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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Revenue

Item Name Start Time Duration Webcast
Joint Committee on Revenue Hearing - October 20, 2015 10/20/2015 10:00 AM 01:35:00
Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.2439  An Act increasing the property tax exemption for disabled veterans Bruce J. Ayers
H.2440  An Act extending certain existing sales tax exemptions to veteran's organizations Bruce J. Ayers
H.2443  An Act relative to providing tax processing and filing assistance for certain disabled veterans Bruce J. Ayers
H.2449  An Act relative to military state income tax exemption Donald R. Berthiaume, Jr.
H.2453  An Act to Reduce Graduate Student Loan Debt Antonio F. D. Cabral
H.2460  An Act Relative to Veterans Property Tax Abatement Linda Dean Campbell
H.2462  An Act relative to the application deadline for tax exemptions and deferrals James M. Cantwell
H.2489  An Act relative to the Massachusetts estate tax code Shawn Dooley
H.2493  An Act relative to Gold Star tax abatements Carolyn C. Dykema
H.2520  An Act to grant state income tax exemption for school fees Colleen M. Garry
H.2589  An Act to exempt certain veterans from the state tax David Paul Linsky
H.2590  An Act to create an income tax deduction for municipal and school fees David Paul Linsky
H.2599  An Act relative to school safety and security Marc T. Lombardo
H.2611  An Act relative to tax deductions for student loans Paul W. Mark
H.2612  An Act to abolish the death tax Joseph D. McKenna
H.2613  An Act establishing a tax deduction for teachers purchasing school supplies Paul McMurtry
H.2656  An Act providing for a certain real property tax exemption Elizabeth A. Poirier
H.2657  An Act providing for prisoners of war Elizabeth A. Poirier
H.2668  An Act to support educational opportunity for all Denise Provost
H.2673  An Act relative to tuition tax credit John H. Rogers
H.2674  An Act Relative to Real Estate Tax Exemptions of Certain Veterans Dennis A. Rosa
H.2683  An Act establishing a property tax exemption for members of the National Guard Todd M. Smola
H.2684  An Act relative to disabled service-connected veterans and the motor vehicle excise tax Todd M. Smola
H.3293  An Act relative to the taxation of veterans Paul McMurtry
H.3295  An Act establishing a college tuition tax deduction Paul McMurtry
H.3494  An Act relative to increasing disability ratings for veterans James Arciero
H.3507  An Act to establish estate tax valuation for farms Kate Hogan
H.3513  An Act temporarily exempting certain educational technology from the sales tax Paul McMurtry
Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.1465  An Act to support educational opportunity for all Kenneth J. Donnelly
S.1469  An Act encouraging employee student loan assistance Eileen M. Donoghue
S.1478  An Act abolishing the death tax Ryan C. Fattman
S.1506  An Act relative to the Gold Star tax abatement Thomas P. Kennedy
S.1511  An Act for a literacy tax credit Jason M. Lewis
S.1512  An Act for a grade improvement tax credit Jason M. Lewis
S.1534  An Act relative to veterans property tax abatement Kathleen O'Connor Ives
S.1606  An Act relative to tax exemptions for school related expenses James E. Timilty