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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Transportation


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.1911  An Act relative to the licensure of motor vehicle inspection stations Viriato M. deMacedo
S.1914  An Act relative to the governance of regional transit authorities Eileen M. Donoghue
S.1942  An Act to waive motor vehicle registration fees for disabled veterans Jason M. Lewis
S.2105  An Act designating a section of state highway route 10 and United States highway route 202 in the town of Southwick as the Purple Heart Trail Donald F. Humason, Jr.
H.1796  An Act to regulate the training and supervision of snowmobiles Bruce J. Ayers
H.1801  An Act regulating parasailing F. Jay Barrows
H.1806  An Act designating Marshfield the home of Senator Daniel Webster and Governor Edward Winslow James M. Cantwell
H.1863  An Act establishing mileage based numbering for exits along interstate highways Paul W. Mark
H.1867  An Act relative to public memorials Paul McMurtry
H.1868  An Act promoting personal access of driving records Paul McMurtry
H.1870  An Act relative to private sale requirements for used vehicles David K. Muradian, Jr.
H.1890  An Act establishing a special commission to identify, preserve and commemorate historic roadways in Massachusetts Todd M. Smola
H.1907  An Act to establish a joint legislative commission to investigate and study the performances and practices of the Registry of Motor Vehicles John C. Velis
H.1908  An Act relative to Massachusetts Civil Air Patrol vehicles and trailers David T. Vieira
H.2726  An Act relative to motor vehicle excise taxes Diana DiZoglio
H.2732  An Act establishing an auction or online transfer for low number registration plates in the Registry of Motor Vehicles Ann-Margaret Ferrante
H.2736  An Act relative to the licensure of inspection stations Steven S. Howitt
H.2739  An Act relative to motor vehicle inspection duration Kevin J. Kuros
H.2745  An Act relative to boater safety James M. Murphy
H.2751  An Act to establish regional transit authority enterprise fund Sarah K. Peake
H.2756  An Act to preserve historic markers Todd M. Smola
H.3406  An Act regarding RMV legislation hearing fee reimbursements Donald R. Berthiaume, Jr.
H.3433  An Act relative to licensing and operating requirements of automobile inspection stations Christopher M. Markey
H.3438  An Act relative to antique motor vehicle inspections William M. Straus
H.3534  An Act honoring Bob Cousy Angelo M. Scaccia
H.3684  An Act designating a certain bridge as the George Allaire Memorial Bridge Timothy R. Whelan
H.3685  An Act designating a certain bridge as the Lance Corporal William Joseph Donovan Jr. memorial bridge Timothy R. Whelan
H.3797  An Act designating a certain bridge as the Trooper Thomas L. Clardy Memorial Bridge Donald R. Berthiaume, Jr.
H.3798  An Act designating a certain road as Trooper Thomas L. Clardy Way Donald R. Berthiaume, Jr.
H.3815  An Act designating a portion of Route 88 as Governor Cellucci Circle in the town of Westport Paul A. Schmid, III