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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Bruce E. Tarr Republican - First Essex and Middlesex

Photo of  Bruce E. Tarr
Minority Leader

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 308
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-1600
(617) 722-1310
Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.72  SD.793 An Act to promote self-sufficiency
S.73  SD.1426 An Act relative to positive discipline.
S.99  SD.1 An Act to provide for loans for waterfront development
S.100  SD.796 An Act establishing a linkage exaction program in the city of Gloucester
S.101  SD.801 An Act to provide a tax exemption for certain small businesses
S.102  SD.870 An Act establishing the Massachusetts capital partnership program
S.178  SD.602 An Act to reduce the furnishing or procuring of alcohol to a minor by an adult
S.206  SD.890 An Act to provide for loans for waterfront development
S.217  SD.1419 An Act relative to CPR and AED certification for athletic coaches.
S.279  SD.677 An Act enhancing the health of students
S.280  SD.733 An Act to increase special education reimbursement
S.281  SD.791 An Act to promote tolerance and reduce violence in schools
S.282  SD.816 An Act to establish a program of instruction of the flag of the United States
S.283  SD.877 An Act to promote alternative dispute resolution for students
S.325  SD.891 An Act to create a statewide assisted living facility master plan
S.358  SD.488 An Act to remove unfair incumbent advantage from the ballot and to change “unenrolled” to “independent”
S.359  SD.769 An Act protecting the privacy of tax assessors
S.433  SD.646 An Act relative to the Northeast Solid Waste Committee
S.434  SD.714 An Act regulating the transportation of oil fuel
S.435  SD.746 An Act to promote the viability and sustainability of commercial fisheries in the commonwealth
S.436  SD.764 An Act to establish a water resources conservation act and efficiency program
S.437  SD.782 An Act to provide increased sewer rate relief
S.438  SD.849 An Act relative to the removal and disposal of waste oil
S.439  SD.872 An Act requiring local approval for low level radioactive waste sites
S.440  SD.874 An Act to strengthen waterways enforcement
S.511  SD.896 An Act to improve health care for rheumatologic patients in the commonwealth.
S.584  SD.419 An Act relative to durable medical equipment.
S.585  SD.525 An Act to reduce health care costs and improve patient care.
S.586  SD.1657 An Act clarifying the determination of need threshold.
S.587  SD.1775 An Act relative to parity in assessments by the health care safety net fund.
S.615  SD.804 An Act relative to the development of a Northeastern Massachusetts Nursing Institute
S.660  SD.586 An Act streamlining permitting for housing
S.661  SD.855 An Act requiring notice and an opportunity to repair certain construction defects
S.716  SD.887 An Act to ensure fairness in the disability adjudication process
S.790  SD.1532 An Act relative to municipal management
S.897  SD.680 An Act encouraging organ donation
S.898  SD.843 An Act to protect essential health services
S.899  SD.1519 An Act further regulating hospitals.
S.900  SD.1684 An Act expanding the determination of need threshold.
S.980  SD.617 An Act relative to port security
S.981  SD.862 An Act requiring payment by certain prisoners of the Commonwealth
S.982  SD.1471 An Act licensing docking pilots.
S.1190  SD.693 An Act establishing a collective bargaining unit.
S.1191  SD.712 An Act revising the Quinn bill
S.1192  SD.797 An Act to create parity in retirement pensions
S.1193  SD.867 An Act adjusting the pension wages of robert b. noonan
S.1341  SD.613 An Act supporting our natural resources
S.1342  SD.627 An Act dedicating a portion of the Stabilization Fund to cities and towns
S.1343  SD.641 An Act providing for a tax exemption on the sale of recycled materials
S.1344  SD.695 An Act authorizing the refund of automobile sales tax to Gregory M. Folsom of the town of Middleton.
S.1345  SD.751 An Act establishing a commuter tax deduction
S.1346  SD.864 An Act relative to sales of motor vehicles
S.1347  SD.879 An Act to provide a property tax credit to surviving spouses of certain public safety personnel
S.1348  SD.2032 An Act relative to the revenues of commonwealth.
S.1454  SD.743 An Act relative to zero-based budgeting and budget transparency
S.1455  SD.749 An Act to provide for accountability and transparency in the finances of the commonwealth
S.1456  SD.823 An Act establishing godparent's day
S.1457  SD.926 An Act relative to the reform of the Executive Council.
S.1536  SD.1411 An Act to examine the cost reliability and economic impact of electricity.
S.1807  SD.551 An Act relative to judicial recusal.
S.1808  SD.610 An Act providing for progressive penalties for the crime of motor vehicular homicide.
S.1809  SD.661 An Act to deter the operation of a motor vehicle while intoxicated.
S.1810  SD.703 An Act promoting gender equity
S.1811  SD.717 An Act to criminalize the attempted production of Class B drugs
S.1812  SD.722 An Act relative to the appropriate use of public funds
S.1813  SD.728 An Act requiring landlord notice of unsafe conditions
S.1814  SD.761 An Act enhancing the punishment for child endangerment
S.1815  SD.774 An Act to reduce teen smoking
S.1816  SD.778 An Act providing for reciprocal service for restraining orders
S.1817  SD.826 An Act to promote fair employment and security in the Commonwealth
S.1818  SD.857 An Act relative to timely classification of sex offenders
S.1819  SD.894 An Act to combat recidivist drunk driving.
S.1820  SD.1897 An Act to increase the penalties for corporate manslaughter.
S.1821  SD.1904 An Act further defining a bona fide coin-operated amusement machine.
S.1964  SD.563 An Act increasing protection against drivers under the influence of drugs
S.1965  SD.621 An Act verifying the effectiveness of flagmen
S.1966  SD.786 An Act relative to special veterans plates
S.1967  SD.813 An Act to enhance the license plate system of the Commonwealth
S.2082  SD.2139 An Act authorizing the Town of Wenham to grant certain licenses for the sale of wine and malt beverages not to be drunk on the premises .
S.2083  SD.2134 An Act relative to regulations promulgated by the Board of Health of the Town of Boxford.
S.2084  SD.2137 An Act establishing a town manager in the Town of Hamilton.
S.2085  SD.2138 An Act providing for the abatement of certain qualifying real estate from property taxes in the Town of Hamilton.
S.2096  SD.2152 An Act regulating certain insurance benefits for elected officials of the Town of Newbury.
S.2102  SD.2157 An Act exempting the position of fire chief in the city of Gloucester from the civil service law.
S.2105  SD.2165 An Act establishing the appointment of the feoffees of Ipswich Grammar School.
S.2132  SD.2237 An Act relative to the preliminary election in the city of Gloucester in the year 2009.
S.2142  SD.2240 An Act exempting the town of Wilmington from liability.
S.2466  SD.2488 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Sharon Baert, an employee of the department of developmental services.
S.2516  SD.2665 An Act providing for the establishment of a fire department in the Town of Newbury.
S.2652  SD.2807 An Act authorizing the town of Ipswich to grant an easement for the North Green Sidewalk.
S.2653  SD.2806 An Act authorizing the town of Boxford to negotiate and purchase group insurance policies.
S.2657  SD.2811 An Act establishing procedures for the sale and/or lease of property known as Conomo Point in the Town of Essex.
S.2660  SD.2805 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Beverley O’Riordan, an employee of the department of elementary and secondary education.
S.26  SD.899 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution prohibiting solicitation in public housing This bill is by request. *
S.179  SD.756 An Act requiring certified notice of credit card statements This bill is by request. *
S.789  SD.808 An Act relative to land use regulations This bill is by request. *
S.1458  SD.1944 An Act relative to open meetings. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.