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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Revenue

Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.36  An Act further strengthening the Commonwealth’s partnership with its municipalities. Deval L. Patrick
S.1439  An Act relative to property tax exemptions for certain financial hardships James B. Eldridge
S.2027  An Act relative to real estate tax abatements. Thomas P. Kennedy
H.757  An Act relative to the property tax deferral program Bradford Hill
H.767  An Act regarding recreation lands Stephen Kulik
H.768  An Act to improve fairness in appealing property tax assessments Jason M. Lewis
H.769  An Act relative to Proposition 2 1/2 underride questions Jason M. Lewis
H.773  An Act relative to the property tax classification of small businesses David Paul Linsky
H.777  An Act relative to the taxation of public land used for commercial purposes on MBTA property. Elizabeth A. Malia
H.781  An Act relative to assessing administration Aaron Michlewitz
H.802  An Act to change assessing policies. Todd M. Smola
H.804  An Act allowing for streamlined tax title taking for cities and towns Christopher N. Speranzo
H.806  An Act providing property tax relief for certain caregivers Thomas M. Stanley
H.1674  An Act relative to applications for local property tax exemptions Thomas J. Calter
H.1685  An Act providing for a certain real property tax exemption Paul J. Donato
H.1688  An Act relative to the assessment of local taxes William C. Galvin
H.1691  An Act relative to certain real estate tax exemptions Colleen M. Garry
H.1701  An Act to insure fair taxation of affordable housing David Paul Linsky
H.1716  An Act modernizing property tax assessment for the blind George N. Peterson, Jr.
H.1717  An Act relative to minimum tax billing George N. Peterson, Jr.
H.1726  An Act relative to tax deferred agreements David M. Torrisi
H.2496  An Act relative to certain abatements Garrett J. Bradley
H.2500  An Act relative to the collection of personal property taxes Thomas P. Conroy
H.2506  An Act relative to certain real estate tax exemptions John V. Fernandes
H.2507  An Act making corrective changes in certain laws regarding the taxation of forest, farm and recreation land John V. Fernandes
H.2509  An Act relative to authorized abatement applications. John V. Fernandes
H.2514  An Act relative to the taxation of real property Anne M. Gobi
H.2518  An Act relative to privately owned public use airport real estate taxes Kate Hogan
H.2541  An Act relative to property tax exemptions for renewable power systems Jay R. Kaufman
H.2544  An Act relative to agricultural production and profitability Peter V. Kocot
H.2546  An Act reducing the sales tax and establishing a state land value tax Paul W. Mark
H.2558  An Act relevant to resident property tax exemption Alice Hanlon Peisch
H.2985  An Act providing for property tax relief for small business owners Bruce J. Ayers
H.2992  An Act creating an earned income tax credit for early educators Linda Dorcena Forry
H.2995  An Act protecting neighborhoods from hazardous properties Russell E. Holmes
H.3008  An Act Creating a Local Option Property Tax Cap Tom Sannicandro
H.3010  An Act clarifying the limited exemption from taxation of certain facilities for the treatment of committed mentally ill patients Angelo M. Scaccia
H.3019  An Act relating to supplemental real estate taxes Stephen Stat Smith
H.3238  An Act relative to the taxation of condominiums Stephen Stat Smith
H.3239  An Act relative to tax exempt property Stephen Stat Smith
H.3556  An Act relative to promote energy efficiency Randy Hunt
H.3693  An Act relative to the filing deadline for residential exemptions, personal exemptions, and tax deferrals Russell E. Holmes
H.3708  An Act relative to authorizing the town of Aquinnah to refund a certain tax payment Timothy R. Madden
H.3717  An Act relative to adding the town of Harvard to the Devens Economic Target Area Jennifer E. Benson
S.1509  An Act repealing the residential personal property tax. Stanley C. Rosenberg