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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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SD.2651 Massachusetts Task Force on Pulmonary Hypertension Pulmonary Hypertension Task Force Report

SD.2583 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority MBTA Net Operating Investment per Passenger Mile Ratio Report

H.3707 McGonagle, Jr., Joseph W. An Act relative to the city of Everett home rule charter

HD.4392 Tyler, Chynah An Act relative to the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center

H.4104 Fernandes, Dylan A. An Act authorizing Nantucket land transfers

H.4105 Fernandes, Dylan A. An Act authorizing Nantucket to issue pension obligation bonds or notes

S.2516 Rausch, Rebecca L. An Act mitigating COVID-19 transmission among children and families

H.3702 NONE An Act providing for Massachusetts COVID-19 emergency paid sick leave

H.3703 Baker, Charles D. Message from His Excellency the Governor returning with recommendations of amendments to sections 13 to 17, inclusive, and also to sections 22 and ...

HD.4393 Ferguson, Kimberly N. An Act to prevent furniture tip-over (Meggie's Law)

S.2436 Baker, Charles D. An Act relative to public safety and transparency by transportation network companies

H.3752 Puppolo, Jr., Angelo J. An Act relative to outstanding fines, fees, penalties, or costs related to the use of fireworks or pyrotechnics in the city of Springfield

SD.2687 Office of Medicaid Office of Medicaid 2020 Mental Health Parity Report

SD.2579 Massachusetts Gaming Commission Massachusetts Gaming Commission 2020 Annual Report

H.3947 Garlick, Denise C. An Act changing the name of the members of the city council in the city of Woburn from alderman to city councilor

SD.2699 Eldridge, James B. An Act relative to the disclosure of law enforcement disciplinary records

H.4110 Ultrino, Steven An Act relative to charter school procurement

SD.2696 Plymouth County Sheriff Plymouth County Sheriff 2nd Quarter 2021 Criminal Justice Report

SD.2697 Department of Elementary and Secondary Education DESE Amended Regulations to 603 CMR 2.03

S.2514 Pacheco, Marc R. An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Lisa Sbrogna, an employee of the Department of Mental Health

S.2531 Spilka, Karen E. special election to fill the vacancy in the First Suffolk and Middlesex senatorial district

H.3863 Ways and Means (H) An Act relative to reprecincting

SD.2647 Department of Public Health DPH Correctional Facility Inspection Report - MCI Framingham

SD.2729 Tarr, Bruce E. An Act relative to preventing abuse of restraining orders by a third party

H.3901 Murray, Brian W. An Act authorizing the town of Mendon to establish a means-tested senior citizen property tax exemption