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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Public Health


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.1139  An Act relative to the dispensing of prescription drugs Gerard Cassidy
H.1146  An Act relative to the prescription monitoring program Claire D. Cronin
H.1152  An Act establishing provisions for the return of expired pharmaceuticals Geoff Diehl
H.1177  An Act providing for unused medication return by health care facilities Louis L. Kafka
H.1201  An Act relative to the safe disposal of prescription drugs James R. Miceli
H.1216  An Act relative to prescription monitoring program enforcement regulations Jeffrey N. Roy
H.1222  An Act providing for the establishment and operation of a cancer drug repository program John W. Scibak
H.1228  An Act to promote transparency and cost control of pharmaceutical drug prices José F. Tosado
H.1231  An Act further regulating pharmacists RoseLee Vincent
H.2433  An Act relative to the registration of virtual manufacturers Jennifer E. Benson
S.1267  An Act relative the registration of virtual manufacturers Michael F. Rush
H.2449  An Act relative to accessible prescription labeling Diana DiZoglio
H.2453  An Act relative to electronic prescribing of opiates and other controlled substances Carolyn C. Dykema
H.3239  An Act to improve access to and reporting of pharmacy services in hospitals Paul R. Heroux
H.3970  An Act authorizing a 90-day supply of medically necessary testosterone therapy medication Natalie Higgins
S.1163  An Act relative to transparency and access in healthcare Joseph A. Boncore
S.1213  An Act relative to the prescription monitoring program John F. Keenan
S.1215  An Act to reduce healthcare costs by promoting non-biased prescriber education Jason M. Lewis
S.1232  An Act to prevent undue influence on prescriber behavior Mark C. Montigny
S.1233  An Act to restore integrity in the marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices Mark C. Montigny
S.1274  An Act establishing a special commission to study and recommend improvements in the delivery of prescription drug benefits for the citizens of the Commonwealth Walter F. Timilty
S.2159  An Act to improve patient access to cancer clinical trial programs Richard J. Ross