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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

The South Hadley Housing Authority is hereby authorized to sell and convey a certain parcel of land with the buildings thereon located in the town of South Hadley, and being more particularly described as follows:

Beginning at the highway known as Ferry Street, at the Southeast corner of land now or formerly of Frederick W. Brockway; thence running

NORTHERLY : by land now or formerly of said Brockway, fifty-five (55) rods and twelve (12) links to a stake and stones at land now or formerly of Samuel G. Bray; thence running

EASTERLY : by land of said Bray a distance of nineteen (19) rods and twelve (12) links to a stake and stones at land now or formerly of William Krug; thence

SOUTHERLY : by land now or formerly of said Krug, sixty-two (62) rods and seven (7) links to a stone post which is the line of the said stone post which is the line of the said highway; thence

WESTERLY : along the line of said highway, nine (9) rods and nineteen (19) links to the place of beginning, containing five (5) acres, more or less.

Excepting from the above described property, the parcel of land conveyed to Ora B. Thornton, by deed being dated June 2, 1954, recorded with Hampshire county registry of deeds, Book 1168, Page 477, said exception consisting of a strip 25 feet on Ferry street by a depth of 279 feet at the Easterly end of the premises hereinbefore described. Said parcel being shown in a deed recorded in the Hampshire county registry of deeds in Book 3751, Page 203.

Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 121B of the General Laws, the proceeds from the sale of said real estate shall be retained by said South Hadley Housing Authority and, subject to approval by the department of housing and community development, shall be used for the maintenance, remodeling or improvement of existing state assisted public housing under the control of said South Hadley Housing Authority.

Approved July 31, 1998.