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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

SECTION 1. There is hereby established in the town of Groveland a department of finance and budget. Said department shall be managed by a finance director who shall be appointed by the board of selectmen for a term of three years.

SECTION 2. The director of the department of finance and budget shall have all the powers and duties presently vested in the offices of treasurer and collector. The office of town accountant shall become part of said department and the town accountant shall be under the supervision of said director.

SECTION 3. The finance director, as treasurer and budget officer shall be responsible for coordinating the fiscal management practices of the treasurer's department, collector of taxes, town accountant's department, and administrator of budgeting including financial reporting, accountability and control, financial and programmatic implications on current and future policies to all town departments and board of selectmen.

The powers and duties of the finance director shall include, but not be limited to, the following:-

(1) To coordinate with all town departments and manage the collection of all budget and financial information, including the forecasting of revenues for the forthcoming fiscal year in order to prepare an annual budget for the annual town meeting.

(2) To set policies and procedures for the collection of all revenues due and owing to the town of Groveland as a result of tax levies, and the issuance of licenses and permits excepting therefrom revenues collected by the municipal light plant.

(3) To write grant proposals appropriate to the needs of the town, and to insure compliance with the terms of each grant.

(4) To review and oversee, on a yearly basis, the various town trust funds, and to insure that funds are prudently invested. Also, when any such trust fund fails due to the extinction of the purpose for which said fund was created, the department of budget and finance shall with the advice and consent of the board of selectmen seek appropriate relief in a court of competent jurisdiction from the duties of investment and distribution imposed by the trust fund instrument.

(5) Disburse, as town government operations may require, all funds and sign all checks pursuant to warrants signed by the board of selectmen and town accountant, to insure the efficient operation of government.

(6) The finance director shall be the chief procurement officer for the town of Groveland.

(7) Report to the board of selectmen and finance committee concerning all financial matters affecting town government.

(8) Coordinate with the department of revenue pertaining to all matters on their municipal calendar.

(9) Coordinate and manage all financial information received from the board of assessors to forecast future financial growth and anticipated revenues, and advise the board of selectmen, finance committee, and town meeting accordingly.

(10) Create written policies and procedures, and be responsible for the collection of all monies received by various town departments as allowed by law and deposit same in bank accounts.

SECTION 4. Pursuant to all state, federal and municipal statutes, laws, regulations and by-laws, the department of finance and budget shall make detailed estimates of all money necessary to maintain the proper operation of government.

SECTION 5. The department of finance and budget shall report to the board of selectmen.

SECTION 6. Upon the establishment of the department of finance and budget, the persons holding the office of treasurer and tax collector shall become assistant collector and assistant treasurer respectively for the remainder of their term. Thereafter, they shall serve for a period determined by the director, and at a salary to be set by the board of selectmen. The assistant treasurer and assistant tax collector shall report directly to the director of finance and budget who shall assign duties to them as he deems necessary. The director may consolidate said positions.

SECTION 7. The board of selectmen may delegate or assign administrative and personnel duties to the director of the department of finance and budget.

SECTION 8. Within 30 days of the effective date of this act, the board of selectmen shall appoint a search committee to assist said board in the employing of a director. Said committee shall consist of five members to be appointed as follows: one representative from the board of assessors; one representative from the town government in general exclusive of the board of selectmen; one representative from the finance committee; one representative from the finance director/executive secretary task force; and one resident of the town of Groveland who is not a present or past employee or appointed or elected official of said town.

SECTION 9. The search committee shall:

(1) advertise the position in appropriate media outlets and trade journals, as required by law;

(2) receive resumes and select candidates therefrom for interviews; and

(3) take any other action and perform any other duties as directed by the board of selectmen not inconsistent with section 10.

SECTION 10. The personnel board shall develop a job description, and make salary recommendations to the board of selectmen.

SECTION 11. The board of selectmen shall enter into a formal written contract with the director detailing responsibilities, goals and objectives for performance evaluation criteria, salary, fringe benefits and term of contract.

Approved March 25, 1998.