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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Revenue

Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.1418  An Act relative to job creation and strengthening small business Katherine M. Clark
S.1420  An Act improving the earned income tax credit for working families Cynthia S. Creem
S.1427  An Act to create the community development partnership program Sal N. DiDomenico
S.1428  An Act creating an early educator earned income tax credit Sal N. DiDomenico
S.1435  An Act promoting wellness in the workplace. Benjamin B. Downing
S.1446  An Act encouraging lawyers to practice public interest law James B. Eldridge
S.1456  An Act providing for a tax credit to promote the employment of individuals with mental illness or disabilities Barry R. Finegold
S.1471  An Act providing incentives for the purchase and use of alternative fuel vehicles Thomas P. Kennedy
S.1483  An Act relating to the Massachusetts historical rehabilitation tax credit. Mark C. Montigny
S.1484  An Act relative to propane powered vehicles in the Commonwealth Michael O. Moore
S.1487  An Act establishing a health care electronic prescribing tax credit Richard T. Moore
S.1500  An Act establishing a groundwater protection tax credit for homeowners Anthony W. Petruccelli
S.1518  An Act to create property tax credits for individuals with disabilities. Karen E. Spilka
S.1520  An Act to Promote Reusable Energy Use in the Commonwealth. Karen E. Spilka
S.1536  An Act relative to expanding the investment tax credit. Bruce E. Tarr
S.1550  An Act relative to tax credits for the purchase of certain medical supplies James E. Timilty
H.751  An Act relative to increasing economic development and business opportunity in the design and manufacture of video games through the use of tax credits. John J. Binienda
H.752  An Act relative to film tax credits William N. Brownsberger
H.760  An Act to stabilize neighborhood tax credits Kevin G. Honan
H.762  An Act extending Title V tax credits to municipal sewer tie-ins. Robert M. Koczera
H.764  An Act establishing the working families tax credit Peter J. Koutoujian
H.779  An Act to expand the septic tax credit Ronald Mariano
H.783  An Act providing incentives for the development of recreational, educational and cultural activities along the Rose Kennedy Greenway Aaron Michlewitz
H.799  An Act to provide a hearing aid tax credit John W. Scibak
H.1672  An Act relative to expanding the septic system tax credit F. Jay Barrows
H.1675  An Act providing for a certain green tax credit Stephen R. Canessa
H.1682  An Act updating the research and development tax credit Brian S. Dempsey
H.1694  An Act relative to Title 5 Income Tax Credit reform Steven S. Howitt
H.1710  An Act relative to the fuel efficient vehicle tax credit Shaunna O'Connell
H.1718  An Act to promote water conservation Paul A. Schmid, III
H.1719  An Act relative to establishing a disaster emergency tax credit Joyce A. Spiliotis
H.1767  An Act relative to charges associated with condominiums in tax title. Robert M. Koczera
H.2499  An Act to remove the film tax credit expiration date Tackey Chan
H.2512  An Act authorizing criteria for a green jobs investment tax credit for flywheel energy storage Colleen M. Garry
H.2519  An Act establishing a fuel tax credit Randy Hunt
H.2533  An Act relative to the equitable deductions tax credit Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2545  Relative to certain tax exemptions Peter J. Koutoujian
H.2547  An Act establishing a biofuel tax credit Paul W. Mark
H.2554  An Act establishing a tax credit for hiring individuals with autism spectrum disorders Alice Hanlon Peisch
H.2561  An Act to promote energy efficiency investment in Massachusetts Alice Hanlon Peisch
H.2568  An Act relative to tax credits for residents in manufactured housing communities Martin J. Walsh
H.2987  An Act to promote economic development & job growth in gateway cities Antonio F. D. Cabral
H.2991  An Act to reduce the costs for adoption Ryan C. Fattman
H.3007  An Act relative to tuition tax credit John H. Rogers
H.3017  An Act relative to targeted investment of taxpayer dollars Carl M. Sciortino, Jr.
H.3021  An Act to promote commercial ports in Massachusetts' gateway cities David B. Sullivan
H.3199  An Act regarding economic development to enable state residents to attract out-of-state businesses through financial incentives John J. Binienda
H.3202  An Act providing for home health care & hospice tax credits Paul K. Frost
H.3204  An Act relative to biofuel feedstock tax incentives Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.3205  An Act relative to a biofuel production tax credit Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.3301  An Act relative to tax credits for the design and development of video game and interactive digital media products Vincent A. Pedone
H.3391  AN ACT establishing a child care tax credit. Tackey Chan
H.3554  An act to promote economic stimulus in small businesses based on natural resources[PUBLISHED AS CORRECTED] Carolyn C. Dykema
H.1722  An Act for environmental improvement by increasing arboreal efficiency William M. Straus
H.2551  An Act relative to the equitable taxation of ground mounted solar systems Michael J. Moran