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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.1708  An Act relative to timely decisions by awarding authorities Jennifer L. Flanagan
H.2657  An Act relative to the timely and consistent payment of law enforcement personnel Daniel Cahill
H.3366  An Act restoring the taxpayer protection act Michelle M. DuBois
H.1660  An Act relative to state contracting Claire D. Cronin
S.1692  An Act relative to state contracting Kenneth J. Donnelly
S.1750  An Act relative to protecting the taxpayers of the Commonwealth Marc R. Pacheco
H.1663  An Act relative to privatization contracts Daniel M. Donahue
H.1705  An Act relative to preference for products or services manufactured or produced in the United States Jeffrey N. Roy
S.1723  An Act designating May 6 as Moyamoya Disease Awareness Day Eric P. Lesser
H.3867  An Act relative to Gardner Heritage State Park Jonathan D. Zlotnik
H.3362  An Act relative to employment of persons with disabilities on state contracts Nick Collins
S.1751  An Act to debar employers who violate federal immigration laws from contracting with the Commonwealth Marc R. Pacheco
S.1685  An Act ensuring uniformity in education discrimination complaint procedures Sonia Chang-Diaz
S.1694  An Act requiring additional reporting of transportation privatization contracts to promote transparency Kenneth J. Donnelly
S.1698  An Act promoting the use of total energy impact analysis James B. Eldridge
S.1705  An Act reducing the cost of government and creating jobs Ryan C. Fattman
S.1730  An Act relative to ensuring adequate procurement procedures Joan B. Lovely
S.1732  An Act to restore and revitalize state pier in the city of New Bedford Mark C. Montigny
S.1733  An Act designating a certain state facility in the city of New Bedford as the New Bedford marine commerce terminal Mark C. Montigny
S.1756  An Act to reduce energy burdens and increase competitiveness in the Commonwealth Michael J. Rodrigues
S.1763  An Act to promote American manufacturing Michael F. Rush
S.1775  An Act relative to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center Bruce E. Tarr
S.1815  to promote contract efficiency Bruce E. Tarr
S.2094  An Act relative to Chapter 30B procurement Jennifer L. Flanagan
H.1668  An Act to procure public products or services from Massachusetts or the United States Paul R. Heroux
H.1674  An Act eliminating the Pacheco Law Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.1684  An Act to reduce the cost of government and create jobs Joseph D. McKenna
H.1688  An Act promoting transparency in public bidding Paul McMurtry
H.1689  An Act relative to municipal lease negotiations Paul McMurtry
H.1710  An Act providing for disposition of surplus state real property based on smart growth land use policies Jeffrey S├ínchez
H.2668  An Act relative to cyber procurements Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2670  An Act eliminating the MGL30B exemption for solid waste and recycling James J. Lyons, Jr.
H.3628  An Act relative to the state property zoning exemption Daniel J. Hunt
H.3781  An Act releasing a restriction on certain property in the town of Webster Joseph D. McKenna
H.3814  An Act authorizing the division of capital asset management and maintenance to convey a certain parcel of land in the town of Tewksbury James R. Miceli
H.3850  An Act authorizing the transfer of care and control of certain parcels of land in Middleborough from the Department of Corrections to the Department of Fish and Game Thomas J. Calter