  SD.941 An Act relative to community liaisons
  SD.942 An Act relative to hydrokinetic energy
  SD.943 An Act relative to solar-powered mobility networks
  SD.944 An Act relative to the impact of natural gas transfer facilities on public health
  SD.945 An Act to create the title of musician laureate of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  SD.946 An Act relative to distinctive plates for veterans
  SD.947 An Act relative to motorcycle permit requirements
  SD.948 An Act relative to parking safety
  SD.949 An Act to ensure benefits through enhanced Selective Service registration
  SD.950 Resolve relative to construction on Route 3
  SD.951 An Act relative to veteran access to recreational lands
  SD.952 An Act relative to ending failure-to-pay license suspensions
  SD.954 An Act relative to competition for specification of alternative types of culvert pipes
  SD.955 An Act relative to exempting active duty military personnel from state income tax while based out of state
  SD.956 An Act to create a deposit for glass wine and liquor bottles
  SD.957 An Act expanding automobile insurance coverage options to include the diminished value of automobiles
  SD.960 An Act establishing a dental patient bill of rights
  SD.964 An Act relative to monitoring dry casks of spent nuclear fuel
  SD.1136 An Act relative to modernizing private flood insurance
  SD.1137 An Act relative to exempted accommodations
  SD.1138 An Act relative to youth voter engagement
  SD.1139 An Act relative to billboard permitting
  SD.1140 An Act creating a special commission to study classroom temperatures
  SD.1141 An Act relative to uniform HIPAA standards
  SD.1327 An Act relative to maintaining independent authority over nursing licensure in the commonwealth
  SD.1328 An Act relative to relieving minors of income tax obligations
  SD.1944 An Act relative to remedial course vouchers for students impacted by COVID-19
  SD.1945 An Act relative to a healthier, stronger Massachusetts
  SD.1947 An Act relative to disclosures and the prevention of domestic violence
  SD.1948 An Act relative to student financial literacy
  SD.1952 An Act relative to preventing ocean littering
  SD.2015 An Act relative to 40B project lists
  SD.2076 An Act requiring financial education in schools
  SD.2228 An Act to empower and protect survivors of domestic violence
  SD.2362 An Act relative to the board of registration of hazardous waste site cleanup professionals
  SD.2109 An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity This bill is by request. *
S.25  SD.2344 By Mr. O'Connor (by request), a petition (accompanied by proposal, Senate, No. 25) of Sabrina Holland for a legislative amendment to the Constitution to amend articles of the Constitution to expand equal rights. The Judiciary. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.