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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Transportation


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.1800  An Act providing for a study to be conducted on the cost feasibility of implementing a ferry service to Long Island in Boston Harbor Bruce J. Ayers
H.1807  An Act allowing for a Legion of Merit license plate James M. Cantwell
H.1808  Resolve relative to construction on Route 3 James M. Cantwell
H.1821  An Act concerning the conversion of private ways to public ways Daniel M. Donahue
H.1824  An Act establishing a special commission to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of type II noise barrier implementation plan James J. Dwyer
H.1825  An Act exempting veterans from the standard registration fee for veterans license plates James J. Dwyer
H.1828  An Act to explore alternative funding sources to ensure safe and reliable transportation Tricia Farley-Bouvier
H.1843  An Act to promote transportation demand management Jonathan Hecht
H.1844  An Act relative to license plates for disabled veterans Bradford R. Hill
H.1849  An Act relative to distinctive registration plates for firefighters Steven S. Howitt
H.1851  An Act relating to road building equipment classifications Steven S. Howitt
H.1855  An Act relative to bridge maintenance transparency and accountability Louis L. Kafka
H.1857  An Act relative to the display of motor vehicle number plates Louis L. Kafka
H.1865  An Act providing for a distinctive registration plate for firefighters Paul W. Mark
H.1872  An Act relative to year of manufacture registration plates Keiko M. Orrall
H.1874  An Act relative to Route 128 interchange improvements Jerald A. Parisella
H.1891  An Act to authorize firefighter motorcycle license plates Todd M. Smola
H.1905  An Act An act exempting veterans from paying tolls John C. Velis
H.1906  An Act removing tolls the tolls for residents of the Commonwealth in the western part of Massachusetts John C. Velis
H.1910  An Act relative to tolls on the Tobin/Mystic River Bridge and Sumner Tunnel RoseLee Vincent
H.1911  An Act relative to the tolls at the Sumner Tunnel RoseLee Vincent
H.1912  An Act relative to tolls on the Tobin/Mystic River Bridge RoseLee Vincent
H.1914  An Act exempting certain elderly persons from paying tolls RoseLee Vincent
H.1916  An Act establishing the Blue Star Family license plate Thomas P. Walsh
H.2744  An Act exempting certain school buses from MassDOT toll collection Michael J. Moran
H.2747  An Act relative to military license plates Harold P. Naughton, Jr.
H.2757  An Act allowing a service branch designation on license plates for disabled veterans Theodore C. Speliotis
H.2762  An Act providing for a Red Star/Blue Star license plate to survivors of firefighters and police officers who have died in the line of duty Susannah M. Whipps
H.3407  An Act to waive motor vehicle registration fees on a primary passenger vehicle for disabled veterans Paul Brodeur
H.3411  An Act establishing senior citizen toll discount on the Massachusetts Turnpike, the Ted Williams Tunnel and the Tobin Bridge Tackey Chan
H.3418  An Act establishing special license plates in support of Massachusetts law enforcement Diana DiZoglio
H.3437  An Act to reduce the fee for motor vehicle veteran registration plates Paul A. Schmid, III
H.3531  An Act relative to parking safety Carolyn C. Dykema
H.3640  An Act relative to distinctive registration plates for veterans Brian Murray
H.3641  An Act relative to electronic tolling Brian Murray
H.4069  Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Adrian Madaro
H.4105  An act related to hayrides Timothy R. Whelan
S.1924  An Act providing for distinctive registration plates for certain veterans who participated in the testing of atomic weapons Anne M. Gobi
S.1929  An Act relative to disabled veteran registration plates Anne M. Gobi
S.1939  An Act to authorize license plates to encourage safe streets for bicycles Jason M. Lewis
S.1940  An Act to explore alternative funding sources to ensure safe and reliable transportation Jason M. Lewis
S.1943  An Act to protect motorists from excessive EZ-Pass fees and fines Jason M. Lewis
S.1975  An Act enabling innovation in the automotive industry to create the highly efficient vehicles of tomorrow Michael J. Rodrigues
S.1977  An Act enhancing local road construction Richard J. Ross
S.1979  An Act relative to distinctive plates for veterans Richard J. Ross
S.1983  Resolve relative to a special VFW Parkway master plan commission Michael F. Rush
S.1987  An Act relative to tolls on the roadways of the Commonwealth Karen E. Spilka
S.1997  An Act establishing a distinctive registration plate supporting public schools James E. Timilty
S.1998  An Act providing for a distinctive registration plate for Olympians James E. Timilty
S.2003  An Act to provide for the issuance of a distinctive registration plate for congenital heart defects research and treatment James E. Timilty
S.2201  An Act relative to an arts license plate Julian Cyr
S.2241  An Act authorizing the city of Westfield to categorize all certain private ways a public streets Donald F. Humason, Jr.