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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on the Judiciary

Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.756  An Act relative to protecting free speech through the anti-slaap law Joseph A. Boncore
S.766  An Act regarding assistant court clerks Michael D. Brady
S.767  An Act providing indemnity from prosecution for probation officers and court officers employed by the Trial Court Michael D. Brady
S.768  An Act relative to governmental and charitable tort liability William N. Brownsberger
S.804  An Act relative to attorney-client privilege and attorney work product materials Cynthia Stone Creem
S.807  An Act to require the reporting of satisfaction of judgments awarding money damages Cynthia Stone Creem
S.811  An Act making technical changes to the laws regulating a certain notarial act Cynthia Stone Creem
S.823  An Act to establish the uniform enforcement of foreign judgments Cynthia Stone Creem
S.829  An Act relative to providing a safe harbor for good samaritans Viriato M. deMacedo
S.838  An Act encouraging the donation of food to persons in need Eileen M. Donoghue
S.843  An Act relative to privileged communications James B. Eldridge
S.848  An Act relative to direct food donations Ryan C. Fattman
S.853  An Act relative to Board of Bar Overseers annual registration fees Jennifer L. Flanagan
S.866  An Act relative to dog training areas in the Commonwealth Anne M. Gobi
S.867  An Act relative to advertising by a justice of the peace Anne M. Gobi
S.868  An Act relative to the expansion of the Good Samaritan law Anne M. Gobi
S.869  An Act relative to justices of the peace Anne M. Gobi
S.882  An Act relative to the wrongful death or injury of animal companions John F. Keenan
S.883  An Act establishing a commission on electronic notarization Eric P. Lesser
S.887  An Act relative to prejudgment interest rates Jason M. Lewis
S.893  An Act to enhance state anti-trust powers and enforcement Jason M. Lewis
S.898  An Act relative to receivership Joan B. Lovely
S.904  An Act to clarify the charitable purposes of certain organizations Thomas M. McGee
S.908  An Act extending the statute of limitations for certain actions involving international human rights abuses Mark C. Montigny
S.911  An Act relative to public charity executive and board of directors compensation Mark C. Montigny
S.913  An Act revising the charitable immunity cap Mark C. Montigny
S.924  An Act relative to the safety of seniors in assisted living facilities Patrick M. O'Connor
S.936  An Act relative to conflict of interest training Richard J. Ross
S.940  An Act relative to Forest Hills Cemetery Michael F. Rush
S.961  An Act relative to private right of action to preserve public safety Bruce E. Tarr
S.979  An Act relative to gang violence and witness intimidation James E. Timilty
S.983  An Act establishing the murder victim families assistance fund James T. Welch
H.46  An Act to rename the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act and make other amendments thereto COMMISSION ON UNIFORM STATE LAWS
H.48  An Act revising the Uniform Arbitration Act for commercial disputes COMMISSION ON UNIFORM STATE LAWS
H.711  An Act relative to selling tattooing, branding, body piercing kit or device to an unlicensed body art practitioner or minor Bruce J. Ayers
H.727  An Act to fight opioid abuse Antonio F. D. Cabral
H.732  An Act to prevent vexatious litigation and waste of judicial resources Thomas J. Calter
H.742  An Act amending victim compensation statute Evandro C. Carvalho
H.743  An Act relative to stop fraudulent representation of business against performers Tackey Chan
H.746  An Act providing for equitable rights to indemnity for public employees Tackey Chan
H.761  An Act reducing interest paid by local governments Josh S. Cutler
H.771  An Act relative to civil liability for snow removal Daniel M. Donahue
H.782  An Act relative to use of ways by pedestrians (i.e. jaywalking) Tricia Farley-Bouvier
H.791  An Act relative to patient care access William C. Galvin
H.813  An Act to eliminate the charitable immunity cap Carmine L. Gentile
H.814  An Act relative to notarization fees Carmine L. Gentile
H.815  An Act modernizing notary services Carmine L. Gentile
H.816  An Act to revise Massachusetts corporate charter revocation Carmine L. Gentile
H.830  An Act expanding opportunity to officiate marriage ceremonies Kenneth I. Gordon
H.848  An Act relative to justices of the peace Bradford R. Hill
H.877  An Act relative to historical preservation organizations Kevin J. Kuros
H.878  An Act reducing interest liability in treble damage settlements Kevin J. Kuros
H.879  An Act protecting businesses that donate to food banks Kevin J. Kuros
H.893  An Act to improve the safety of young women David Paul Linsky
H.894  An Act to clarify the meal break law and to establish private enforcement Jay D. Livingstone
H.904  An Act relative to farmers markets Paul McMurtry
H.909  An Act relative to civil liability for protecting one’s home David K. Muradian, Jr.
H.918  An Act relative to treble damages Shaunna L. O'Connell
H.920  An Act relative to legal holidays Shaunna L. O'Connell
H.922  An Act relative to non-emergency 911 calls Shaunna L. O'Connell
H.928  An Act relative to financial records of defendants in small claims court Elizabeth A. Poirier
H.930  An Act relative to regulating the percentage retained for marketing expenses by a non-profit telemarketer agent Elizabeth A. Poirier
H.936  An Act relative to a woman's right to know Elizabeth A. Poirier
H.937  An Act relative to the award of attorney’s fees, staff time, costs and expenses in code enforcement matters Denise Provost
H.957  An Act prohibiting non-disparagement clauses in certain contracts John W. Scibak
H.958  An Act relative to indemnification of the University of Massachusetts police John W. Scibak
H.2254  An Act relative to filing slander against anonymous parties on the internet Tackey Chan
H.2256  An Act to increase the penalty for school tardiness Tackey Chan
H.2259  An Act to facilitate separate settlements in multi-defendant negligence cases Claire D. Cronin
H.2260  An Act to simplify administrative aspect of evidentiary use of medical information Claire D. Cronin
H.2263  An Act relative to strengthen the Commonwealth's Anti-SLAPP law Mark J. Cusack
H.2277  An Act relative to the misrepresentation of a service animal Kimberly N. Ferguson
H.2282  An Act relative to coerced abortion Colleen M. Garry
H.2286  An Act relative to interest required to be paid by municipalities Danielle W. Gregoire
H.2288  An Act relative to unborn children Sheila C. Harrington
H.2303  An Act relative to prejudgment interest rates Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2313  An Act relative to weekend commitment orders for substance abusers Kevin J. Kuros
H.2320  An Act relative to the Chinese New Year James J. Lyons, Jr.
H.2322  An Act relative to emergency and disaster planning for health care providers Elizabeth A. Malia
H.2335  An Act to reduce lead poisoning in children Alice Hanlon Peisch
H.2339  An Act amending laws relative to certain judicial procedures Jeffrey N. Roy
H.2344  An Act relative to limited civil liability for sports officials Angelo M. Scaccia
H.2356  An Act to add law enforcement councils to the Massachusetts TORT Claims Act Paul Tucker
H.3025  An Act relative to the expansion of the Good Samaritan law Donald R. Berthiaume, Jr.
H.3036  An Act relative to civil commitment for alcohol and substance abuse treatment Thomas J. Calter
H.3047  An Act relative to voluntary civil commitment for alcohol and substance abuse treatment Diana DiZoglio
H.3048  An Act relative to civil commitment length of treatment for alcohol and substance abuse Diana DiZoglio
H.3049  An Act relative to speedy trials Shawn Dooley
H.3055  An Act relative to tort claims Paul K. Frost
H.3082  An Act to protect individuals from malicious prosecution David Paul Linsky
H.3097  An Act relative to the social host law Christopher M. Markey
H.3113  An Act relative to the reporting of certain violations Leonard Mirra
H.3119  An Act relative to coerced abortion Elizabeth A. Poirier
H.3124  An Act relative to agricultural crop and property destruction Paul A. Schmid, III
H.3327  An Act encouraging the donation of food to persons in need Hannah Kane
H.3495  An Act to reimburse the prevailing party plaintiffs in ten taxpayer actions David F. DeCoste
H.3578  An Act making firearm owners civilly liable for damage caused by lost or stolen firearms Marjorie C. Decker
H.3584  An Act relative to health care liens and consumer protection Randy Hunt
H.3587  An Act to increase effectiveness and improve outcomes for treating persons with severe mental illness in our communities Kay Khan
H.3649  An Act to ensure teen safety Mike Connolly
H.3683  An Act to promote safe dog ownership Timothy R. Whelan
H.2334  An Act relative to small claims Sarah K. Peake