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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Steven A. Tolman Served 1999 - 2012 Democrat

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.77  SD.59 An Act relative to increasing consumer access to licensed marriage and family therapists
S.78  SD.60 An Act relative to eligibility criteria for nursing homes serving pediatric residents
S.79  SD.61 An Act relative to improvements in private duty nursing care for developmentally disabled children
S.80  SD.62 An Act providing for insurance coverage for vision screening for children
S.81  SD.1882 An Act relative to the rights of children in juvenile justice systems.
S.187  SD.63 An Act to restore consumer control over the private information collected by retail discount cards
S.188  SD.65 An Act relative to uniform expiration dates
S.189  SD.66 An Act providing for a study of mis-marked and mis-priced items in retail stores
S.291  SD.25 An Act relative to high school graduation requirements.
S.292  SD.26 An Act to improve the attracting excellence to teaching programs.
S.293  SD.27 An Act relative to special education budgets.
S.294  SD.28 An Act to provide substance abuse awareness education in schools.
S.295  SD.29 An Act establishing a drug prevention pilot program in schools .
S.296  SD.45 An Act relative to an afterschool education pilot.
S.297  SD.46 An Act relative to the youthbuild program.
S.298  SD.1786 An Act to require public schools to ensure tuition for students attending Massachusetts recovery high schools.
S.327  SD.660 An Act relative to prior authorizations of prescription medications.
S.442  SD.1912 An Act for a competitive economy through safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.
S.516  SD.30 An Act providing for necessary aqua therapy.
S.517  SD.68 An Act to improve access to alcohol and other drug clinical services
S.518  SD.69 An Act relative to large print labels for the visually impaired
S.519  SD.878 An Act concerning insurer's liability for losses while under the influence.
S.520  SD.2037 An Act to include credit unions for deposit of public monies.
S.592  SD.875 An Act Ensuring Fair and Reasonable Medicaid Payment Rates for Services Provided by Health Care Facilities Licensed to Provide Chronic Disease Hospital Services to Children and Adolescents.
S.665  SD.70 An Act to conserve conventional fuel energy by making more effecient use of solar energy
S.722  SD.37 An Act relative to displaced workers.
S.723  SD.38 An Act to enhance training and career opportunities for young workers.
S.724  SD.67 An Act making the members of limited liability companies liable for violations of the payment of wages statute
S.725  SD.643 An Act relative to labor relations and representational elections.
S.726  SD.651 An Act employee protection act.
S.727  SD.836 An Act to protect social workers from work related injuries.
S.750  SD.39 An Act providing for a study of the central intake for the placement of substance abusers in treatment facilities.
S.751  SD.724 An Act providing for a study of sober homes.
S.752  SD.730 An Act requiring the parental notice of the treatment of minors for drug overdoses.
S.753  SD.739 An Act eliminate the abuse of controlled-release oxycodone.
S.754  SD.789 An Act amending the duration of commitment of alcoholics and substance abusers.
S.755  SD.824 An Act to reduce the abuse of oxycontin.
S.756  SD.844 An Act to eliminate the abuse of controlled-release hydromorphone.
S.757  SD.905 An Act relative to children's mental health clinicians.
S.795  SD.58 An Act relative to municipal officials.
S.906  SD.40 An Act to assure safe humane care of day surgery patients.
S.907  SD.41 An Act relative to screening for developmental disabilities.
S.908  SD.818 An Act regulating the reporting of opiod overdoses.
S.1002  SD.827 An Act to prevent highway rest area crime.
S.1003  SD.831 An Act relative to the dissemination of information to private detectives.
S.1203  SD.71 An Act relative to retirement benefits for John G. Flores
S.1204  SD.72 An Act relative to bargaining units
S.1205  SD.73 An Act legislation to provide for binding arbitration for fire fighters and police officers
S.1206  SD.74 An Act providing for an for an early retirement incentive for state employees
S.1207  SD.75 An Act relative to protecting the rights of custodial
S.1208  SD.76 An Act relative to creditable service.
S.1209  SD.77 An Act to provide for creditable service for members of redevelopment authorities
S.1210  SD.78 An Act to define member contributions for retirement systems
S.1211  SD.79 An Act to promote equity in pension benefits
S.1212  SD.80 An Act relative to creditable service for Boston teachers
S.1213  SD.99 An Act relative to the retirement benefits of emergency medical technicians.
S.1214  SD.310 An Act to Provide Accountability, Efficiency and Equity in Retirement Systems.
S.1215  SD.893 An Act providing for fairness and equity for Massachusetts water resource authority employees.
S.1216  SD.1712 An Act relative to making provisional employees in civil service positions permanent to those positions.
S.1217  SD.1910 An Act Relative to Dental Insurance for Certain Retirees.
S.1218  SD.2034 An Act to resolve collective bargaining disputes.
S.1219  SD.2035 An Act further regulating pensions of police and fire dispatchers and emergency medical services .
S.1375  SD.81 An Act relative to veterans exemptions.
S.1465  SD.42 An Act relative to emergency contracts.
S.1466  SD.43 An Act to amend MGL chapter 29.
S.1467  SD.44 An Act making technical corrections to the State Trademarks Act.
S.1468  SD.1327 An Act relative to the leasing of land parcels in Boston.
S.1469  SD.1428 An Act establishing disability history month.
S.1541  SD.82 An Act providing for a study of energy effeciency in laundromats.
S.1542  SD.910 An Act to promote the safe operation of utility vaults.
S.1836  SD.31 An Act relative to the commission of a crime while in possession of a police scanner.
S.1837  SD.32 An Act relative to reducing sporting event related violence.
S.1838  SD.33 An Act providing for certificates of rehabilitation and recovery and rehabilitation for substance abusers.
S.1839  SD.34 An Act protecting a union agent and union member.
S.1840  SD.35 An Act relative to humanist marriage officiants.
S.1841  SD.36 An Act to promote community service for minor offenses.
S.1842  SD.64 An Act relative to identity theft jurisdiction
S.1843  SD.883 An Act to reduce opioid overdose deaths.
S.1844  SD.1430 An Act to update public charities law.
S.1981  SD.83 An Act relative to a commuter rail stop in Allston-Brighton.
S.1982  SD.84 An Act to provide counseling services and medical leave for crew members of a railroad company involved in an accident resulting in loss of life or serious bodily injury.
S.1983  SD.85 An Act to reinstitute the night owl program.
S.1984  SD.308 An Act prohibiting the use of certain communication devices while operating a motor vehicle.
S.1985  SD.689 An Act relative to labor relations governing commuter rail employers working within the boundaries of the Commonwealth.
S.1986  SD.881 An Act to maintain the classification of commuter-rail workers.
S.1987  SD.1886 An Act relative to first aid kits and fire extinguishers on trains.
S.1988  SD.1905 An Act Relative to Improved Sidewalk Accessibility.
S.2107  SD.2173 An Act for legislation to place certain housing police officers in group four.
S.1004  SD.2030 An Act to Limit the Powers of Transit Police. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.