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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Census Data

The information below includes the 2020 Census Population compared with the 2010 Census, and 2019 Census estimates for the United States and Massachusetts Counties and Municipalities.

For more information visit the U.S. Census Bureau

2020 Decennial Census P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data

US Census September 15, 2021 mailing to Speaker of the House Ronald Mariano containing the official 2020 Census State Redistricting Data for Massachusetts

2020 Census Redistricting User Notes

The following information was identified by the Special Joint Committee on Redistricting while reviewing the P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data released by the United States Census on August 12, 2021.

User Note 1: Precinct Omissions

The Voting District (VTD) geography omits population figures for the following 24 sub-precincts.

Municipality Ward Precinct Precinct Added For: Statute
Andover-7A6th CD MGL Chapter 57 Section 1
Bellingham-4A2nd CD
Cambridge32A5th CD
Chicopee6ANAdditional Polling LocationsChapter 45 of the Acts of 2012
Dracut-6AAdditional Polling LocationChapter 46 of the Acts of 2012
Fall River5B14th CDMGL Chapter 57 Section 1
Fall River6C1
Hingham-5AAdditional Polling LocationChapter 32 of the Acts of 2012
Newburyport11PAdditional Polling LocationChapter 13 of the Acts of 2012
Palmer-1A2nd CDMGL Chapter 57 Section 1
Peabody43AAdditional Polling LocationChapter 19 of the Acts of 2012
Quincy23AAdditional Polling LocationChapter 31 of the Acts of 2012
Raynham-1A4th CD MGL Chapter 57 Section 1
Revere23AAdditional Polling LocationsChapter 22 of the Acts of 2012
Sudbury-1A5th CD MGL Chapter 57 Section 1
Warren-AAdditional Polling LocationsChapter 144 of the Acts of 1993
Winchendon-1A3rd CDMGL Chapter 57 Section 1

These are active voter precincts and included in Public Document 43 (PD43+) published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth in accordance with the provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 54, Section 133.

User Note 2: Boston Precincts

The naming convention used for Boston precincts only includes the numeric Ward and Precinct number.

For example, the Name field for Boston Ward 1 Precinct 1 is 0101.

Other municipality precinct names use this format: Worcester City Ward 1 Precinct 1

User Note 2A: Boston Precinct Misnamed

The Name field for Boston Ward 18 Precinct 23 is misidentified as 2023. The Voting District ID is 25025002023

User Note 3: Upton Census Block Assigned to Milford Voting District

Census Block 250277431001038 with a population of zero in the town of Upton was assigned to the town of Milford VTD 25027001243.

Additional Information on Census Redistricting Geography Produced for States

Visit: Redistricting Data Program Management.